Chair Quizzes

Highland Chair Quizzes

Chair Quizzes occur twice each year, once in September and once in January.  These quizzes are given to all of the instruments in the band to determine which parts, high notes vs. low notes, students will play.  These quizzes are also used to determine, within parts, where students will sit within the ensemble.  These chair quizzes will occur during the first small-group lesson in September.  It will not be part of your band grade, and no one is "cut" from band due to chair quiz results.

Symphonic Band (incoming 8th Grade)

Chair Quiz (all instruments)

Red Band (incoming 7th Grade)

Flute/Oboe Tenor Saxophone Trombone/Bassoon/Baritone (B.C.)
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Trumpet/Baritone (T.C.) Tuba
Alto/Bari Saxophone Horn Percussion/Mallets


Gold Band (incoming 6th Grade)

Flute Alto Saxophone Trombone
Clarinet Trumpet Percussion