District 70 Events
2nd grade Thankgiving
Date : 11-10-2017
School : Rockland
Category : School Event
Time : 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

12:30 – Parents begin to arrive and meet in the foyer next to the main office. Please do not arrive before then because there is limited space in the foyer.
12:45 – You will be brought into the gym by Mrs. Stonehocker. We will form a circle around the students.
12:50- Mrs. Mehta will say a few words regarding the reasoning behind our gathering.
12:55 – 1:30 – Pilgrims and their parents will enjoy the feast. This is your opportunity to come to the table and try the different foods that were provided.
1:35-1:40- Parents and students will head outside to participate in games.
1:452:00- Rotation 1 for games
2:002:15- Rotation 2 for games
2:20 – Closing statements given to conclude feast.
2:30– Clean up! Make sure you take home all your personal items. Please stay and help us clean up if you are able to help out.

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