Substitute Teaching
The Current Need for Substitutes
District 70 is accepting applications for substitute work for the 2019-2020 school year.
The requirement for previous teaching experience and/or student teaching has been lifted, though is still preferred. At minimum you need to hold a Substitute Teaching License (SUB) license from the ISBE and be registered in Lake County. There is no longer a requirement for teaching experience, a teaching degree or student-teaching.

After you have been invited to attend an orientation meeting you should download the Health Record (physical) form below.  Bring it with you to orientation, or provide it as soon after that as possible.
Updated 6-18-2019 3:54 PM
RX ** Health Record Form
** Once you are invited to attend a Substitute Orientation you should download this form. This form should be signed and stamped by the physician and brought to a Substitute Orientation if possible, or as soon after that as you can..
Updated 7-31-2018 1:04 PM
Form ** Substitute Job Description
A copy, for your convenience, of the Substitute job description.
Updated 7-31-2018 9:28 AM
Form 2018-2019 Payroll Schedule
2018-2019 Payroll Schedule - just in case you have an early version of the handbook, and it was missing.
Updated 8-28-2018 3:52 PM
AESOP Login Page
Use this AESOP link to check your work calendar and search for available assignments!
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Global Compliance Network
Click on this link to access the GCN site so that you can complete your required compliance tutorials.
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District 70 Employment Page
Click this link to be taken to the District 70 Employment page, to complete or continue an application
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Substitute Teachers Message Board
The Substitute Teaching Institute at Utah State University; Mission is to revolutionize the role of substitute teachers into an opportunity for educational excellence. STI researches substitute teaching issues, including training and managing of substitute teachers.
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Substitute teacher's advice and tips for teaching in elementary school classrooms.
Updated 6-10-2010 12:45 PM
Works4Me Tips Library
Archived classroom tips on a variety of subjects, submitted by teachers and other school employees, and presented by the National Education Association.
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TeachOne: New and Substitute Teachers
Sites for new teachers. Very informative and a good guide for new teachers.
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