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Summer School Hours
Summer School Dates 2018
Dates-June 11-July 12 -No Friday classes during the 5 week program.  Also, no summer school on July 4th or 5th.
Schools-Pre K and Pre 1st @ Rockland School (8:30am-11:45am)
Grades 2-8 will have classes at Highland Middle School (8:30am-11:45am)

Summer School hours  are 8:30am-11:45am
Schedule for Grades 2-8
Period 1-8:30am-9:15am
Period 2-9:20am-10:05am
Period 3-10:10am-10:55am
Period 4-11:00am-11:45am

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Summer School Pricing

Full Day-$285.00
Pre K-$285.00

Full Day-$345.00
Pre K-$345.00

Bus Service
One Way-$45.00
Both Ways-$90.00
Pick Up and Drop Off Points
Adler Park School
Butterfield School
Copeland Manor School
Overholser Park
St.Joe's/Central Park


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Refund /Cancel Policy for Summer School

March 4th -May 18th-FULL REFUND (-$20)

May 19th- June 12th-1/2 REFUND

Anything after June 12th (noon)-NO REFUND and No Changes allowed

Bus Notes-
Starting June 11th, there are no refunds for bussing


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Summer School Registration
Summer School Registration is now closed.  You may register in person on June 7 during the Summer School Open House (8am-10am).

Again, registration will open on June 7th and close on Tuesday, June 12th.

The Summer School Open House will be held at Highland Middle School and Rockland School (Pre K and Pre 1).



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Rockland Pre K/Pre 1st Notes
Summer School Drop Off / Pick up

8:10 AM:
Please pull as far forward as you can along the curb.  You can let your students out of the car and they will be escorted into the gym area.  There will be cones with the names of the teachers for the students to stand behind. Staff will be in the parking lot and gym to assist you. Teachers will walk the students to the classroom at 8:30 AM.

For safety, students should only be dropped off curbside.  Please do not drop them off or park in the parking lot. If you want to stand with your student until they walk in, please find parking in the parking lot. PLEASE do not park in the drop off/pick up lane.

11:45 AM:
The teachers will walk the students to the front of the building. Students will line up behind a cone with their teacher’s name. You may pull through the parking lot and will assist your child in entering the vehicle.

In Case of Rain:
Drop off procedures will remain the same, with students entering into the Gym. Students will be dismissed from the gym. Please pull up to the drop off/ pick up area and a staff member will help you connect with your student.

Bus Riders:
Bus riders will be dropped off at their stops.  If you are not there, they will ride the bus back to Rockland where you may pick them up.  A staff member will ride with them.


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Summer School Helpful Notes
Libertyville School District #70 Summer School
1740 N. Milwaukee Ave.  Libertyville, IL
Gerry Carollo, Director           Steve Feldman, Principal         Elizabeth Davis, Rockland Administrator

???????   Frequently Asked Questions  ???????

What do I need to do if my child is late or needs to be signed out early?
If your child is coming in late, they will sign in when they arrive at school.

If you need to pick up your child early from summer school, please enter Highland through their main entrance or at Rockland through the main door.  At both schools you will be greeted by a staff member in the vestibule between the two sets of main doors.  This staff member will assist you in whatever you may need. If you need to sign your child out, the staff member will call down to the summer school office and your child will meet you in the vestibule. You will be asked to sign them out at this location as well. If you need to speak with someone in the summer school office, you will be asked to sign in and can proceed to Room 104.  At Rockland, you can sign students in or out in the summer school office (Rockland Room), located immediately inside and to the left.

Where do I drop off my student for summer school at Highland?
Please drop your child(ren) off at Highland Middle School between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. There are several places you may drop your child(ren) off in the morning. Drop off in the morning is congested. Please allow for enough time to drop your children off and be patient while waiting for an appropriate place to let them out of your car.

  • Drop Off Lane: There will be a drop off lane located in front of Highland Middle School west of Highland’s main entrance. This lane will be for parents looking to drop their children off without parking their cars.  This lane will be marked with cones along Rockland Ave. (similar to what they do for Market Day pick up).  
  • Parking: You may park your car along any open spot on Rockland Ave. (not in the drop off lane), or on Stewart Ave. if you would like to walk your child into the building.

  • Bus Transportation: Buses will unload students behind Highland Middle School on W. Lincoln Ave.   Buses are expected to drop off starting at 8:15.  You can still sign up for bus transportation by emailing

Where do I drop off my student for summer school at Rockland?
Rockland School drop off is 8:00am -8:30am. You may pull through the parking lot and someone will assist your child in exiting the car. If you wish to park, please pull into a parking spot and then escort your child inside. All students will be directed to the Gym, where they will wait until summer school begins. When pulling out of the parking lot, you will only be able to make a right hand turn. This will ensure that all parents will be able to drop off their student in a timely manner.

Where do I meet my child at dismissal at Highland?
It is VERY important to set up a meeting place with your child (ren) before summer school starts. There will be many parents and children looking for each other at 11:45 and you should plan your meeting place ahead of time.  Students will be dismissed from class at 11:45 and may exit the building from any door.  For younger children we recommend picking a meeting place (example: the flagpole, the Highland Middle School sign, the corner of Rockland and Stewart, or outside the exterior door located next to their 4th period class) and practice walking with your child (ren) to that meeting place before the first day of summer school.   Please do not plan on meeting your child somewhere on Lincoln Ave. (behind HMS). This will ONLY be for buses and parents will not be allowed to park.

Where do I meet my child at dismissal at Rockland?
Summer School at Rockland School (Pre K and Pre 1st) dismisses is at 11:45 am. Students will be lined up by class in the designated pick up area (the sidewalk along the building in the parking lot). Please pull your car forward and a staff member will escort your child to the vehicle.  Students who take the bus will walk over with a staff member to Highland to get on the buses.

Where do I get information about bus transportation?
If your child (ren) is registered to take the bus, you will receive their bus pass and general information in your mail before the program starts. Please read all information carefully. It has all needed information enclosed in the mailing.

Should I attend the Open House?
Yes! This is a great time to walk your child (ren) through their schedule and check out their classrooms. Both buildings will be open from 8:00 -10:00 a.m. on June 7th. Teachers are not required to be at the Open House.  Open House is also a great time to pick out your meeting place for dismissal. At the Open House you can also register for summer school, change a class, or add bus transportation. These changes or additions can ONLY be made at Highland Middle School in the summer school office.

Please remember that school is not in session on Fridays.
There is also no summer school on July 4th or 5th.
Thank you and we hope you child (ren) has a wonderful experience in our summer school program.


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