Founding Members

One District. One Community. One of a Kind.

Founding Members play a very important role in the D70 Foundation. Like any new company or organization, the D70 Foundation needs capital to operate. When called upon to assist in the capital campaign, our Founding Members have graciously offered their time, monetary resources, and ideas.

Founding Members are part of the initial framework and establishment of the Foundation, and have a deep desire to see our schools be the best they can be. They are our advocates in the community and are thought leaders in shaping the organization.

We continue to add new Founding Members everyday. If you have an interest in becoming one, please reach out to our Executive Director, Holland Burton at

Our Founding Members

Diamond Level

  • Scott & Rachel Munkvold
  • Adam & Katie Wakefield

Platinum Level

  • Thom & Allegra Heinz
  • Scott & Holland Burton

Gold Level

  • Chad & Suzanne Wakefield
  • Chris & Lisa Westforth
  • Kyle & Jennifer Surber