December Paw Prints - 12-14-2018
Check the Lost and Found
Our Lost and Found bin is always full.  Mrs. Johnson does an excellent job of including "found" items on daily announcements with an invitation to come claim them.  Parents are welcome to check for missing items in the bin outside the school office.  Every few months, items will be cleaned out and donated or tossed.  
Holiday Schedule
There is no school Friday, December 21st, as this starts winter break.  The office will be closed during the winter break, December 21st, through Friday, January 7th.  We all return to school on Monday, January 7th.  

If your child will miss any school before or after the holidays, please communicate with the school office and your child's teacher.  
Holiday Reading Tips from Mrs. Negovetich, Mrs. Reichart, and Ms. Treven

Fun Ways to Read Over Break

We all know that reading is a key element to helping our children continue to grow as students. Breaks can often be challenging, though. Many times it seems like reading is the last thing students want to do over an extended break. An easy way to remedy this is to switch things up a bit. Make it novel and fun. Here are our Top Ten ways we’ve brainstormed to get them thinking outside the box about their reading!

  1. Read in the bathtub with a blanket and pillow.

  2. Record a video of yourself reading and send it to relatives that live far away.

  3. Read in the dark with a flashlight.

  4. Make a fort or tent and read inside.

  5. Listen to books on tape while on a long car ride.

  6. Check out a recipe book and choose your favorite recipe to read and then make.

  7. Download lyrics to your favorite seasonal songs and read or sing.

  8. Read current articles on your favorite sports teams or athletes.

  9. Sign up for the Winter Reading Club at Cook Library and complete to win a prize!

  10. Play board games like Bananagrams, Twenty Questions, Boggle, Scattergories, and Outburst!

    We hope this gives you ideas to start with. Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!
    Mrs. Negovetich, Special Education Teacher and Interventionist
    Mrs. Reichart, Interventionist
    Ms. Treven, Special Education Teacher and Interventionist

photo of Mrs. Reichart, Mrs. Negovetich, and Ms. Treven
Shrek, the Musical -- So much fun!!!
The entire school boarded 7 buses on December 19th (thank you, CFA, for funding the bus rides!) to travel to the Marriott Lincolnshire Theater to see Shrek, the Musical.   The musical was fantastic -- a good time was had by all.  Dr. Schumacher was there to join in and add to the moment.  Adler Park School also went on the same day.  We love this tradition!  
pic of students walking on a sidewalk from buses to the theater
Seven buses lined up in front of Copeland waiting to go to Marriott Theater
Students walking up to Marriott
photo of Shrek marquis
Group pic of students in the theater
Group pic of students in the theater
Group pic of students in the theater
Group pic of students in the theater
pic of Dr. Bongle, Dr. Schumacher, and Dr. Poelking in front of the stage
Students walking from school onto their bus
Students walking onto their bus
Students walking onto their bus
Students walking onto their bus
Winter Weather

With winter's official start quickly approaching, please be aware that our practice is to go outside unless the windchill falls below zero.  Children should come to school prepared for the cold temperatures with warm coats, hats, gloves -- anything to keep warm while they play.  Once the snow comes, students will need boots and snow pants to play in the field and playground.  Parents, please take a minute to write your child's name on all winter clothing (snow pants especially).  

We are ready for you, Mother Nature (but, please be kind!!).  

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