Strategic Plan

 Vision: Learning Together 

Mission: Empower student growth and achievement through equitable, challenging opportunities that promote excellence, innovation, critical thinking, and respect.

A female HMS student stands at the BenQ board to rate goals for D70's Communication over the next five years.

Libertyville School District 70 has utilized the Strategic Planning process for more than a decade. Driven by the vision of community members, the Board of Education, and staff, Strategic Planning results in a common purpose, a shared sense of direction, priorities for change, and a blueprint for collaborative action.

D70 Mission Statement 2022

Excellent schools are important assets to Libertyville families, neighborhoods, and local businesses. As the community develops and continues to move forward, District 70 is at a key point in its improvement process.

As we collectively plan for the future, we are seeking staff members to join the 2022-26 Strategic Planning team. As in the past, the plan includes a host of participants, including D70 staff members, parents, and community members, as well as representatives from homeowners’ associations, community organizations, religious and civic groups, and local businesses.

A big thank you is in order to the parents, staff members and community members representing homeowners’ associations, community organizations, religious and civic groups and local businesses who participated in our Strategic Plan process for 2023-2028. 

D70 Vision Statement is Learning Together.

The group has completed all of its joint meetings and plans to share the full strategic plan with the community in the spring of 2023. Action steps and goals will be set in five main areas: finance, infrastructure, human resources (staff, wellness, belonging, leadership), student wellness (belonging, leadership), learning and innovation, and communications (public relations).             

Out of this collaborative process, a new mission statement, vision statement, and core values were also developed. This process of strategic planning has been utilized by D70 for more than 25 years. It is a community-led effort to chart a course of action for the future of our district.

Strategic Plan 2023-28

D70 Vision Statement is Learning Together.

Strategic Plan 2016-2021