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One District. One Community. One of a Kind. 

Mission Statement: The mission of the District 70 Foundation for Excellence is to engage our community as public school advocates and to raise funds and develop resources to support innovation and educational excellence in our schools. 

Goal: Our goal is to support, enrich, and enhance the education of all of our students and to provide them with the best opportunities to succeed in higher education, their careers, and life.

District 70 parents have begun the process of creating a D70 Foundation, called D70 Foundation for Excellence. 

The D70 Foundation will develop resources to enrich the curriculum, enhance educational opportunities for students, and provide innovative programs created by teachers to improve education.  The Foundation will be a private fund-raising arm that will help the district where tax dollars stop short.

The D70 Foundation will consist of community members, business leaders, and educators collaborating to provide the best educational experience for Libertyville's children.

The Foundation is a tax-deductible, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for people and corporations seeking to make financial contributions to D70. Memorial gifts and scholarships also can be a way for people to contribute to the group. Double your contribution with matching corporation donations. 

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D70 Foundation for Excellence Contacts

To contact via email D70foundation@d70schools.org
To call the Foundation, dial 847-932-0040. 


Foundation Meeting Dates, Agendas, Minutes

D70 Foundation Newsletters 

D70 Foundation Newsletter  (April 24, 2023) 
D70 Foundation Newsletter (May 3, 2023) 

Most Recent Foundation Newsletter


Holland Burton, Executive Director

Allegra Heinz, President

Alex Kreller, Vice President

School Representative Members

Erin Stout, Adler Park Rep
Tiffanie Gill, Butterfield Rep
Samantha Schnell, Copeland Manor Rep
Megan Huber, HMS Rep
Audrey Grunst, Rockland Rep


Board of Education Member Nanette Dahlke, Board of Education Liaison
Board of Education Member Wendy Schilling, Board of Education Liaison
Supt. Rebecca Jenkins, District 70 Liaison  
Director of Growth & Talent Dr. Kerri Bongle, District 70 Liaison
Director of Finance & Operations Stacey Bachar, Financial Liaison
Director of Communications Robin Kollman, Communications Liaison 

Michelle Sieks, K-5 Teacher Rep
Samantha DeRose, 6-8 Teacher Rep

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