Special Services Department Resources
Books Definitions
A brief overview of common terms used in Special Education and Section 504
Updated 3-27-2018 10:52 AM
Christian Otto A Message to Parents
An introduction to our web page and specific FAQ's concerning Special Services provided in District 70
Updated 7-24-2018 10:17 AM
Schoolhouse Extended School Year (ESY)
Standards considered by team members when considering need for ESY
Updated 3-27-2018 10:51 AM
Meeting The Referral Process
The referral process used by building teams in D-70
Updated 7-23-2018 3:12 PM
Notebook Categories of Eligibility
Categories and their definitiions for Eligibility under IDEA
Updated 7-23-2018 3:39 PM
Desk - Student Section 504
 Section 504 Rights
Updated 3-27-2018 11:14 AM
Medical ADHD
Site for the national support organization for people with ADHD
Updated 9-8-2017 1:25 PM
Clock Anxiety in Children
User-friendly information about child anxiety
Updated 7-23-2018 3:39 PM
Desk - Student Autism Support
Support for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Updated 7-23-2018 3:17 PM
Notebook Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Home Page for Chronic Fatigue Symdrome
Updated 7-23-2018 3:11 PM
Butterfly Depression
Facts about child and adolescent depression
Updated 3-24-2017 10:04 AM
Chemistry Fragile X
What is Fragile X?
Updated 7-23-2018 3:16 PM
Open Book About LD
Learning Disabilities: Information and Resources
Updated 6-6-2018 10:13 AM
People All Kinds of Minds
All KInds of Minds. . . Differences in Learning. Links for educators, parents, etc.
Updated 7-23-2018 3:15 PM
Medical Child and Adolescent Bipolar Resources
The Child and Adolescent Bipolar resource website; parents report it as user-friendly and helpful!
Updated 3-24-2017 10:06 AM
Blackboard Down Syndrome
National Association for Down Syndrome
Updated 7-24-2018 7:49 AM
RX Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
FAS Home Page
Updated 7-24-2018 7:51 AM
A+ Response to Intervention
An overview of the Response to Intervention (RtI) process established in District 70, including the philosophy guiding RtI and how a parent can make a referral to request assistance for a child.
Updated 7-24-2018 7:52 AM
Newspaper Early Entrance First Grade
Policy for entering a child in first grade, at kindergarten age. Age provision is that a child must be 6 on or before Dec. 31 of the first grade year.
Updated 4-8-2014 3:38 PM
CogAT Gifted and Talented Eligibility Matrix
Gifted Eligibility Matrix 
Updated 9-8-2017 1:18 PM
Gifted Services
D70 2018-19 Gifted Services 
Updated 9-4-2018 3:05 PM