Hello and Welcome to D70!

We are glad you are here. District 70, referred to as a "destination district,"  is nestled in a caring community with engaged parents who support the education of their children and collaboratively work with student-centered teachers.

Dedicated to building life-long learners, D70 strives to be on the cutting edge with up-to-date technology and  curriculum that features the most recent additions with solid foundations to build upon.  I believe in working tirelessly to build upon the reputation of excellence that District 70 enjoys by celebrating the past while seeking opportunities to continuously improve the educational experience for our children and their families by working collaboratively with all stakeholders in the district.

With an experienced and highly qualified teaching staff, D70 students land in the top percentages of assessments and standardized testing. We live out our mission: to ensure students experience learning that prepares them to live in the 21st Century.  D70's high standards show as all five schools have received the US Dept. of Education Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence, some of them twice.

This school year I am excited that we will start developing a new Strategic Plan with the guidance of staff, administrators and parents.  Please take a moment to review the current plan shared on the website and consider getting involved in planning the next strategic move.

With regards, 


Dr. Matt Barbini 
Libertyville School District 70

The superintendent's office is a welcoming environment, open to meeting and supporting the needs of the Libertyville community.

The superintendent's office is responsible for:

  • all contact with the Board of Education:
  • meetings of the Board of Education;
  • school policy oversight;
  • annual school calendar;
  • and the establishment of relationships with local government agencies.


Portrait of Supt Barbini sitting by a US flag dressed in a suit and tie

Dr. Matt Barbini


Department Staff

Rose Bourgeois
Administrative Assistant 

Supt. Matt Barbini reading a book to a class.