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2019-2020 School YearDr. Barbini's Goals for the 2019-20 School Year
Dr. Barbini's goals. 
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Checkmark Strategic Plan 2016-21
District 70's five-year strategic plan, including long-range incentives.
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Applications of Learning Wheel Graphic
Working on Teams: Learn an contribute productively as individuals and members of groups.
Self-Direction: Use reflective practices to develop learning goals; plan a process to reach and evaluate outcomes.
Solving Problems: Recognize and investigate problems; formulate and propose solutions by reason and support.
Using Technology: Use appropriate instruments, electronic equipment, computers and networks to access information, process ideas and communicate results.
Making connections: Recognize and apply connections of important information and ideas within and among learning areas.
Communicating: express and interpret information and ideas. What drives us
With a profound commitment to 21st Century teaching and learning, District 70 students and staff focus on six components of the Illinois State Board of Education and D70 Applications of Learning: Communication, Working on Teams, Self-Direction, Solving Problems, Using Technology and Making Connections.

Through the Applications of Learning, students demonstrate and deepen their understanding of basic knowledge and skills. As defined, these applied learning skills cross academic disciplines and reinforce the importance of the disciplines. The ability to use these skills will greatly influence students' success in school, in the workplace and in the community.
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Globe Organizational Chart 2019-20
The organizational flow chart of Who's Who for Libertyville School District 70. 
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