New Members
Eligible students will receive letters in the mail after spring break. Students who have a GPA of 3.83 after 2nd trimester of 7th or 8th grade are eligible to be inducted into NJHS. This letter will include the application for students to apply to be members of NJHS.
Volunteers Needed
The Libertyville Gymnastic Academy is looking for volunteers for the weekend of March 8-9 at the Waukegan Field House. Students would be working with an adult volunteering at timing and ribbons. This would be for a possible 4-5 hour time commitment. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Ronnie Edwards at
NJHS Officers
2013-2014 Officers
President: Katie Lund
Vice-President: Sophie Richardson
Secretary: Laura Pressley
Treasurer: Lauren Kavathas
Butterfield Clothing
There is an opportunity for NJHS members to get service hours volunteering at the Butterfield clothing drive. Please use the form found under documents for this opportunity.
Cook Library
Cook Library is looking for volunteers to help on Saturday morning. If you are interested in helping with this please see the form on the documents page of this website.
13-14 School Year
Welcome back to school NJHS members. I am looking forward to a great year for NJHS. When our first meeting happens I will update this website and you will receive a note in studio one. If you have any questions before then please let me know.
Thanks! Mrs. Grant