Registration is now open for ALL families. Go to Home- Register Now! for the live link and directions for the registration process. 
Updated 3-15-2020 8:47 AM
Registration for District 70 Families is open!

Registration for Non- District 70 Families opens March 15!

If needed, directions for registering are posted under Register Now!
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Registration Link
Sun Registration for District 70 families opens at 10:00 am on March 8. Please go to Home- Register Now! to access the link and directions for registering for the 2020 summer. 

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Course Offerings
Course offerings are now available under RESOURCES. Check out our course catalog for class descriptions and our list of classes offered by class period. 
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Bus and Drop Off Information
Schoolbus Busing is available at an extra cost. 
One Way: $45
Both Ways: $90

Buses will pick up and drop off at designated spots: Adler Park School, Copeland Manor School (Highland site only), Butterfield School, Overholser Park, and Central Park/St. Joe's. Please select and pay for busing during registration. 

Drop off:
This summer our Pre-K, Pre-1 program will be housed at Copeland Manor School. While the start time of classes at both the Highland and Copeland campuses is at 8:30 am, morning supervision begins at 8:10 am at each site. 
Updated 2-24-2020 6:49 PM
Course Descriptions
Course descriptions for the 2020 season will be posted on February 28! 
Check back under Resources for the updated offerings. 
Updated 2-19-2020 8:11 AM
Summer School Pricing for the 2020 Season
In District Grades 2-8 Classes will be $71.25 each ($285 for 4 classes)
In District PreK and Pre-1st classes will be $285
Out of District Grades 2-8 Classes will be $142.50 each ($570 for 4 classes)
Out of District PreK and Pre-1st classes will be $570

*Some classes may have an additional fee.

$45 one way
$90 both ways
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Course Offerings and Registration
Course offerings for the summer of 2020 will be posted on Feb 28. 

Registration for D70 Families opens at 10 a.m. March 8, 2020. 
Registration fo non-D70 Families opens at 10 a.m. March 15, 2020. 
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Apple Registration for Summer of 2020 

Registration for District 70 Students opens March 8, 2020 at 10:00 am. 

Registration for Out of District Students opens March 15, 2020 at 10:00am.

Once open, registration links will be available on the Summer School Website. 
Updated 2-24-2020 4:21 PM
Summer School Information
2019-2020 School Year

Summer 2020 Program Information


Monday, June 15th -Thursday, July 16th 
No School Thursday, July 2nd in observance of Independence Day
No School on Fridays for the entire 5 week program



Grades 2-8 will be located at Highland Middle School.
Pre-K and Pre-1 students will be located at Copeland Manor Elementary School.

School Day Times for Highland Campus

Student Hours 8:30am – 11:45am 
Period 1:      8:30am – 9:15am
Period 2:      9:20am – 10:05am
Period 3:     10:10am – 10:55am
Period 4:     11:00am – 11:45am​​​​​​​

School Day Times for Copeland Campus

Student Hours 8:30am-11:30am
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Summer School
2020 Summer School will run Monday through Thursday, from June 15, 2020, through to July 16, 2020, at Copeland Manor and Highland Middle schools. 
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