Butterfield Family Association Officers
Name Position
Lynda Flayter President
Carrie Groth First Vice President
Jennifer Khan Second Vice President
Amy Weaver Treasurer
Jen Crane Ass't Treasurer
Shanna Coyle Secretary
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Butterfield Family Association Chairpersons
Name Position
Julie Hassert Art Appreciation
Lucinda Troester Art Appreciation
Katie Krinitsky Assemblies
Jen Soares Assemblies
Michelle Thompson Author Visit
Elizabeth Soling Author Visit
Heather Kerrigan Beautification Committee
Julie Serrecchia Beautification Committee
Kelly Rusk Bernie's Books Liaison
Wendy Doty Bernie's Books Liason
Elizabeth Soling Birthday Books
Alison Marella Birthday Books
Lynda Flayter Book Fair
Beth Dries Book Fair
Andrea Twedt Book Fair
Jennifer Surber Boys and VIP Dance
Melissa Rieder Boys and VIP Dance
Mary O'Grady Boys and VIP Dance
Katie Wyzukovicz Clothing/Toy Sale
Kerri Fleming Clothing/Toy Sale
Amy Weaver Clothing/Toy Sale
Maura Kennedy Batesky Concessions
Katie Feltz DVD Sales
Tiffany Nemuras Family Movie Night
Jessica Brown Family Movie Night
Lucinda Troester Famous Artist Series
Julie Hassert Famous Artist Series
Jenn Slago Field Day
Vanessa Stalter Field Day
Morton Dalsgaard Fifth Grade Father/Son
Mike Marella Fifth Grade Father/Son
Micheal Westphall Fifth Grade Legacy Gift
Jennifer Phillips Fifth Grade Mom/Daughter
Kirsten Griffith Fifth Grade Mom/Daughter
Vanessa Stalter Fifth Grade Mom/Daughter
Christine Benes Fifth Grade Mom/Daughter
Katie Wyzokvicz Fifth Grade Picnic
Megan Wiley Fifth Grade Picnic
Christine Tyll Food Day Coordinator
Jamille Perico Food Days - Hot Dog Day
Karen Semler Food Days - Hot Dog Day
Jenn Slago Food Days - Pasta Day
Claudia Boix Anglada Food Days - Pasta Day
Michele Palley Food Days - Pasta Day
Janice Neme Foley Food Days - Pizza Day
Mary Beth Babcock Food Days - Pizza Day
Pam Sahagian Food Days - Pizza Day
Michelle Thompson Food Days - Smoothie Day
Claudia Anglada Boix Food Days - Smoothie Day
Andrea Reed Food Days - Sub Day
Jenn Slago Food Days - Sub Day
Cherry Quirarte Fun Fair Chair
Sarah Weiler Fun Fair Chair
Betsy Matthews Fun Fair Chair
Claudia Anglada Boix International Families
Laila Dalsgaard Kick Off Picnic
Andrea Reed Kickoff Picnic
Melissa Rieder Kickoff Picnic
Andrea Twedt New Family Welcome
Megan Guerrant New Family Welcome
Janice Neme-Foley Original Works
Kim Audette Original Works
Carrie Groth Original Works
Jennifer Khan Room Parents
Jessica Brown School Directory
Michele Palley School Supplies
Katie Wakefield Spirit Wear
Laura Govorchin Spirit Wear
Katie Feltz Spirit Wear
Jackie Axelson Spirit Wear
Tricia Johnson Teacher Appreciation
Mary O'Grady Teacher Appreciation
Stephanie Nepomuceno Trak-A-Thon
Jennifer Khan Trak-A-Thon
Megan Guerrant Trak-A-Thon
Andrea Twedt Trak-A-Thon
Jenn Surber Trak-A-Thon
Lynda Flayter Trak-A-Thon
Paige Sampson Uniform Cleaning
Karen Semler Water/Sides Hot Dog Day
Claudia Anglada Boix Water/Sides Pasta Day
Melissa Rieder Water/Sides Pizza Day
Denise Renalds Water/Sides Sub Day
Jenn Slago Yearbook