All Outdoor ED forms are due on 9/30!!!!
Please make sure you contact Mrs. McCarthy that you will be going if you cannot get the forms in before Friday.
Spirit wear orders for Outdoor Ed are due online on 9/30!!!
If you are not going to attend, please have your parents send in a note to Mrs. McCarthy stating that they are not sending you to Outdoor Ed. Thanks!
Updated 9-27-2016 3:37 PM
Get Ready
Outdoor Ed is just around the corner. Your parents should have received all the paperwork at Curriculum night. Turn in your permission slip, yellow form and a check to your studio one teacher as soon as you can.
Parents fill out an application to be a parent chaperone. It is a blast!
Updated 9-15-2016 11:01 AM
Spirit Wear!
For the first time ever we have Outdoor Ed spirit wear available for the students. Customized Garb is doing a great job! There are several colors available for each item. Click on the item you want and you can see the color possibilities. Here is the link:
Updated 9-15-2016 1:11 PM