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The goal of this 1:1 Chromebook program is to develop Accountable, Collaborative, Creative, Engaged and Self-directed Students (ACCESS). The program provides each incoming 6th grade student during 2017-2018 and now 2018-2019 with a Chromebook. ACCESS1:1@HMS aligns with the District's Applications of Learning.

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Access 1:1 Highland hornet logo Access1:1 Website

Many resources for the Access1:1@HMS program at Highland. The website contains links to the help center, handbook, FAQs etc.

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Document Access 1:1@HMS Handbook
Parent/Student Handbook for the 2018-2019 6th and 7th grade Chromebook program. 
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Applications of Learning Wheel Graphic
Working on Teams: Learn an contribute productively as individuals and members of groups.
Self-Direction: Use reflective practices to develop learning goals; plan a process to reach and evaluate outcomes.
Solving Problems: Recognize and investigate problems; formulate and propose solutions by reason and support.
Using Technology: Use appropriate instruments, electronic equipment, computers and networks to access information, process ideas and communicate results.
Making connections: Recognize and apply connections of important information and ideas within and among learning areas.
Communicating: express and interpret information and ideas. Applications of Learning
This graphic represents the many ways that the ACCESS1:1@HMS program meets the Applications of Learning goals for Highland students.


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