Securly - Internet Filtering

District 70 uses Securly - A Student Safety Company, to provide students with a safe experience when using their school-issued devices.  At school, Securely provides teachers with monitoring tools for the classroom.  At home, Securly provides families access to their student(s) online activity using the free SecurlyHome app. With the SecurlyHome app, families have the option to have real time access to their student’s online activity.  Parents also receive weekly online activity reports via a Securly email, too.  During daytime educational time window browsing activity will be summarized as EDU content, but outside of the school hours, parents will be able to see more detailed child Internet activity.
More about using Securly to be Digital Parents.

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To Get Started:  Parents will receive an email from introducing Securly and providing directions to download the SecurlyHome app. If you did NOT receive an email, check your “spam” folder. Video for Getting Started

iPad Tips: Students will be prompted to sign in to Securly when trying to use Safari.  Students may need assistance logging in using their school issued Google email account.

  • Open Safari
  • Open a Google search for any topic of your choosing. 
  • When prompted, log in with the student’s Google account email address. 
  • After this, there should be no more prompts to log in to the Securly website. 

Video Tutorial Link


Parental involvement can significantly improve a child’s academic achievement. Securly’s Home app increases parental involvement by providing information that can be used to guide conversations regarding digital citizenship.

Please email if you have further account questions.