October Paw Prints - 10-12-2018
Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences are a wonderful time to meet and exchange student strengths and set goals.  Teachers are excited to share work products and stories, but they are also excited to hear from parents about their goals and stories about their children.  Working together, we will have a great year. 

  • Wednesday, October 17th:  5:15 – 8:15 pm

  • Thursday, October 18th:  3:15 – 8:15 pm

    Early Dismissal Thursday, October 18th at 1:15 pm

Note:  No School on Friday, October 19th.

Conferences are 15-minutes in length.  Please be respectful by arriving on time and ending the conference at the scheduled time. 

Babysitting will be provided in the gym by Girl Scouts (THANK YOU, GIRL SCOUTS!!).  Please do not leave your child with any food or toys.  No babies, please.:)

The Scholastic Book Fair will be OPEN in the multipurpose room (THANK YOU, CFA!!) 

Visual Spatial Thinking in Whole Group Enrichment Classes

Spatial thinking concerns the positions of objects, their shapes, their spatial relations to one another and the movement they make. It involves understanding and remembering the relative locations of objects in the mind. Then through imagining or visualizing, objects are manipulated through mental movement or transformation to form new spatial relations.

Examples of using visual-spatial skills in everyday life include using or developing maps, merging into traffic, thinking about how to pack a suitcase, using mirror images, and building with blocks and Legos. Spatial ability is important in many fields of study such as mathematics, economic forecasting, engineering, meteorology and more.
Each classroom in grades 1-5 worked on a whole class enrichment activity under the visual-spatial thinking umbrella.

In first and second grade, tangrams were used to create various shapes and complete puzzles. Tangrams are great to introduce math concepts like rotation, flips and slides.
Third graders worked with pentaminoes to complete puzzles. These are another great tool  to work with visual-spatial thinking as well as rotations and reflections in math.
Fourth grade used Q-bitz puzzles for pattern identification, and fifth grade built structures using Keva blocks and representational drawings. Each class was given a Brain Station center to take back to the classroom to reinforce the skill practiced.

Each grade level had a wonderful time with their activity and it was exciting to see all of the curiosity and intrigue with each challenge. Not only did we have great interest in the activities, but we also had great discussions on how we use visual-spatial thinking in school and the real world.

Mrs. Kristin Morden
GTE Resource

Fall Sing is Coming .....

Save the date for the FALL SING
Grades 4 and 5 are featured in an evening performance
Wednesday, November 14th at 6:30 pm
Copeland Gym

Variety Show at Copeland

Many thanks to all the wonderful performers for sharing their talents with a grateful audience on Thursday evening, October 4th.  Students sang, played the piano, jazz, sang, danced, stacked cups, and entertained everyone.  We celebrate each of you and THANK YOU for all the hard work and bravery you demonstrated.  

Thanks also to Mrs. Edelsberg and Mrs. Schroetter for your leadership and guidance.  These two teachers put together a wonderful show and brought our stage to life.  Mr. Vipond also deserves many thanks for working hours and hours to get new stage lights up and running.  The gym was filled with a smiling, grateful audience.


girls dancing
girls dancing
students waiting to perform
lining up before the performance
Mrs. Schroetter and Mrs. Edelsberg
students lining up
students lining up
girls posing
Mr. Dolinko and students
Entire cast
Halloween Read In at Copeland

Come join us for a night of spook-tacular storytelling!


Thursday, October 25th from 6:30 – 7:15 pm

Copeland School will be hosting its annual Halloween Read-in.  Students are invited to come dressed in pajamas or costumes.  We will meet the multipurpose room at 6:30.  Students will be assigned to groups by teachers and then will adjourn to a classroom to hear Halloween stories.  Parents, please come into the multipurpose room to pick up children by 7:15 pm.

Permission slips must be returned by Thursday, October 18th in order for your child to join the fun (sorry, no drop-ins).  Students will be given something to help them get in the Halloween mood.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Johnson at kjohnson@d70schools.org

Halloween at Copeland

Halloween Reminders for Parents:

  • Everyone is invited to enjoy the Spooky Stroll.  This parade of costumes begins at 12:30.  Students will line up on the blacktop in their class lines.  The parade route will be determined the morning of Halloween (weather permitting) and communicated via email to the parent community. 
  • Thank you to the FOUR parents who have made arrangements to plan and attend a party in each room. 
  • Students should not wear costumes to school.  Children can change after lunch.  Teachers and staff members will help students change. 
  • If your child is leaving for lunch, please send a note to your child’s teacher.  Lunch is from 11:25 – 12:05. 
  • No weapons or weapon look-alikes are permitted at school.
A Peek into Third Grade

Third grade has had a busy start to the year so far!  Students are working hard to master their multiplication facts and have learned many strategies to use for solving multiplication and division word problems.  In reading, we have worked on cause and effect, identifying character traits, and using text evidence to support our thinking.  Two science units have also been completed!  We have learned all about forces, including how forces create and change motion, as well as electric and magnetic forces.  Students even completed a challenge to design a toy car racetrack that uses magnetic force!  Third graders have also explored where in the world they are located and can identify all seven continents and major oceans.  Up next is practicing our fluency for the Halloween poems students will perform at our Poetry Slam event at the end of the month!  These third graders are constantly impressing us!
Mrs. Crandell
Mr. Dolinko
Mrs. Edelsberg

Mrs. Edelsberg's class photo
Mr. Dolinko's class photo
Mrs. Crandell's class photo
Physical Education and Health at Copeland

Physical Education & Health News!

*Please follow us at https://twitter.com/CopelandD70PE.  We will be tweeting pictures and videos from your child’s P.E. and Health classes.

*It is important that your child wears gym shoes for P. E. class so they can safely move and play in the gym. Especially as the weather turns...Even keeping a pair of shoes in school really helps!
Good questions to ask your child after they had P.E.:

  • *What movements did you use to warm up?
  • *What exercises did you do during the warm up?  
  • *Did you work with a partner in the gym?
  • *Did you play a game today?  If so, what did you do in exercise land?
  • *How did you self-assess/high five yourself as you walked out the door of the gym? Were you “still trying, pretty good, or wow”?
  • *What made you smile while your were in the gym?
  • *Was anything frustrating?
  • *Who was kind to you?  How were they kind?

In P.E., we began the year with rules and safety. We are teaching your children: basic tag games, kicking/soccer, fitness testing, throwing skills/games, frisbee golf and some basic gymnastics skills this trimester.

Fourth and fifth grade classes currently are attending health class. Third and fourth grade classes begin health classes in November with the beginning of the second trimester.  In health class, students are learning about yoga, nutrition, bullying, & body systems.

Good questions to ask after Health class:

  • Who led the yoga warm up? What's your favorite pose?
  • Did you play a game? Or did you act something out?
  • Were you in groups. Partners, or all together for the discussions?
  • Which has been your favorite topic?
  • Is there more that you would like to learn about one of the topics?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  We hope your child learns to love being healthy and active as much as we love teaching them to be!
Mrs. Hochman and Mr. Ramlow


photo of Mrs. Hochman and Mr. Ramlow
Veteran's Day at Copeland -- November 9th

To honor and salute all active and past military, Copeland Manor is looking forward to its 5th annual Veterans Day Assembly.  Veterans and current military members are invited to attend an assembly to hear students sing and read poems, as well as hear from veterans about where and when they served or are currently serving their country.  

When:  Friday, November 9th at 8:15 in the gym (veterans are invited to enjoy light refreshments with teachers starting at 7:30 am)
Where:  Copeland Manor School gymnasium
RSVP:  to Mrs. Travelstead (gtravelstead@d70schools.org) by Wednesday, November 7th (date extended)

NOTE:  Veteran's Day falls on Sunday, November 11th;  school is in session on November 9th and November 12th

FLYER is available as a reference on our website.  Feel free to share with any moms, dads, neighbors, friends or friends of friends.  

Thank you, Mrs. Travelstead, for your leadership with this event.  This is a true favorite Character Counts event celebrating CITIZENSHIP!

Parent Visitation Day -- November 13th
It is a time-honored tradition to open our school for a snapshot into classrooms during American Education Week in November.  On Tuesday, November 13th, classrooms will be open for parents to visit their child(ren)'s classrooms.  Each grade level has designated two 30-minute time periods during which parents can come and experience learning alongside the students.  To maximize this experience, we ask that visitors be limited to parents.  

Parent are invited to visit classrooms on November 13th at these times:
   Kindergarten:  1:30 or 2:00
   1st Grade:  9:00 or 9:30
   2nd Grade:  8:30 or 9:00
   3rd Grade:  8:15 or 12:40
   4th Grade:  10:00 or 12:15
   5th Grade:  8:45 or 12:30
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