D70 Foundation

D70 Foundation For Excellence logo with a black D, red 70 with an apple in the zero, and the words Foundation For excellence

District 70 parents have begun the process of creating a D70 Foundation with the assistance of School Board members Jennifer Khan and Nanette Dahlke, and with guidance from Supt. Rebecca A. Jenkins. 

Leading the core group of parents are Holland Burton, Allegra Heinz, and Alex Kreller. 

The D70 Foundation will develop resources to enrich the curriculum, enhance educational opportunities for students, and provide innovative programs created by teachers to improve education.  The Foundation will be a private fund-raising arm that will help the district where tax dollars stop short.

The D70 Foundation will consist of community members, business leaders, and educators collaborating to provide the best educational experience for Libertyville's children.

The Foundation is a tax-exempt vehicle for people and corporations seeking to make financial contributions to D70. Memorial gifts and scholarships also can be a way for people to contribute to the group.