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District 70 Erin's Law Letter
Erin's Law (House Bill 6193) was signed by Governor Pat Quinn on Jan. 24, 2013. This law requires schools to implement an age-appropriate assault and abuse awareness and prevention curriculum for all grade levels. Read this letter to learn more.
Posted 3-29-2016 2:10 PM
Books Homework Made Easy
Tips to make homework easier.
Posted 12-15-2009 8:09 AM
Stop Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures
Please follow these instructions while dropping off or picking up your students. Be patient in the parking lot - we want our Rockland students to be safe and we are counting on you to use caution. Thank you!
Posted 9-7-2012 9:02 AM
Snow Day School Closing Procedures for Winter Weather
Information you need to know about closing schools due to severe winter weather. (Dec. of 2016)
Posted 11-14-2013 11:15 AM