Highland Family Association Announcements
7th Grade Gym Jam - 12-5-2014
Mark your calendar now for the non-stop action and fun of 7th Grade Gym Jam. All Highland 7th graders are invited to participate on Saturday, January 10 from 7:30 - 10 p.m. at Lifetime Fitness in Vernon Hills. This annual event offers a range of activities from basketball and rock climbing to swimming and yoga. Of course, the main draw is a special night with Highland friends.

Lifetime staff and lifeguards will be on duty, along with parent volunteers to ensure a safe and fun night. To sign up to volunteer, click the link here: http://vols.pt/r7Y2oJ

How to sign up?
Students can sign up now. Please complete the Highland permission slip and two Lifetime Fitness waivers, then return to your child's Studio One along with the event fee. An early bird discount of $12 per student is available until December 19. The HFA is contributing a portion of the actual event fee to reduce costs to families.

The forms are available in this newsletter or on the 7th grade student resource page on the website. They can also be found at the links below:




We look forward to seeing your 7th grade student at Gym Jam 2015!

Any questions, please contact one of the HFA 7th Grade Coordinators:
Jamie Fryrear (jamiefryrear@att.net), Tina Meerschaert (tmeerschaert@yahoo.com), Emily Paolela (emily@corrigan.com) or Kristi Kistler (kristikistler@gmail.com)
Posted 12-5-2014 9:31 AM