Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6th-10th

Student Recognition Ceremony

Wednesday, May 29th, Butterfield students will have the opportunity to recognize their peers for their involvement in school.  This is a great way to encourage students to become involved or continue to encourage students to stay involved in extra curricular opportunities at Butterfield School.  Unfortunately, due to space limitations, this assembly is only for the student body.

Kindergarten Celebration

Thursday, May 30th , 6:00-7:00 PM, the current kindergarten students will reflect on all they learned and celebrate all their successes.  Friends and family are welcome to this special event.

5th Grade Recognition and Picnic

It is hard to believe the time has come to say goodbye to our 5th grade Bulldogs.  We have enjoyed seeing all our students grow in many ways and know they are ready for the next big step, Highland Middle School.  Friends and family are welcome to join Butterfield’s 5th grade team and administrators as we recognize each student moving on. Please join us Thursday, May 31st, from 9:00-10:00 AM for this special recognition.  After all certificates have been distributed and our guests say goodbye, the 5th grade students will travel to Libertyville’s Sport Complex to enjoy a day of fun thanks to the BFA!


2018-2019 Comes to End

With much appreciation for our students, staff and parents, we say goodbye to another school year.  The School Board approved that June 5 will be the last day of school. The date was extended from June 4 because of a Snow Day was called in November 2018.

School will start at the regular time and there will be an early release for K-5 at 1:15 p.m..

Lost & Found/Lanyards

Parents, please remember to check the lost and found box and coat rack before the last day of school. We will donate the leftover items to a local charity once the school year is finished. We would also ask anyone that might have mistakenly taken a green, visitor lanyard home to please return it to the office.  You can send it with your child if that is more convenient. We thank you for your cooperation on both of these matters.


Character Counts at Butterfield School

2018-2019 Year in Review

Bulldogs Shine with Kindness
Character Counts Kick-Off Week:  Responsibility, Citizenship, Caring, and Respect

This year marked the beginning of the school year with the 7th Annual Character Counts Kick-Off Week.  During the week of September 4th, Character Counts promoted special events to highlight Kindness.

·      Dr. Schumacher presents a podcast to welcome students to the new school year by reading the book Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed, by Emily Pearson.

·      Wednesday, September 5th, Dr. Kehoe and Mr. Feldman hosted a Principals’ Read in the Commons.  The chosen books were about Kindness.

·      After school on September 5th, 4th & 5th grade Bulldogs were invited to meet at Cook Park to chalk the sidewalks:  Chalk it up for Character as We Shine for Kindness.  Unfortunate the sun was not shining and we were rained out!

·      On Thursday, September 6th, all Bulldogs received a special pencil promoting Kindness.

·      Friday, September 7th was School Spirit Day to support Bulldogs Shine with Kindness!  Students wore their Butterfield Spirit Wear or donned Butterfield colors of green and gold.

During Character Counts Kick-Off Week, a donation drive was held to collect items to stock Libertyville’s Food Pantry.  Each day was devoted to the Food Pantry’s most popular items: ketchup, microwave popcorn, shampoo, toothpaste, hot & cold cereal, pancake mix, and syrup.

Thank you to our Butterfield Bulldog Community for making our donation drive a huge success!

Character Counts Pillars were kicked off on designated Pillar Fridays with a video broadcasted over morning announcements to highlight each pillar:  Responsibility, Citizenship, Fairness, Caring, Trustworthiness, & Respect. Students were also asked to wear the Pillar’s color.

Veterans Day Celebration:  Citizenship, Responsibility, Respect, and Trustworthiness

Butterfield School Veterans Day Recognition Celebration was November 12.  The Navy Band Quintet, known as the Brass Ambassadors performed. Children, grandchildren, or staff members escorted their Veterans and Active Service Members into gym.  Mr. Weppler, Butterfield School’s Music Teacher led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. As a tribute to our guests, our students prepared a song to sing along with a slide show presentation.  In addition, under the guidance of Mrs. Sather, Butterfield School’s Art Teacher, we hosted a patriotic Art Show titled Let Freedom Ring! Lastly, Butterfield School Bulldogs participated in a district wide letter writing effort to benefit Operation Gratitude: Dear Hero.  52 Veterans and Active Service Members from every branch of the armed forces were represented. This event was fantastic!

Buddy’s Buddies:  Responsibility, Caring, Trustworthiness, and Respect

Buddy’s Buddies is a mentoring program between a recommended student and a staff mentor.  The purpose of this program is to provide encouragement and support to the student, to increase a sense of belonging, and to demonstrate that school is a positive and accepting environment.   Teacher mentors check in with their “buddy” throughout the year. Once per trimester an Early Bird Buddy’s Buddies event is held with a continental breakfast and a planned activity.


·       Our first trimester Buddy’s Buddies event was a “getting to know you” party.  Participants in the program teamed up with other Buddies and their mentors to construct scarecrows out of pillowcases, shirts, pants, hats, and newspaper.

·       The 2nd Trimester Buddy’s Buddies event was devoted to the Pillar of Caring.  During this Buddy’s Buddies breakfast, participants knotted 50 fleece blankets.  The size of isolettes, these baby blankets were made with tender loving care and donated to Lutheran General Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

·       Our 3rd Trimester Buddy’s Buddies event is coming up on Friday, May 10th at 7:30 a.m.  During this breakfast, we will be planting flowers to be donated to an assisted living home.  The flowers will be planted cut down recycled water bottles. Special thanks to Dr. Kehoe, Mrs. Rech, and Mrs. Lueder, for saving their empty water bottles and passing them on to us for our Buddy’s Buddies project.

Packing Lunches for PADS:  Responsibility, Citizenship, Caring, and Respect

Every year the schools in District 70 have a week to pack lunches for PADS.  4th grade students were invited to participate.  During the first week in March, students showed up bright and early to pack 25 lunches each day with two sandwiches in each lunch.  By the end of the week we donated 125 lunches with 250 sandwiches. Also, Friday of that week staff members joined our effort to help pack lunches.  Thank you to everyone who helped out with this great community outreach program. Special thanks to our drivers who picked up the lunches from Butterfield School and delivered them to the PADS office in Waukegan.  We’re grateful for the help of Mr. Rashied Davis, Mr. Matthew Hickey, Ms. Ricki West, Michelle Illian, and Mrs. Lynda Flayter.

Staff Spreads Holiday Joy:  Responsibility, Citizenship, Caring, and Respect

Holiday Wishes were granted as our Butterfield staff generously donated gifts (wants and needs) to support 9 children in the Bulldog family.  Gifts were delivered to make the holidays brighter for these students.

Staff Character Appreciation:  Staff sends a shout out to recognize other staff members for exemplary effort.  Recipients of “You Make Me Wanna Shout” are announced at staff meetings and these staff members are awarded a token gift of appreciation.  The “Giving Plate” and poem circulated among Butterfield Teachers. Staff members who received the plate were able to serve up some kindness with a nice gesture of a sweet treat or gift card.  The plate was then passed forward.

End of the year Gently Used Supply Drive:  Responsibility, Citizenship, Caring, and Respect

Beacon Place, located in southeast Waukegan, is a community center that delivers programs focused to children and adults on food and nutrition, overall health, academic support, and life skill development.  Character Counts is excited to partner with Butterfield’s Student Council and hold a Gently Used Supply Drive at the end of this school year.  As a non-for profit organization, Beacon Place relies on the generosity of those who can help them.  School supplies are always in need.


Special Character Counts Programs at Butterfield School:

All of our teachers devote a great deal of time and effort to foster and develop a community of thoughtful, caring, kind, responsible, respectful, and trustworthy classroom citizens.  Here is a snippet of how some of our teachers weave Character Counts into our Bulldog’s daily routine:

Mrs. McLean encourages good character this way in her 3rd grade class:

“My class chooses a stick with a peer's name on it each day. They create a quick video on Seesaw of things they like about this friend. Each day they all go on and watch all the videos of each other and see who had them for that day. They have LOVED this and really look forward to it. They said it really makes them happy hearing all these kind things about them from their friends.”


Mrs. Serrecchia, Mrs. Sieroslawski & Mrs. Dierckens support good character this way:

Under the coordination of Mrs. Dierckens, Mrs. Serrecchia’s 4th grade class, and Mrs. Sieroslawski’s 5th grade class participated in a yearlong program called The Nora Project.  The Nora Project aims to normalize difference, demystify disability, and promote meaningful connections between students and their peers with disabilities. The Nora Project’s mantra is:  Teaching Empathy, Sparking Friendships.


Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. Ovaska & Mrs. Koehlhoeffer 1st grade classes foster good character this way:

First graders write bucket filler notes to each other during Daily 5.  They read Bucket Filler books to kick off the year and introduce the concept of kindness.


Mrs. Buttliere, Mrs. Steinhofer, Mr. Jarosz & Mrs. Serrecchia 4th grade classes strengthen good character this way: "Light Up the World with Kindness" has become an annual 4th grade carousel of community service projects! Students’ hearts are warm with a sense of pride knowing they are able to help people who are less fortunate than they are.


Mrs. Panock’s Second Grade Class celebrated the Pillar of Kindness:

“My students and I completed a Light Up the World with Kindness challenge in December.  We brainstormed a list of ways to show kindness to peers, family and the community.  I supplied them with the list and they had their parents initial each time they went out of their way to show kindness.  For each act of kindness I gave them a light bulb to add to our bulletin board. Our class was shining!”


Mrs. Friedman’s 3rd grade class recognizes kindness this way:

·       The Kindness Project:  Each student takes a turn in the in the spotlight with a large piece chart paper behind him/her. Classmates come to the board to write kind things about the seated person. The student in the spotlight gets to turn around to read what has been written about them. Lots of tissues for this one!

·       We made and hung a chain around the room, which has words of kindness written on them.

·       Our hallway bulletin board displays kind sayings. Kids are making word clouds to showcase “pawsitivty” & kindness.

·       On Fridays, kids pick a random stick and say something nice to the person they picked. They can't say the words nice, awesome, and good, etc.

·       Lucy H. and Emily S. created the slogan, "Use your mind and be kind". They taught the kids lessons on bonding, kindness, and empathy. With Dr. Kehoe’s permission, the girls also made posters to hang around the school.

Holly Simon & Krista Panock | Character Counts Sponsors


May is Better Hearing & Speech Month   

Dear Butterfield Bulldog Community,

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month. Communication is our specialty!  Hearing, speech, and language, are all vital components of communication, playing incredibly important roles in learning.  The academic areas impacted by hearing, speech &/or language deficits are all of them:  speaking, reading, writing, and spelling.  Students who experience deficits in receptive and expressive language skills, find semantics, syntax, higher level language, understanding directions, building vocabulary, creativity in writing, word play, and social language, to be challenging.

How Do Speech Pathologists & Hearing Itinerants Help School Aged Children?
Hearing Itinerants work on various auditory and language areas as well as advocacy to ensure students with hearing loss are successful in the regular education environment.

All speech and language goals are deficit driven and linked to the common core curriculum.  Our goals are structured to provide the students on our caseloads with the greatest access to the general curriculum.

Reading & Writing:

·       We work with children to help them pronounce and discriminate sounds correctly.

·       Build Vocabulary & Word-Finding Skills

·       Language Organization

·       Increase Reading Comprehension through improved vocabulary

·       Focus on finding context clues to improve inferencing skills

·       Understand figurative language


·       Build skills to follow complex directions, learn to sequence, and learn math vocabulary

Social Language Skills:

·       Learn the rules of conversations, expected and unexpected behaviors

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Tracy Aleckson, Hearing Itinerant | Casie DeRose, Early Childhood Speech Pathologist

Lisa Entin, EIP K-2 Speech Pathologist | Janey Paglini, Kindergarten PAK Program Speech Pathologist

Holly R. Simon, Grades 1, 3, 4, 5 Speech Pathologist | Valerie Van Roeyen, EIP 3-5 Speech Pathologist



Thank you to the following students listed below for your generous donations to our library!


Maximus-Dactyl-Hill Squad

Owen-Wacky Basketball Trivia

Henry-Wacky Baseball Trivia

Addison-A Nest for Celeste

Reece-The 104-Story Treehouse

Emily-Go Green!

Ava-Five Kingdoms: Time Jumpers


Owen-Elbow Grease

Murilo-The Apprentice Witch & Stick Dog

Lincoln-Total Hockey


Brecklyn-Pig the (Pug) Fibber

Ronaldino-Pokemon Storybook Treasury

Alex-I Survived the Battle of D-Day, 1944

Lauren-Horrible Harry and the Field Day Revenge

Brooklyn-Whatever After Beauty Queen

Noah-The Great Art Caper

Juliana-The Curvy Tree


Good Afternoon-

Now that we have wrapped up April with Family Movie Night, Kindergarten Orientation, 5th grade Boys and Girls events. We look toward May with our Author Visit, Trak-A-Thon, 5th Grade Picnic, our last month of BFA Food Days, and the Recognition Reception for Dr.  Schumacher! All of the events we coordinate would not be possible without your support and volunteerism.

Trak-A-Thon fundraising will continue until Wednesday, May 15. We started strong in these first few days let’s continue to send invites to our families and friends through Orange Ruler so we can meet our fundraising goal of $17,000!

Finally, we STILL have open BFA Committee Chair positions for the 2019-2020 school year. I have included a list of these open positions below. Please contact me about which committee you would be interested in chairing by May 15th.

Hopefully May will bring us some sunshine and warmer temperatures!

Jennifer Khan
BFA President


5th Grade Boys Night Out chairs Jean Kim and Julie Harper, thank you for organizing a fun event for our Butterfield 5th grade boys and their Dads!

Our 5th Grade Girls Night Out was a GLOWING good time thanks to Jen Kallieris and Sue Ellen Yurek!

Our Family Movie Night would not have been possible without Jessica Brown and Sarah Lafayette!

With spring finally arriving it is time to clean out your winter closets.

Since our kids are constantly growing, it would be a great idea to donate your gently used, coats, snow boot and other winter apparel to the BFA Clothing Sale.  


Look for your donation bag to be sent home with your child in the next few weeks. Simply fill the bag with quality winter apparel.  

The Class that donates the most will receive a pizza or ice cream party.

The BFA is happy to announce that we have chosen to sell prepackaged school supplies for the 2019-2020 school year through School Tool Box.  Place your order online at and it will be delivered directly to your home address.  You will have the option to customize your order, adding or removing items from the teacher-approved list. Online ordering begins May 3, 2019.


For all interested in volunteering for The Nora Night Film Festival, there is a link below! We are so excited and will need lots of help to make this a success.

Our goal is to make our Nora Friends the stars of the night! How often do kids with disabilities get to be the stars? We also want to honor their new friends, their teachers, families and project leaders. A true celebration of everyone involved.

Thinking star parking spots, walking down a red carpet, their very own Star of Fame, lots of photo ops with their friends and anything else we can come up with.

Please go to this link and choose the committee you would like to be on! And spread the word to your friends and family.

We are so excited for this special evening of celebrating greatness!!!!

NEW Food Day TBD -   TWO VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to chair a new food day option-Responsible for vendor pricing, secure vendor for school year, prior to scheduled food day order food, be at school every other month on a Tuesday during lunch (10:30a-1p).

Field Day -  TWO VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to be part of field day committee to plan, order, and distribute lunch to all students on field day.

ONE VOLUNTEER NEEDED FOR Yearbook to create our annual yearbook, it's like making a Shutterfly album fun and creative.

ONE VOLUNTEER NEEDED FOR Uniform Cleaning to wash basketball uniforms after last basketball game and return to Mr. Krech.

ONE VOLUNTEER NEEDED FOR Concessions. It's a two person committee that sells concessions at different events at Butterfield-basketball and concerts.

TWO VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - NEW Back 2 School Social -  NEW COMMITTEE! Two person committee that sells concession like treats during our annual teacher meet and greet. Snacks can include popcorn and ice cream.

ONE VOLUNTEER NEEDED FOR New Family Welcome - Two person committee that organizes a welcome before the start of school for all new families and kids to Butterfield. Also, during the school year when new families move to Butterfield be a welcome committee and bring a welcome bag to the new family.

TWO VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Original Works to help scan art for parents to purchase as holiday gifts.

ONE VOLUNTEER NEEDED for Pasta Day Chair. This person would be responsible for vendor pricing, secure vendor for school year, order food ahead of scheduled food day, be at school once per month on a Tuesday during lunch (10:30a-1p).

ONE VOLUNTEER NEEDED for Breakfast Day Chair.  This person would be responsible for vendor pricing, secure vendor for school year, order food ahead of scheduled food day, be at school 4 times during lunch (usually on Fridays 10:30a-1p).

BFA EXECUTIVE BOARD POSTION -  1st Vice President would help coordinate Staff Appreciation and Staff Luncheon with teacher appreciation committee, and also coordinate any recognition events for Butterfield school staff.


Looking for volunteer opportunities? All BFA events needing volunteers are posted on our page. Use this link to see what is available and signup









Tuesday, May 21st at 9:00 am – 11:00 am (ERC)


May 1 - Author Visit

May 3 - Trak-A-Thon

May 3 - School Supply Ordering Begins

May 15 - Trak-A-Thon Fundraising Due

May 29 - Dr. Schumacher’s Recognition Reception

May 31 - 5th Grade Picnic

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