Rockland students stand outside of school for first day.


Empower student growth and achievement through equitable, challenging opportunities that promote excellence, innovation, critical thinking, and respect. 

D70 Mission Statement 2022
Dr. Otto checks in on a classroom
students on the floor in a classroom listening

Libertyville School District 70 resides in the heart of Libertyville, Illinois. 

The respectful and collaborative working relationship between students, parents and staff make District 70 an exceptional place to educate children and Libertyville a wonderful community in which to live. We are a school district committed to continuous improvement.  

D70 Vision Statement is Learning Together.

With a profound commitment to 21st Century teaching and learning, District 70 students and staff focus on six components of the Illinois State Board of Education and D70 Applications of Learning: Communication, Working on Teams, Self-Direction, Solving Problems, Using Technology and Making Connections.

Through the Applications of Learning, students demonstrate and deepen their understanding of basic knowledge and skills. As defined, these applied learning skills cross academic disciplines and reinforce the importance of the disciplines. The ability to use these skills will greatly influence students' success in school, in the workplace and in the community.


District 70 Core Values

Children come first
Outstanding leadership
Research based foundation
Excellence in all that we do

This is a wheel that shows communicating, working on teams, self-direction, problem solving, using technoloyg and connections