Devices - Access 1:1

A hexagon logo that has the words  Accountable, Collaborative, Creative, Engage. The District 70 logo is in the middle.

ACCESS 1:1 program provides students with technology to support their success at school and home, in the community, and with future careers.

The goal of this program is to develop Accountable, Collaborative, Creative, Engaged and Self-directed Students (ACCESS). The initiative provides each student with an iPad for early childhood  through first grade and a Chromebook for second grade through eighth grade which aligns with the Applications of Learning.

How Access 1:1 Applies to Learning

  • Working on Teams: Enhances collaboration and prepares students for future career paths.
  • Self Direction: Offers anytime access which encourages students to be productive, responsible and self-directed in their own learning.
  • Solving Problems:  Provides learners with tools for productivity, creativity, critical thinking.
  • Using Technology: Expands learning opportunities at home and school.
  • Communicating: Allows learners to communicate locally and globally.
  • Making Connections:  Extends curriculum across disciplines while building digital citizenship.


Need help with a Chromebook or iPad?

Check out the tutorials.  

If you need help with your device (Chromebook or iPad), and did not find your answer in the Tutorials, please fill out  a help ticket: