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Advanced keyword options
The search engine finds events on the calendar containing any of the words you type in. Certain common keywords are ignored (AND OR THE NO IS A AN etc.). Words shorter than 2 characters are also ignored.

To search for a partial word put an * at the end of the partial phrase. For example, to get all variations of class (class, classes, classroom, etc.), you would type in class* .

To find an exact phrase, put it in quotes - "Report Cards".

You can also make a word required by putting a + in front of it, or discard events with a particular word by putting a - in front of it. For example, to find band events but not band practices, you would use +band -practice .

Some common abbreviations used on this calendar
  • AFA - Adler Family Association
  • BFA - Butterfield Family Association
  • CFA - Copeland Family Association
  • Cte - Committee
  • Ed - Education
  • Gr - Grade
  • HFA - Highland Family Association
  • Mtg - Meeting
  • RFA - Rockland Family Association
Event Types

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