Winter Newsletter 2020 - 11-20-2020
Message from the Principal (12-18-20)

Dear Adler Families,
  2020 is on its way out and I think we all are ready to “bid it adieu”. A silver lining of 2020 is the resiliency we have seen in our students. We talk about using a growth mindset often in schools. Educators often emphasize how facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and learning to problem solve are skills all children need to learn in order to be ready for the future. We have seen so many of those skills in action this school year and are proud of how our students have responded to all the changes this pandemic has thrown their way. More than ever, we have learned a lot from our Adler students and we thank you for sharing your children with us each day.

  Just a reminder that for families who have selected in-person hybrid instruction and all D70 employees, should you or a member of your immediate household experience any COVID-19 symptoms, be diagnosed with COVID-19, or are a close contact with someone with COVID-19, please consult with your medical provider immediately and contact Mrs. Panov. Mrs. Panov will get in touch with you during the preventative pause following winter break to provide you with information and support, as well as, information regarding required paperwork for your child to return to school when we resume the in-person hybrid schedule. Information on returning to school after COVID can be found here.  

  Thank you for all your support this year. Since March, the Adler staff has felt the support of the Adler community, and for that we are truly grateful. We hope you have a wonderful winter break with your family.

Cheers to 2021,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School

Dates to Remember:
January 4th – No School
January 5th – 15th – Preventative Pause: All students participate in remote learning
January 18th – No School
January 19th – No School: Teacher Institute
January 20th – Hybrid In-Person learning resumes

Self-Certification Tips
  • Thank you for remembering to self-certify your child(ren) each morning. We have very few students who are coming in that have not certified so we thank you for your attention to this daily task that keeps everyone safe. 
  • If you cannot find the email containing the link (or if it is not sent out), you can always use a previous day's link. The link resets each night so you can reuse it in the morning. 
  • Please do not self-certify your child(ren) the evening before. The purpose of the self-certification is to check that children are not symptomatic immediately prior to coming to school. 
  • You can bookmark each child's link for easy access each day. This takes away the need to find the email each morning. 
  • During the preventative pause, families do not need to self-certify, but please make Mrs. Panov aware if your child is symptomatic, if they are a close contact to someone who tests positive or if they test positive themselves. 
Thank you for your attention to this important step in keeping students safe, staff safe and in keeping our schools open for in-person learning. 
Message from the Principal (12-4-20)

Good afternoon Adler Families,
  Happy Friday. I hope this email finds you all doing well. I cannot believe it is already December and winter break is just around the corner. This mild weather has been quite a wonderful treat and while those who know me know I love snow, I am loving that my own children can still go out and play without the hassle of ALL their winter snow gear! We have a few announcements this week so please read on in the Gazette to be “in the know”.
  We have had families that have had to live stream into our classrooms and there have been some questions about who can live stream and how quickly can we offer that to students who have been asked to stay home from school for safety reasons. Here are the guidelines we are using in D70 to determine when live streaming is necessary:

  • The student has COVID symptoms or is COVID positive and is self-isolating or is awaiting results from a COVID test. 
  • There is a member in the household who is COVID positive or has symptoms or is awaiting a COVID test. 
  • The student needs to quarantine because they have been deemed a close contact.

Mrs. Panov, Adler’s School Nurse, must be communicated with prior to starting the live streaming for any student. If you are emailing your child’s teacher with concerns due to COVID, please include myself and Mrs. Panov in the email. Live streaming will be made available to students the day following notification from the parent and confirmation from the nurse.  If the child needs materials to be sent home, this may take 24 hours for the teacher to gather the materials and place in the vestibule but each teacher will work with each child’s family to communicate when those items will be ready for pick up, if needed.
Thank you for reading this information and we know that each case and each family situation may be different so communicating with us is very helpful when deciding what needs to happen to keep our students, staff and families safe. I want to publicly thank Mrs. Panov for her incredible dedication to our families and staff and for all she has been doing to keep our Adler community safe. The knowledge, care and professionalism she has brought to our school and our district is exceptional and I am so very grateful to her for all she has done and continues to do. Thank you, Mrs. Panov.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School

AFA and Adler Student Council Food Drive

The AFA and Adler Student Council are proud to collaborate on a remote food drive!  We hope you can help support local families with non-perishable food donations to the Libertyville Township Food Pantry.  

Please click here for a list of much needed items, especially tuna, ramen noodles and rice.

Donations can be made 3 ways:

1) Drop off non-perishable items directly at the township office at 359 Merrill Court in Libertyville (just off Winchester Rd.).  Donations are accepted Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. After hours donations can be dropped by the garage door located in the small parking area next to the building.

2) Monetary tax deductible donations (payable to the Libertyville Township Gift Fund) are used to purchase food through a partnership with the Northern Illinois Food Bank at greatly reduced prices. 

Please mail to:

Libertyville Township

359 Merrill Court

Libertyville, IL 60048   

3) Non-perishable food donations can be bagged and left on your front door step for an AFA volunteer to pick up on a specified day (see below).  Please RSVP with your address to Dana Allan if you plan to have a donation bag ready for pick up. Mark bag clearly AFA and have outside by 9am.

Wednesday, Dec. 9

US-45/ Casey Rd. neighborhood

Bull Creek 

Timber Creek

Sunset Acres

Cedar Glen


Thursday, Dec. 10

Brookhill /Janas Ct. neighborhoods

Cater Ln. Neighborhood

North Libertyville Estates neighborhood

Milwaukee Ave addresses

Finlay Ct.


Friday, Dec 11

Walnut/Carriage Hill

East Ellis neighborhood

Lake Minear

West Ellis neighborhood

Message from Mrs. Weber

Hi Adler Families!  Let’s have some fun at home this holiday season while giving back to children in need!  All you need are some Legos and your imagination!  Create a decorative ornament for the season, take a picture of it, and Tweet it with: #BuildToGive.  Be sure to tag me:  @MrsWeberGTE so I can see your creation!  For every creation you tweet, one Lego set will be donated to a child in need!  If your family doesn’t have a Twitter account or you’d just prefer to not use it, simply email me with your child’s first name and teacher, and I will Tweet it out for you!  

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Official Lego Website with Build Ideas

32 Ornament Build Ideas with Videos (to access all 32 ideas, click “More” in the pull down menu at the upper right hand side of this website) :

Please let me know if you have any questions!  Happy holiday season!

Mrs. Emily Weber
GTE Teacher
Adler Park School

AFA Dinner Night Out Reminder

Mark your calendar... our next Dinner Night Out will be at Chipotle in Libertyville on December 15 from 4-8 PM!  33% of the proceeds will go directly back to the AFA.  Be on the lookout for more information to be emailed soon!

Message from the Principal (11/20/2020)

Dear Adler Families,
It has been a wonderful two weeks. Our virtual learners have transitioned to their new teachers and I have heard that our students are doing well and enjoying their new virtual classrooms. Our hybrid learners have also transitioned back into the building and we are truly enjoying to see their faces (or at least half of their faces) and hear their voices around the building. Picture Day on Tuesday went well. We will have a make-up (retakes) date on January 12th for those that missed having their pictures taken or who opted not to come in to take a picture. More details will be sent out as that date approaches.

I have been asked a few questions about live streaming for students. If your child(ren) has been asked to remain at home to quarantine or is at home with COVID symptoms, your child(ren) may live-stream into the classroom.  While we cannot recreate a virtual class, this experience will hopefully provide your child(ren) with the information being covered and assist in completing asynchronous work.  Your child’s teacher will be in contact with specifics related to live-streaming into class if your child(ren) is in quarantine or home with COVID symptoms. 

Pick up and drop off have been going very well. I want to thank all our parents and students for making this process move along as smooth as possible. We do have a few tips to continue to improve this process at pick up:

Pick Up Tips:

  • PLEASE have a sign on your passenger side window with your child’s name and grade.
  • If you are picking up other children, have their names on your passenger side window as well.
  • Please make sure your vehicle does not block the buses in the turnaround.
  • Please practice having your child take their backpack on and off and work on buckling independently to help our line move along smoothly. 
  • Students should always be entering or exiting your car on the playground side of your vehicle. We do NOT want students getting out or into cars on the driver side for their safety.

Report cards are going be available on Monday, November 23rd for all K – 5th grade students. Parents will log into the Parent Portal in PowerSchool to view each child’s report card.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I would like to thank our amazing Adler staff. This has been a year full of changes, new processes, and teaching in ways we have never done before. In some ways, every teacher is a first-year teacher this year and I have been very proud of how our staff has come together for our students, families and each other. I also continue to be thankful for the Adler Community. Our families have shown incredible flexibility and grace as we navigate an ever changing school year. During this holiday season, please enjoy time with your family. Please remember to follow the 3Ws during this holiday season and PLEASE remember to keep your child home if you or anyone in your household have any COVID symptoms. Being extra cautious will help Adler Park continue to remain open. Be safe and continue to focus on the positive. 

Happy Thanksgiving,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School

Adler Specials Schedule
The Adler specials teachers are so excited that we will continue to meet with all of our Adler Gators online!   We have noticed an increase in late arrivals and absences since our schedule change, so please review the schedule so you can be on time to your specials classes.  If your child is an AM hybrid or virtual student, he or she will attend your specials in the PM.  If your child is a PM hybrid or virtual student, he or she will attend your specials in the morning.  Please contact Ms. Carr or Dr. Bongle if you have any questions about the specials schedule.

Kindergarten:  8:30-9:00 am or 12:30-1:00 pm:  Monday Library, Tuesday Music, Wednesday PE, Thursday Art, Friday PE

1st Grade:  9:05-9:35 am or 1:05-1:35 pm:  Monday PE, Tuesday PE, Wednesday Library, Thursday Art, Friday Music

2nd Grade:  9:40-10:10 am or 1:40-2:10 pm:  Monday Music, Tuesday Library, Wednesday PE, Thursday Art, Friday PE

3rd Grade:  9:40-10:10 am or 1:40-2:10 pm:  Monday PE, Tuesday PE, Wednesday Art, Thursday Library, Friday Music

4th Grade:   8:30-9:00 am or 12:30-1:00 pm:  Monday PE, Tuesday PE, Wednesday Art, Thursday Music, Friday Library

5th Grade:  10:15-10:45 am or 2:15-2:45 pm:  Monday Library, Tuesday Music, Wednesday Art, Thursday PE, Friday PE
Request from the Adler Art Teachers
With students returning to in-person learning, many of their art supplies have returned back to the school building. The art teachers are asking that children also have access to some of these supplies at home for their at-home synchronous art lessons.  Mrs. Sather and Mrs. Brooks would love for kids to have crayons or colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue stick and of course paper!  Students will have way more fun in art if they have these supplies at the ready. Thank you!
Family Reading Night 2020
Thank you to all our families who attended our Family Reading Night last night. We had a wonderful time sharing books together as an Adler family. We had almost 50 families sign on last night! I also want to thank Ms. Carr for organizing this event for our students and families each year and for finding a way to offer this virtually this school year. 
Holiday Travel

Frequently Asked Question for D70: 

Are there any requirements for quarantine for families traveling domestically or internationally?

No, not at this time. However, during a pandemic, quarantining demands after traveling can change. For the most up-to-date information on travel, please check the IDPH website here.

Publicity Permission for 20-21

District 70 maintains an open relationship with the area news media and welcomes coverage of student events and achievements. When the news media is in the schools (once visitors are allowed back in the schools), children dealing with the media are closely monitored and protected by school staff. District 70 also works to communicate student events and achievements through the community-wide newsletter, 

District 70 Views, along with the D70 website (, individual D70 school websites, as well as D70-based, D70-sanctioned, or educationally-based teacher websites. Student projects, as well as student images, may be used on these sites. Students appearing on D70 websites may be identified only by their first names and the initials of their last names. As technology advances and new tools to communicate are introduced, D70 will select appropriate tools to enhance communication between D70, parents, and the community. District 70 uses social network sites in its dedication to transparency, including FaceBook (Libertyville D70), Twitter (Libertyville D70), Instagram (LibertyvilleD70), and teacher or school YouTube accounts that are protected by being unlisted, and on occasion will post student names (first name, last initial), images, or work.  

Information that D70 releases is not sold or given to commercial or non-profit groups. Any parent/guardian can withhold their consent for release by sending a signed letter withholding consent for the news media, along with the D70 website and D70 school websites, in the current school year within the first thirty (30) days of school to Libertyville Elementary District 70, Attn: Robin Smith Kollman, Director of Communications, 1381 W. Lake St., Libertyville, IL 60048.  

Parents/guardians should understand that if they withhold consent, none of the student’s information would be released. This includes examples such as information/photographs for the school yearbook or memory book, award listings such as the honor roll in the newspaper, and classroom projects on D70-based teacher websites or links.

Student Council Winter Plants Fundraiser

Please use this form to order your winter plants from Student Council!  Orders are due this Monday, November 24 at 3:00 pm.  Note this is a quick turnaround due to the Thanksgiving holiday break, and quantities are limited so order ASAP!

Pickup will be on Thursday, December 3.  For students who are hybrid, after picking up your child at 10:30 or 2:45, please pull around to the front of the school and stop by the vestibule at Adler's front doors.  Do not exit your car, we will bring your plants to you!  For virtual students or those who take the bus, your plants will be in the vestibule labeled with your name.

Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts which will be split between projects for Adler and the Lake County Haven!

Contact Erin Carr with questions.

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