Last Week of Summer School: Reminders
Sun The last day of summer school is Thursday, July 16th.

All D70 issued devices (Chromebooks & iPads), along with their chargers, should be returned the District 70 office on Thursday, July 16th during the hours of 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

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No School on July 2nd, 2020
Flag Reminder: There is no school on Thursday, July 2nd.  Enjoy the long holiday weekend!
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Remote Planning Document
Checkmark Parents, please visit the Remote Planning Document on the Remote Learning Hub. This document will provide a general overview of the activities for each class. 


This website also includes a Tech Support page, with information about troubleshooting technology issues. 
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New Registration is now open for NEW enrollments! Visit the REGISTER NOW! page for directions and the link. PLEASE be sure to select from our REMOTE classes when registering your child!
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Summer Email Update
email Please use this LINK to see an email communication sent from Elizabeth Davis and Steve Feldman. This email includes information about refunds, class size minimums, devices, live meets and remaining funds after class re-selection. 
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Registration Opens for New Enrollments June 1!
Sun Registration for our REMOTE summer program will open for NEW enrollments on June 1, 2020. Look under Register Now! on that date for the link and directions. 
We hope you join us for our summer program!
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Student Devices for Remote Summer School
Computer Students who attend D70 during the school year, will have access to a D70 device for summer school. Non-District 70 students will need access to a device for the program. 

Current District 70 Students:
- ALL CURRENT kindergarten and 1st grade students will need to drop off their device to their home school on June 5. 
- ALL CURRENT 2nd-7th graders who are participating in summer school, may KEEP their chromebook for the summer session. 
- Students who are currently in 1st grade will pick up chromebooks for the summer program on Thursday, June 11 from the District office. 
- D70 students enrolled in the Pre-K or Pre-1st summer program will pick up refreshed iPads on Thursday, June 11 from the District office. 
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Class Re-Selection and New Registrants! 5-22-2020
New 2 Families that are currently enrolled in summer school will participate in class re-selection starting May 28! Please check your email for more information!

Registration for remote summer school will open to NEW registrants on June 1! 
Updated 5-22-2020 1:55 PM
Updated Course Descriptions and Offerings
New Updated course descriptions and offerings are now posted for Remote Summer School. Please check out the Course Catalog page under Resources for these updated documents.  Additional information about the class re-selection process will be forthcoming. 
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Refunds and Emails 5-12-2020
email The summer school staff is currently working to process all of the refund requests for the 2020 summer. You many receive multiple emails from the Camp/ACTIVE website throughout this process. Emails may be sent when classes are dropped/canceled, as well as when the refund is issued. 
Thank you for your patience throughout this process. 

If you would like to request a refund and cancel your enrollment in summer school, please be sure to fill out this GOOGLE FORM with your request. 
Updated 5-14-2020 12:17 PM
Refunds Available Until June 1 - How Refunds Will Be Processed
Sun Summer School Directors Elizabeth Davis (edavis @ and Steve Feldman (sfeldman @ currently are working on creating refunds for parents who request it by June 1st. We extended the refund deadline because signup for remote summer school classes is taking place May. 28 and we wanted to give families time to consider the new classes being offered. Refunds are being requested because families do not want their children to participate in Summer School as classes will be held remotely. 

Currently, families that request the refunds are being processed as they are received. You will be receiving emails once your refund is in process to keep you up to date from Ms. Davis and Mr. Feldman, as well as Active, the online payment service.   
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Summer School Update
District 70

Dear District 70 Families,


District’s 70’s summer school program is valued by our community and enjoyed by our students and the staff who serve them.  To provide for the safety and wellness of our students, families, and staff during the pandemic, in-person summer school will not be taking place this year.  Instead, District 70 will be offering a remote summer school experience for our students--including those students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) eligible for the Extended School Year (ESY) program.


District 70 will provide an electronic device for students who are currently enrolled in District 70 if they do not already have one from deployment efforts in March and April.   Families who reside out of the district, or whose children attend private schools, will need to provide a device for their child(ren) to participate in remote summer school.  


We understand that this change may lead to families not wanting their child(ren) to participate in a remote summer school experience.  Toward that end, any family who has already registered for summer school will receive a full refund of summer school tuition for their child(ren) provided they make this request by May 29, 2020. 


Additionally, District 70 will be evaluating the existing summer course offerings with the summer school staff because some classes are more easily transitioned into a remote learning format than others and some classes may not be able to be offered.   Parents will be informed should this occur to any class(es) that their child(ren) is(are) registered in and will be given an opportunity to enroll in another class that is not filled. In this instance, parents can also elect to no longer have their child participate in summer school and request a full refund.


We have temporarily frozen summer school registration until such time as course offerings are reviewed and finalized for remote learning.


Please look for additional communications from our summer school directors,  Ms. Elizabeth Davis and Mr. Steve Feldman, which will include how to go about requesting a refund for summer school should you choose to do so.


Thank you for your understanding.

With regards,

Dr. Matt Barbini

Superintendent of Schools

Libertyville School District 70

Updated 5-11-2020 9:43 AM

District 70 Summer School Families:

It has come to our attention that some families may have experienced an additional charge ($89.95) from ACTIVE camp for an Active Advantage Membership. On behalf of District 70, we apologize for this. You can cancel the membership and receive a refund by contacting For additional information or questions, please email or

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Summer School Pricing for the 2020 Season
In District Grades 2-8 Classes will be $71.25 each ($285 for 4 classes)
In District PreK and Pre-1st classes will be $285
Out of District Grades 2-8 Classes will be $142.50 each ($570 for 4 classes)
Out of District PreK and Pre-1st classes will be $570

*Some classes may have an additional fee.
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Summer School Information
2019-2020 School Year

Summer 2020 Program Information


Monday, June 15th -Thursday, July 16th 
No School Thursday, July 2nd in observance of Independence Day
No School on Fridays for the entire 5 week program


School Day Times for Second Through Eighth Grade
Student Hours 8:30am – 11:45am 

Period 1:      8:30am – 9:15am
Period 2:      9:20am – 10:05am
Period 3:     10:10am – 10:55am
Period 4:     11:00am – 11:45am

School Day Times for Pre-Kindergarten through First Grade
​​​​​​​Student Hours 8:30am-11:30am

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Summer School
2020 Summer School will run Monday through Thursday, from June 15, 2020, through to July 16, 2020.
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