• Chalk it Up to Character!

    Chalk it Up to Character!

  • 5th Grade vs Teachers Kickball Game!

    5th Grade vs Teachers Kickball Game!

  • 5th Grade vs Teachers Kickball Game!

    5th Grade vs Teachers Kickball Game!

  • Pillars of Character Award Winners

    Pillars of Character Award Winners

    Congratulations, Lolo B. and Dhimat G!

  • Fifth Grade Van Gogh Pictures

    Fifth Grade Van Gogh Pictures

School Supply List
School Supplies Order your school supply kit for 2016-2017 today!

To print the list, click here.
Updated 5-31-2016 8:42 AM
Office Summer Hours
Schoolhouse June 6-30: Office open daily Monday through Thursday, closed Fridays
July 1-31: Office closed
August 1: Office reopens with regular hours
Updated 6-2-2016 12:25 PM
Our Hearts Are Grieving With Orlando
District 70 Dear Families and Staff,

At a time when people across the nation should be valuing their time with family and friends and beginning some of the joyful activities that come with the onset of summer, a large group of young adults in the Orlando community will never experience such joy. The media is fully covering the horrific events that recently took place in a city that proudly houses "the happiest place on earth." As an educator, I am often looking to learn, understand and teach. Sometimes, however, there is no understanding of senseless acts of violence and there are no words. As such, often times when tragedies strike, parents and staff are often at a loss for defining or recognizing how to address such scenarios when questioned by young children.

The following sites, including a favorite from Fred Rogers, shared from generationOn, is a keeper, worth tucking away should it ever, unfortunately, be needed: Calming children after scary news, Fred Rogers on tragic events, Terrorism and children conversations that matter, and Helping children feel safe.

Our hearts go out those grieving loss in the Orlando community.

Guy Schumacher
Updated 6-27-2016 3:52 PM
What is the Illinois Science Assessment?
On what standards is ISA based?
ISA is based on the Illinois Learning Standards in science incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The State Board adopted these standards in 2014. The Illinois Learning Standards in science incorporating the NGSS replaced the previous science standards that were adopted in 1997. See the Illinois State Board of Education.for more details.

What types of items will appear on the ISA?
Each test will begin with reading passages, called scenarios, and will be followed by a series of test items. Some items will be open-ended, some will be multiple-choice and some will be multiple-select (more than one correct response). Other items will involve dropdown selections. Each test will also include stand-alone, multiple-choice items that do not follow a scenario.

What NGSS science content is covered in each test?
Grades 5 and 8 will have items aligned to Physical Science (PS), Life Science (LS), Earth/Space Science (ESS) and Engineering (ETS).
Updated 5-2-2016 9:37 AM
How to Get D70 Messages as Texts
Opt in to get D70 messages as mobile phone texts.
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Summer School 2016
Sun Summer School Open House runs from 8-10 a.m. on Thursday, June 9. Come check out your classes and walk through your schedule at Highland Middle School and Rockland School.

Summer School 2016 runs from June 13- July 14.

Be sure to find all the information needed for Summer School on this website.
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Kindergarten & New Student Registration for 2016-17
District 70 To register kindergartners and new students, follow the step-by-step process listed under the Kinder & NewStu16-17 link from the "HOME" menu on the District website.

Students must be born on or before Sept. 1, 2011, to register for kindergarten.
Updated 4-19-2016 3:14 PM
2016-17 School Year Calendar
Calendar Here is the "One-page" calendar of all the parent-teacher conferences, early releases, and school holidays for the 2016-17 school year.
This calendar is posted year-round on the D70 website in the Superintendent's Department, under Resources.
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Illinois Report Cards
Illinois Information on the Illinois state Report Cards can be found here.
Updated 12-11-2015 4:22 PM