Bongle Named New Director of Growth & Talent

Adler Park Principal Dr. Kerri Bongle will become District 70’s new Director of Growth and Talent on July 1, after the Board of Education approved the move during a May 23rd meeting. 

While several highly qualified candidates were interviewed, Bongle stood out as a top candidate in bringing the skills and qualities necessary to make the position successful.

"We believe Kerri will be a good fit for the position and our office and will bring creative and collaborative energy to the new job," Supt. Rebecca Jenkins said.  

Bongle has been with District 70 for more than 20 years, first starting as a Copeland third grade teacher in 2001 and then moving to fifth grade in  2010. She was promoted to Highland Middle School assistant principal in 2011 and then moved to Adler as principal in 2013. Bongle has a love for mentoring new staff, teaching and learning, as well as focusing on student growth, and maintaining a positive culture and climate.  

As the new Director of Growth and Talent, Bongle will collaborate with both the departments of curriculum and human resources to develop staff professional development and recruitment;  work with data and data analysis to drive human capital decisions;  work with the flow of registration between the registrar and schools, and support student growth.