Mobile Learning
Learning on the Go Initiative
Mobile learning is changing education. Students already have mobile access, not just with music players, but also with smart phones, iPods, iPads and portable computers; they come to class with the Internet in their pockets. Educators can tap into the resources students already know how to use and provide an academically rich environment using district purchased mobile technology.

Starting back in the summer of 2010, through District 70 Teacher Academy classes called Learning on the Go, teachers have had the opportunity to learn about mobile learning devices and how to effectively use them in their classrooms. Currently we have over 130 teachers (approximately 75%) that have chosen to be trained on the use of mobile devices in PreK - 8th grade.

During their training, teachers learn how to use educational Apps that help students practice and reinforce skills. Teachers also review existing content such as podcasts, audio books, and movies for consideration as valuable educational resources to use on mobile learning devices. Also, teachers learn how to create content to increase student reading fluency and they are utilizing digital authoring tools to teach, re-teach, and reinforce curricular content.

The district has mobile learning devices (iPods or iPads) in each school.
Updated 12-27-2013 11:53 AM