Paw Prints - 12-1-2017
Blue Ribbon Celebration
On Friday, December 1st, the school assembled for a celebration of Copeland Manor's recent National Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence.  Speeches by Dr. Schumacher, Lake County Superintendent Wood, D70 School Board President Vickers, teachers, a student, and Mrs. Poelking all focused on what makes Copeland a Blue Ribbon School.  Our commitment to excellence continues as we embrace the goals before us.  This commitment includes academic growth as well as treating each other with kindness and creating a happy and safe school environment.  The chorus sang "Bright Happy Day," a most fitting song for the happiness shared by all in attendance, including 6th Grade students from Highland who were previous Cougars.  The celebration extended to the school community on Saturday, December 2nd, at the CFA Pancake Breakfast.  Students were eager to share the award with their families and enjoy some celebratory cake!  


Copeland staff
Mr. Feldman
Chorus Sings
Blue Ribbon cakes
Blue Ribbon artifacts
6th graders from HMS
Mrs. Wood from Lake County BoE
BR program
Mrs. Poelking, Miss Snider, Mrs. Grote
Science Night
On Thursday evening, November 30th, a large group of Copeland students and their families came back to school for a special evening to learn about science.  The Magic Storyteller provided hands-on science experiences with humor and in an understandable way.   


Magic Storyteller
Magic Storyteller
Thank you for a fun Saturday, CFA!!!
On Saturday morning, December 2nd, families came out to enjoy pancakes and partake in some holiday shopping!  Uncle Pancake kept us on our toes -- flipping flapjacks to an eager audience.  Boy, were they delicious.  Thank you to all the committee members and volunteers for making this such a fun event.  


Student Elves
Thank you in pancakes
Reading Over the Holidays

A note from Mrs. Negovetich and Mrs. Reichart

As the holidays are quickly approaching, we wanted to share with you some tips to have your child continue reading over break. We love hearing stories of families gathering together and making memories that they will cherish forever. One thing we often forget is to keep the routine of reading when not in school. Reading throughout the break will ensure that all of their hard work in school has not gone to waste. Did you know that for every week a child is out of school, they could regress that many weeks in their reading abilities?

Richard Allington, a well-known reading researcher, has said, “Reading volume predicts reading growth in struggling readers”. However, all children benefit from volume of reading. The more children read, the more they grow!

Make reading fun and enjoyable for your child. Here are ten ways to make it FUN!
1.  Create a reading nook. Have your child set up a rug, lamps, and comfy chair to read in. They can even read to their favorite stuffed animal!
2. Add reading night to your family activities along with game nights. Young readers may only be able to read for 15 minutes, while older kids have built up their stamina and can read for longer periods of time.
3. Have your child read under the covers of your bed or under a blanket. They can use a flashlight for reading!
4. Set up a tent and have your child get cozy and read with blankets and pillows using a flashlight.
5. Tape up your child’s sight words all over your house and have them read them as you come across them throughout the day.
6. Take a trip to the bookstore and have your child find a spot to read.
7. Keep books in the car and have your child read as you’re out and about.
8. Go beyond the traditional book. Have them read magazines, joke books, or comics.
9. Have your child cook or bake something with you and read the recipe!
10.  Decorate a box that can fit under their bed. Have your child put some books in there that are their special fit books that they do not have to share with siblings. It will be easy access for nighttime reading.

Enjoy the time with your families over the long break and remember to continue to have your children read, read, read!

Fondly Your Interventionists,
Meriann Negovetich --
Amy Reichart --

Emergency School Closing Information

As we move into the winter season, please take a moment to review school closing procedures. The decision to close schools is typically made by our superintendent, Dr. Schumacher, in consultation with local agencies and school districts before 6 a.m. after thoroughly reviewing weather and road conditions, along with discussing the safety concerns for students and staff.
If winter weather forces the closure of schools in Libertyville Elementary District 70, the information will be distributed by being:
1) Announced on the District 70 website, as well as all the school websites,
2) Pushed out through the School Messenger Notification System through phone calls,
3) Delivered through a D70 email to the home address used to register a student.
4) Posted to Twitter @LibertyvilleD70, and Facebook @Libertyville D70,
5) Announced on Chicago-area stations (see list below), and
6) Accessible through the Emergency Closing Center directly at
Parents will ONLY receive notice if schools are being closed, otherwise the day will proceed as usual. Please recognize that no system is foolproof; a power outage or extreme demand on these systems could affect access to communications technologies.
School closures typically are announced by 6 a.m.
School closures are reported to the Emergency Closing Center, which broadcasts the information on the following Chicago stations: WGN-AM (720), WBBM-AM (780), and CBS-TV (2), NBC-TV (5), ABC-TV (7), WGN-TV (9), FOX-TV, and CLTV cable.
Families may also call the District Administrative Offices at (847) 362-9695 to hear a recorded telephone message concerning school closings.
It is important to remember that weather conditions may improve or deteriorate after a determination is made. A great deal of care is put into deciding to open/close schools because the safety and well being of students and staff is always a priority.

Want more info?  Here is a link to the new FAQ on emergency weather days on the D70 website under the superintendent's department:

Winter Weather
With the cold temperatures quickly approaching, please be aware that our practice is to go outside unless the windchill falls below zero.  Children should come to school prepared for the cold temperatures with warm coats, hats, gloves -- anything to keep warm while they play.  Once the snow comes, students will need boots and snowpants to play in the field and playground.  Parent, please take a minute to write your child's name on all winter clothing (snow pants especially).  

We are ready for you, Mother Nature (but, please be kind!!).  


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