Substitute Resources

Below are resources and video tutorials to help our substitutes learn more about the technology used in our classrooms.

Video Tutorials

Logging in and Taking Attendance

BenQ Quick Start and EZ whiteboard

Airplay Desktop


Sign into Chrome, Drive, Youtube

Google Drive Files on BenQ

Document Camera and Airplay

Document Camera and VGA

BenQ Panel at End of Day

BenQ Troubleshooting Tips

Substitutes may need to concurrently teach during quarantine situations or for fully remote students. Below are videos to help with concurrent teaching with a polycom camera system and without.

Polycom system


Polycom System and Placement Considerations

Polycom Powering on and Pairing Remote

Airplay Remote Students BenQ Panel

Present to Remote and In Person Students

BenQ Connect VGA

BenQ and Extended Screen

As a substitute you will need to familiarize yourself with our online platforms. Google Meet is used for any remote or quarantine situation. Seesaw is used for Early Childhood - 2nd Grade. Google Classroom is used 2nd - 8th grade. Below are videos to give an overview of the programs and features.

What is Seesaw?

Google Classroom for Students and Parents

Google Meet Layout and Features