About the Special Services Department
Photo of Dr. Christian Otto Welcome to District 70's Special Education site!

The Special Education Department provides support to the district in a variety of ways. The team provides leadership in the referral and evaluation processes in accordance with both IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, commonly known as special education) and Section 504 (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973). The department consists of a professional staff of school psychologists, social workers, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, early childhood specialists, and teaching specialists. In addition paraprofessionals are employed to assist students with special needs in their general education settings.

The department is responsible for development and implementation of the Response to Intervention initiative. In addition, data regarding homeless, home-schooled, and private school students is maintained by this department.

Dr. Christian Otto, Director of Special Services
Special Services Staff
Name Position Voice Mail
Email Icon Tracy Aleckson Adler Hearing Impaired Teacher
  Butterfield Hearing Impaired Teacher
  Copeland Hearing Impaired Teacher
  Highland Hearing Impaired Teacher
  Rockland Hearing Impaired Teacher 5308
Email Icon Rane Anderson Copeland Paraeducator 3330
Email Icon Mara Battaglia Highland Social Worker 4124
Email Icon Jill Bazan Highland Paraeducator
Email Icon Kelly Blahnik Rockland Special Ed. 5158
Email Icon Nancy Bleck Butterfield Paraeducator
Email Icon Dennis Busic Highland Paraeducator 4391
Email Icon Matt Chapman Highland Paraeducator
Email Icon Mary Conn Copeland Paraeducator 3342
Email Icon Ashley Crown Highland Psychologist 4141
Email Icon Michelle Darnall Highland Paraeducator
Email Icon Casie Derose Butterfield SLP 2345
Email Icon Kathy Dierckens Butterfield Special Ed.
Email Icon Alexis Edelstein Butterfield Social Worker
Email Icon Carla Engstrom Highland Paraeducator 4444
Email Icon Lisa Entin Butterfield SLP
Email Icon Crysta Esser Butterfield Special Ed.
Email Icon Marissa Farley Highland Social Worker 4125
Email Icon Jason Friedman Highland Special Ed. 4142
Email Icon Nicole Fry Copeland Paraeducator
Email Icon Deborah Garrison Highland Paraeducator 4366
Email Icon Mary Ann Gawlik Highland Paraeducator 4390
Email Icon Mary Goff Adler Special Ed. 1154
Email Icon Kara Graeb Rockland SLP 5114
Email Icon Kim Henderson Adler Paraeducator 1330
  Butterfield Paraeducator
Email Icon Bobbe Innes Adler Paraeducator 1341
Email Icon Kim Jenkins Butterfield Special Ed.
Email Icon Laura Johnson Rockland Special Ed. 5316
Email Icon Becca Kassebaum Butterfield Special Ed.
Email Icon Jessica Key Highland Special Ed. 4144
Email Icon Christina Kiotis Highland Special Ed.
Email Icon Maureen Klus Butterfield Paraeducator
Email Icon Kristin Kovacek Adler SLP 1155
Email Icon Carmen Kutsch Butterfield OT
  Copeland OT 3329
  Highland OT 4312
Email Icon Susan Lacey Adler OT
  Butterfield OT
  Copeland OT
  Rockland OT
Email Icon Abigail Larson Butterfield Paraeducator
Email Icon Allison Luka Butterfield Special Ed.
Email Icon Amy Morales Highland Special Ed. 4174
Email Icon Nekea Mott Highland SLP 4392
Email Icon Leslie Mueller Highland Special Ed. 4127
Email Icon Ruth Nader Rockland Paraeducator 5339
Email Icon Meriann Negovetich Copeland SpEd/RTI Teacher 3322
Email Icon Marilou Overton Butterfield Paraeducator
Email Icon Jane Paglini Adler SLP 1317
  Butterfield SLP
  Copeland SLP 3317
  Rockland SLP 5317
Email Icon Laura Pearson District Office Special Ed. Admin. Assistant 7111
Email Icon Laura Peterson Highland Paraeducator 4445
Email Icon Katie Rasmussen Butterfield Paraeducator
Email Icon Margaret Redden Butterfield Paraeducator
Email Icon Karla Rodriquez Rockland Psychologist 5130
Email Icon Carrie Ross Highland Social Worker 4126
Email Icon Elizabeth Ryan Butterfield Paraeducator 4393
Email Icon Rita Schnarr Adler Psychologist 1111
  Butterfield Psychologist 2112
  Rockland Psychologist 5159
  Early Childhood Psychologist
Email Icon Leah Shepard Adler Social Worker 1156
Email Icon Holly Simon Butterfield SLP 2194
Email Icon Kristi Slack Butterfield Paraeducator
Email Icon Elisa Smith Adler OT 1312
Email Icon Elisa Smith Butterfield Paraeducator
Email Icon Elisa Smith Rockland OT 5312
Email Icon Michelle Smith Highland SLP 4146
Email Icon Stacy Speer Highland Paraeducator 4385
Email Icon Dave Thomas Butterfield Psychologist 2111
  Copeland Psychologist 3311
  Rockland Psychologist 5311
Email Icon Gwen Travelstead Copeland Social Worker 3130
Email Icon Kristy Treven Copeland Special Ed. 3301
Email Icon Victoria Vaccaro Copeland SLP
Email Icon Valerie Van Roeyen Butterfield SLP
  Copeland SLP
Email Icon Abigayle Vaughan Butterfield Social Worker 2130
Email Icon Susan Voorhees Highland Paraeducator 4376
Email Icon Leslie Walsh Adler Psychologist Intern
  Butterfield Psychologist Intern
  Copeland Psychologist Intern
  Highland Psychologist
  Rockland Psychologist Intern
Email Icon Maximilian Zbilut Highland SpEd/RTI Teacher 4330
Email Icon Dana Zucco Butterfield Early Childhood 2324
  Early Childhood Early Childhood 2324