Thanks to our FAD70 Leaders!

Supt. Rebecca A. Jenkins met with FAD70 parents/guardians to talk about the community vision for District 70.

She outlined her plans to work on a new strategic plan, which will include Portrait of a Graduate where the community works together with D70 staff to determine the qualities and traits they want to see in a D70 graduate. She also talked about creating a five-year plan, conducting a communication audit to make sure D70 is reaching the community, as well as a community satisfaction survey. Data from the survey can be used to direct D70.

D70 administrators also discussed this year's academic summer school, the five-hot school lunch program that will continue next year, staffing needs for next school year, and field testing two Language Arts programs next year so that a new program can be adopted in 2023-24. Asst. Supt. Dr, Erik Youngman also noted that D70 plans on holding student drop-offs for iPads and Chromebooks so they can be cleaned, updated, and stored in the district over the summer.

Want to know more? Check in with your school's Family Association president or vice president for all the news. Or, attend the next FA meeting at your school!