January Paw Prints - 1-18-2019
Important Dates/Upcoming Events
  • January 23:   Character Counts "Count on Me" assembly in the morning

  • January 23:  CFA Guys Night 6:00 - 8:00 pm in the multipurpose room/gym

  • February 4, 5, 6:  CogAT Testing for 2nd grade students

  • February 5:  CFA Meeting, 8:30 teachers' lounge

  • February 5:  Band Concert, 7:00 at Butterfield

  • February 7:  Orchestra Concert 7:00 at Butterfield

  • February 8:  Group pictures 

  • February 14:  Valentine classroom parties 10:30 - 11:15 

  • February 14:  Dismissal for all students at 1:15 pm (buses will run regular routes at dismissal)

  • February 15:  NO SCHOOL

  • February 18:  NO SCHOOL

  • March 2:  CFA Fun Fair 10:00 - 2:00

  • March 5:  CFA Meeting 7:00 pm

  • March 8:  Junior Achievement -- 8:15 - 11:15 (thank you, GUEST TEACHERS)

  • March 13:  Spring Sing 6:30 at Copeland (Grades 1, 2, 3)

  • March 25 - 29:  Spring Break

Welcome to Copeland!
2019 has brought 4 new Cougars to Copeland!  Please join me in welcoming:

Henry and Raegan in 1st grade
MJ in 4th grade
Liam in 5th grade

We are so glad that you joined the Copeland family.  
News from Copeland's Gifted, Talented, and Enrichment Teacher

Whole Class Enrichment
Digital Breakout

We recently wrapped up our whole class Digital Breakout sessions. Each student used a Chromebook or an IPad to participate in problem solving quests where a series of puzzles needed to be solved to open the virtual locks.
We love breakout sessions because they focus on many important aspects of learning. Communication and collaboration are needed to solve the various problems and puzzle. It takes creativity and critical thinking as well. Digital breakouts have many puzzles that students are not able to figure out on their first attempt, so students need to reconsider their approach and give it another try. The activity helps teach perseverance and it’s such a great experience to work toward a final goal together.
Be sure to ask your child about their Digital Breakout experience!

Mrs. Morden
GTE Resource

Help wanted in the Copeland Makerspace!

We are looking for a volunteer to commit to coming in once a week to help organize, restock and inventory the Makerspace.  If you are interested in helping maintain this student-centered space, please contact Mrs. Johnson at kjohnson@d70schools.org.  Thank you

Parent-Teacher Conferences in February
Parent-teacher conferences will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, February 13th and 14th.  Parents can schedule a 15-minute conference with their child's homeroom teacher through PTC Wizard.  If a parent registered on the PTC Wizard website in the fall, there is no need to register again.   Directions on how to register (for new parents) are available on the Copeland website.  The window for scheduling a conference is open through February 6th.  After February 6th, please call the school office to schedule a conference.  

Conference Information:
February 13th -- 5:15 through 8:15 pm
Feburary 14th -- 3:15 through 8:15 pm

February 14th --  Dismissal at 1:15 pm
No School February 15th

Cub Scouts are providing babysitting in the gym during conferences.

The Scholastic Book Fair will be open during conferences.
5Essentials Survey

The 5Essentials Survey is made available to parents at http://survey.5-essentials.org/illinois/survey/parent/ or through a link on the District 70 website through January 31, 2019.

If a parent has more than one child at a school site, one survey is completed for all children. Parents will be asked to indicate the number of children enrolled in the school. Those with children enrolled in multiple schools may participate in the survey for each school. One parent per household may participate in the 5 Essentials Survey. The survey should take no longer than ten minutes. School reports will be generated if at least 30 percent of parents respond to the survey and will be included in state school report cards, released October 2019.

Student, parent, and staff identities will be kept confidential, and responses will not be linked to any individual. Participation in the Illinois 5Essentials Survey will assist District 70 administrators regarding a better understanding of district/school conditions and guide us toward our strategic commitment of continuous improvement.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey!  Your input is valuable.  

News from Mrs. Travelstead -- Tips to Help Your Child with Text Anxiety

Winter and Spring in schools not only means iffy cold and wet weather, but also signifies the season for group state or other standardized test taking. Group test taking will soon be upon us (second graders will take the CogATs in February and 3-5 th grade will take the Illinois Readiness Assessment (formerly PARCC) in April).   This will undoubtedly cause some students to feel worried and, in some cases, anxious. Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety in which a child fears failure. While some pressure to perform can be a positive motivator, for those who tie their self-worth to the outcome of the test, test taking can prove to be devastating. So, how is a parent to help a child approach testing in a calm, cool and collected manner?

First, remind your child of the good test taking strategies they have learned:

  • Relax and maintain a positive attitude.  Research has shown that maintaining good feelings actually helps you test better. If your child is starting to feel tense or to engage in negative self-talk, have him/her do some slow, deep breathing and tense and un-tense each muscle. Slow deep breathing will allow them to focus on the test and help keep them grounded.
  • Remind him/her to stay focused on the test and NO ONE else. Have him or her put on “blinders” so that all they see is their test and their progress. Tell them not to spend time worrying about what other test takers are doing. They don’t need to be the first one done—this is NOT an indicator of how smart they are and may in fact facilitate careless errors. Read each direction carefully and note whether it is a one-part or two-part question. Remind him/her to use the highlighter tool to highlight key words, which will help them really focus in on what the question is asking.
  •  Remind your child to pace themselves meaning they should nether go too fast, nor too slow. If he/she gets stuck, remind him/her to skip it, answer the other questions and go back to the ones he/she skipped later. Remind your child to answer every question and if they can’t figure it out, have them take their best guess.

Second, make sure your child gets plenty of good sleep in the days leading up to the test, and especially the night before. Children aged 8, 9,10,or 11 need 10-11 hours of sleep nightly. Extensive research has proven that even one hour less of sleep a night can cause a child to perform two years below their typical capabilities. As well, if they are typically getting one hour less of sleep a night, by Friday they are operating on a five-hour sleep deficit. Think about how that feels to your own body!

Third, make sure your child has a healthy protein-rich breakfast the day of the test and remember to send in a healthy snack as well. The brain needs a lot of energy to focus on a long test like the Illinois Readiness Assessment (PARCC).

Finally, stay calm yourself and do not put undue pressure on how your child should perform. Remember this is a snapshot in time and one test will not define your child, nor will it take away any of their other wonderful qualities that make him/her who they are.
Character Counts at Copeland
At Copeland, we are committed to providing students with a safe and happy school environment.  Here are three examples of how we promote positive behavior:

Behavior Expectations -- Once each trimester, students revisit the expected behaviors throughout the school.  On January 10, students in Grades 2-5 rotated through "expectation stations" to reinforce expected behaviors, while kindergarten and first grade students met together to discuss how to demonstrate positive character in school.  Bullying behaviors and conflict resolution were also discussed.

Lunch with the Principal -- Students continue to show pride in their positive behavior.  When a student receives a "Cougie Card" for positive behavior, he/she brings their card to the office and proudly reports what was done to earn this recognition.  Cards are drawn 12 times each year to join Dr. Poelking for lunch and celebrate their choices.

Character Counts Assembly -- On January 23rd in the morning, students at Copeland will enjoy an assembly titled, "Count on Me" (sponsored by D70 Character Counts Committee).  This three-screen program will focus on helping students focus on developing social awareness, have positive social interactions, and handle social conflicts.  
Students with Cougie Cards
Junior Achievement coming to Copeland
An early THANK YOU to the 39 people who have volunteered to spend the morning of Friday, March 8th teaching Junior Achievement lessons to our students.  Our goal is to have two "guest teachers" in each classroom.  We are still in need of a second volunteer in these rooms:
Mrs. Alvarez
Mrs. Miranda
Mrs. Reinking
Mrs. Hay

If you are able to give up a half-day (8:15 - 11:15)  to be a "guest teacher," please contact the school office.  Training is available on Friday morning, March 1st at 8:30 in the cafeteria.  This is a wonderful experience for all involved.  
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