Interactive Boards
Interactive Boards
Learning in the twenty-first century requires sounds, visuals, information, interactivity, collaboration, communication, problem solving, and creativity. District 70 has been promoting twenty-first century skills in the classroom for years. However, with the introduction of interactive whiteboards or IWBs, the classrooms have a great tool to enhance these skills even further.

District 70 implemented Interactive Whiteboards in a multi-year initiative. At first, the whiteboards where placed in a few pilot rooms. The following year the number of boards increased and teachers were starting to wonder what these boards could do. By the third year, the installation of the boards came in two cycles due to the interest and motivation of capturing our students' attention. More teachers were seeing the benefits of engagement and the effect it had on student learning. By the beginning of school year 2011, all core classrooms were equipped with these boards thus providing our students 21st Century tools for learning.

In order to maximize the potential with these boards, professional development is a key part of the implementation phase. In the early stages of implementation, a third party did training and teachers were relying on each other to assist where necessary. However, four years later, our technology literacy coaches have been trained to implement these boards giving all interactive whiteboard teachers two half-day sessions of training. Further, teachers are always welcome to utilize the technology literacy coaches for lesson development, modeling or implementing the use of this new technology. Other resources that are provided to teachers have included but are not limited to User Group meetings, institute day training, building meeting sessions, summer curriculum create sessions and individual learning plan time.

The Interactive whiteboard has expanded the use of 21st Century tools into our classrooms to create a rich and robust atmosphere for all students.
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Podcast IWB Commercial
A short commercial featuring the use of Interactive White Boards in classrooms!
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