Flowers May Highland Highlights
As the school year quickly comes to a close.... take a peek at what has been going on at HMS!
Updated 5-21-2019 2:53 PM
Flowers April Highland Highlights
April is well underway and Highland has been busy. Find out everything the Highland Hornets are up to this month!
Updated 4-15-2019 3:39 PM
Shamrock March Highland Highlights
Springbreak is almost here!! Take a second to find out everything that has been taking place in the month of March!
Updated 3-18-2019 1:01 PM
Heart February Highland Highlights
Check out all the highlights for the month of February.
Updated 2-21-2019 8:31 AM
Snowflake 2 January Highland Highlights
January is already here! Stay informed by reading our Highland Highlight newsletter.
Updated 1-11-2019 3:40 PM
Snowflake 1 November/December Highland Highlights

December is flying by! Stayed updated by reading the Highland Highlights!

Updated 12-12-2018 1:33 PM
Jack-o-lantern October Highland Highlights
October has been a busy month. Check out the October newsletter to stay updated!
Updated 10-17-2018 5:19 PM
Apple September Highland Highlights
Check out all the happenings here at Highland in the month of September.
Updated 9-17-2018 9:40 AM