Rockland Review & RAP - 4-26-2019
A Note from Mr. Knapp

Dear Parents,

We still are hoping to permanently move into nicer and warmer more Spring-like weather here at Rockland School!  Perhaps after our recent snowfall last week the worst is now behind us (althought there may be some snowflakes coming this weekend….oh goodness)?  With that being said we do anticipate more walkers and bike riders that will bring more concerns with safety both before and after school. We do ask that you please adhere to some important safety rules which we have noticed are needing some extra attention including not picking up students in the teacher only parking lot on the west side of the building as well as making sure that no student is left unsupervised for any amount of time after school.  All of these procedures are in place to keep the safety of all children at the forefront and we appreciate the Rockland families following these so there are no accidents.

It is that time of the year to say thank you to all of the professionals that help make Rockland School such a wonderful place.  We celebrated Mrs. Hamilton this past Wednesday for Administrative Assistant’s Day, and will honor Mrs. Crusey on May 8th for School Nurse’s Day .  Please also join me in celebrating and giving thanks to our outstanding teaching staff May 6th-May 10th  for Teacher Appreciation Week. Help us recognize the contributions that each of our educators puts in on a daily basis in order for our children to be successful.  I am extremely proud of our staff and hope that you are too! If you get a moment during Teacher Appreciation week, please take the opportunity to write a short note to let them know how much you appreciate what they do for your child.  It is notes like these that can make a staff member’s day brighter and let them know of the impact that they have made in their classroom for all students. I fully recognize and appreciate working with such a great and professional staff and hope you are too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jeff Knapp

Character Counts News

We continue to celebrate the pillar of Respect.  

Our weekly challenges for Respect are being written by the students in Mrs. Wilson’s class. Last week they challenged us to be respectful of other's personal space, belongings, and school property. This week they have challenged us to be respectful and listen to others ideas.  

This past Tuesday evening many Rockland staff members joined many staff members from our buddy school, Kenneth Murphy, to help serve at Culver’s.  This evening was dedicated to Kenneth Murphy. Thank you to all our families who came out to participate in this “fun”draiser!

Many thanks go to the Daisys, Brownies and Girl Scouts who attended the Daddy-Daughter Dance a few weeks ago.  This week the social worker at Kenneth Murphy was able to pick up all the non-perishable food items that were donated at the dance.  The social worker was once again amazed at our generosity!

Over the past two weeks all the students at Rockland made friendship bracelets for all the students at Kenneth Murphy. These bracelets were given to the Kenneth Murphy staff on Tuesday evening.  

We definitely are shining with kindness through all our giving.


Thank you for Shining with Kindness!  

2018-2019 Character Counts! Rockland School Committee
Mrs. List, Mrs. Stonehocker, Mrs. Sundh,
Mrs. Lesniewicz, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Williams,
Ms. Kittleson, Miss Blahnik and Mr. Knapp

Pillars of Character
Student Council Cupcake Sale for the Alzheimer's Association!


We will be selling after school on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd outside in front of Rockland. We will also have a box for donations during open house!

Cupcakes will be $1.50 each, we will also have gluten free treats for sale ☺

First come first serve- we can’t wait to support such an amazing cause!

Purple ribbon
Purple cupcakes
Save the Date! Volunteer Breakfast Friday, May 17th

The Rockland staff wants to thank ALL volunteers who have helped anyone in the classroom and throughout the school.  If you volunteered your time at home, in school, or just sent in requested items YOU are a volunteer and deserve a thank you!

Please save the morning of Friday May 17th to come into the Multipurpose Room for a breakfast treat and let the Rockland staff celebrate YOU!

We will be serving from 7:45-8:15.  You can drop off your child(ren) on the playground and come into the building for a breakfast treat.

An “official” invite will be in an email next week.  In the meantime, please mark your calendars and save the morning of Friday May 17th.

Dine & Share with Rockland School

May 8th (5-8PM): Cluckers

New Student & Kindergarten Registration

Dear District 70 Parents,

The District is now accepting registration for NEW STUDENTS for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please help us get the word out to friends or neighbors living in Libertyville who might have an incoming Kindergartner at home. Parents of new students can go to the District 70 Website ( to find the announcement and link for New Students.  Starting the registration process as soon as possible helps to ensure that the district can plan for staffing for next year.

Parents of students that currently attend school in District 70 will complete registration for returning students at the end of April. Instructions will be forthcoming about that process in a few weeks. 

Thank you for helping to get the word out!

Pam Imholz, Director of Technology and Cristina DiStefano, Registrar

Incoming 6th Grade Health Information

The Illinois State School Code Health Law, Section 665, requires that a child have a complete physical examination, including mandated immunizations, upon entrance into kindergarten, sixth, and ninth grades.

Any child entering sixth grade shall show proof (see section 665.250(b) of receiving one dose of Tdap vaccine regardless of the interval since the last DTap, DT or Td dose.

New: Any child entering 6th grade will be required to have 1 dose of Meningococcal vaccine given after the 11th birthday, or 2 doses for entrance into 12th grade. 

Any child entering 6th grade is required to show proof of having 3 doses of Hepatitis B. The first two doses shall have been received no less then 4 weeks (28 days) apart. The interval between the second and third doses shall be at least 2 months 56 days), and the dose between 1 and 3 must be 4 months (112 days).

New:  The immunization record must also show proof of 2 MMR, and 2 Varicella. The physical examination can be administered within the 12 months previous to the child’s entrance into school.  

If your child plans to participate in sports, they will require a “sports physical.” A sport physical is valid for 365 days. The physical must be given after May 15, 2019 to be valid for the entire school year.

The only difference between a sports physical and regular physical is a sports physical does not require immunization records. If your regular physical is completed after May 15, 2019 it can be considered a “sports physical.”

Inasmuch as your child will enter sixth grade in the fall, a “Certificate of Health Examination” is enclosed and is to be completed by you and your physician. The physical exam has 2 pages and requires 3 signatures. The signatures required are:

  1. Immunizations (health care provider)
  2. Health history (parent)
  3. Physical exam signed by MD, APN, or PA

A dental examination is required for all students entering kindergarten, second, and sixth grade.

It is recommended that parents make arrangements with their physicians as soon as possible to ensure the required physical examination(s) and immunizations before registration in August.  Failure to comply with the above statutory requirements will result in your child’s exclusion from school.

Please visit the school’s website to see a listing of sites for vaccinations and physicals.


Kim Hutchinson
District Nurse

Summer School Registration is Open

Click here for more information!

Puzzles Wanted!

The Learning Center is looking for donations of puzzles 300-1000 pieces. Thank you for your help!

RFA News: Rockland Cares Thank You

The Rockland Cares Committee would like to thank everyone for their hard work this year.  As a school, our kids put in 315 service hours through their Rockland Cares volunteer activities this year!  Thank you for showing the community that Rockland Cares!

RFA News: Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

On May 10th, the RFA will host a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon for the staff in the Learning Center.  Volunteers are needed in several capacities!  We would love your support!  Click here to see how you can help!

RFA News: Buddy Families Needed

We are looking for friendly faces to offer wisdom and experience to families that will be new to Rockland next year.  As a Buddy Family, your main responsibility is to make contact and be available to answer questions throughout the year.
Please contact Toni Parvis if interested.

RFA News: Lunch Help Needed

With the end of the school year fast approaching, you only have a few opportunities to assist with a RFA lunch Wednesday.  May is a very busy time for all our parents, and we need all the help we can get.  Please contact Eleni Mueller if you would like to volunteer between 11 and noon on any Wednesday between now and the end of school.  Thank you!

RFA News: Rockland Cares Help Needed

Parents, do you value giving back to the community and want to encourage our students do so the same?  We are looking for members to join the 2019-20 Rockland Cares Committee to help plan volunteer events for our students throughout the school year.  If you are interested, please email Jill Sahagian.

RFA News: Toy Drive

Please send new or gently used toys to the Rockland Cares donation box in the Rockland main office for a Toy Drive to collect toys for children at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.  The donation box will be in the main office from 4/29-5/3.  This is a toy drive organized by Rockland Cares and Mrs. Sundh’s fourth grade class.

RFA News: 5th Grade Girls Event

Save the Date!  This is a special event for our girls and a VIP (Very Important Person/Parent) to enjoy together as the girls graduate from Rockland.  We will be having our event at Heather’s Gym on Thursday May 30th, 6:30 - 8:00 pm.  Detailed info will be emailed soon.  Any questions, please contact Eleni Mueller.

RFA News: 5th grade party

The Fifth Grade End of Year Party will be May 31st at Adler Pool, from 8:15-9:45.  Look for more details as the date approaches. 

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