November Paw Prints - 12-11-2020
Mitten/Hat/Sock Drive for Libertyville Food Pantry

Families are invited to join the Copeland staff in donating any NEW socks, hats, mittens or gloves for the Libertyville Food Pantry.  You can drop off your donations in the vestibule outside of the office (by the festive tree) any time between Monday, December 14 - Thursday, December 17.  The donations will be collected on Friday morning.  The Food Pantry is looking for donations for any age, size or occasion from the tiniest baby to our most elderly citizens.  As part of their holiday gift giving, the Food Pantry will be making deliveries to families in our area during the week of December 21st, so all Copeland donations are appreciated.  THANK YOU for showing that Copeland Cares about our fellow citizens.  
Attendance and Live-streaming
If your child is going to be absent from school, please contact the school office.  There are numerous contacts:
Your child's teacher email
Copeland Attendance Line:  847-362-3109
Copeland Office No:  847-362-0240
Emails:  Mrs. Beckman --; Mrs. Hoch -

Live-streaming:  If your child is going to be absent from school because he/she is experiencing symptoms, a parent needs to make contact with Mrs. Beckman or our school health clerk, Ms. Barm.  If, after talking to Mrs. Beckman or Ms. Barm, your child is excluded from school due to COVID symptoms or contact, your child can begin live-streaming the day following notification.  In other words, if you call into the school office and talk to Mrs. Beckman at 7:45, your child will be marked absent that day and he/she can begin live-streaming the next day.  Live-streaming is not an option for self-selected absences (i.e., travel).  This information can be also be found by reviewing the D70 FAQ and is consistent practice across District 70.  
Student Council Hosting Spirit Week before Winter Break
Under the leadership of Ms. Gattone and Ms. Vaccaro, Copeland's Student Council is up and running.  This group meets virtually during lunch to discuss school issues and plan for school fun and philanthropic activities. 

Before Winter Break, the week of December 14th, students are invited to participate in this year's Spirit Week.  
Monday 12/14 -- Hat Day (wear your favorite hat)
Tuesday 12/15 -- (any) Holiday Spirit Day (wear clothing that celebrates your favorite holiday (is 4th of July your favorite??)
Wednesday 12/16 -- Character Day (wear clothing to represent any character of your choosing)
Thursday 12/17 -- Class Choice Day (your child's teacher will let you know how your class will be showing spirit this day)
Friday 12/18 -- Comfy Cozy Day (wear your comfiest, coziest clothing (PJs are okay) on this day before winter break)

Copeland's Student Council is undertaking a service project to provide children in the hospital with friendly letters.  Families are invited to send a signed card to any child to:  Cards for Hospitalized Kids 7290 W. Devon Chicago, IL 60631
STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS (thank you for your leadership!):
President:  Youseelf F.
Vice President:  Will N.
Secretary:  Carly H.
Public Relations:  Kaylin M.
Cards for Kids flyer
Spirit Week 2020
Important Dates/Upcoming Events
Week of December 14 -- Copeland Spirit Week
  Monday -- Hay Day
  Tuesday -- (any) Holiday Spirit Day
  Wednesday - Character Day
  Thursday -- Class Choice Day
  Friday -- Comfy Cozy Day
Winter Break -- Monday, December 21st through Monday, January 4th
Adaptive Pause/Virtual Learning following hybrid half-day schedule -- Tuesday, January 5 through Friday, January 15  (eCenter remains open)
Monday, January 18 -- NO SCHOOL -- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Tuesday, January 19 -- Teacher Institute Day -- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS 
Wednesday, January 20 -- Return to In Person/Virtual Hybrid Schedule
What's Happening in the Library
Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Fry are committed to getting books into students' hands.  The following is a list of some of the wonderful things happening in the library:
  • Circulating books!  We have circulated 7,700 books since the start of the year.  2,300 of those were in the last three weeks!  Our students are readers!
  • Giving student choice!  Our kindergartners and 1st graders have just started a new program where they are choosing the book genre they would like to check out.  We have received lots of positive feedback from parents about this. Kindy makes monthly genre selections on Seesaw.  1st graders select genre weekly on Google forms. (2-5 requests books on our library system Destiny Discover)
  • Supporting remote readers! Book drop off is available to our remote learners.  Parents of remote learners have been offered the option of picking up library books in the front foyer of the school, or, if that is inconvenient, we are offering to do a porch drop off/pick up is a family requests that service.
  • Encouraging reluctant readers!  For classrooms where books are not being circulated regularly, we have implemented a brown book bag program.  Students in the class are given a brown paper bag to write what types of books they want.  (genre, series, author).  Nicole and I then pull books for them as a kind of book grab bag based on their selections.  We also provide each of these students with a QR code bookmark to help them navigate more easily to the Destiny Discover catalog so they can continue checking out books. 
  • The birthday book program is back!  We have opened up an online version of the birthday book program!  We are rolling out the program by grade level as opposed to birthday month since the program started the second trimester.  So far twenty-one 5th graders have chosen birthday books and the program remains open to our 4th graders through next week.
picture of Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Fry in the Copeland library
Publicity in D70

District 70 maintains an open relationship with the area news media and welcomes coverage of student events and achievements. When the news media is in the schools (once visitors are allowed back in the schools), children dealing with the media are closely monitored and protected by school staff. District 70 also works to communicate student events and achievements through the community-wide newsletter, 

District 70 Views, along with the D70 website (, individual D70 school websites, as well as D70-based, D70-sanctioned, or educationally-based teacher websites. Student projects, as well as student images, may be used on these sites. Students appearing on D70 websites may be identified only by their first names and the initials of their last names. As technology advances and new tools to communicate are introduced, D70 will select appropriate tools to enhance communication between D70, parents, and the community. District 70 uses social network sites in its dedication to transparency, including Facebook (Libertyville D70), Twitter (Libertyville D70), Instagram (LibertyvilleD70), and teacher or school YouTube accounts that are protected by being unlisted, and on occasion will post student names (first name, last initial), images, or work. 

Information that D70 releases is not sold or given to commercial or non-profit groups. Any parent/guardian can withhold their consent for release by sending a signed letter withholding consent for the news media, along with the D70 website and D70 school websites, in the current school year within the first thirty (30) days of school to Libertyville Elementary District 70, Attn: Robin Smith Kollman, Director of Communications, 1381 W. Lake St., Libertyville, IL 60048. 

Parents/guardians should understand that if they withhold consent, none of the student’s information would be released. This includes examples such as information/photographs for the school yearbook or memory book, award listings such as the honor roll in the newspaper, and classroom projects on D70-based teacher websites or links.

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