January Paw Print - 1-26-2018
Parent-Teacher Conferences in February

Conferences are a special time to review progress toward the goals set in the fall. 

Wednesday, February 14th:  5:15 - 8:15 pm
Thursday, February 15th:  3:15 - 8:15 pm (1:15 student dismissal)
NO SCHOOL Friday, February 17th

Schedule Conferences through PTC Wizard through February 9th:

Please contact the school office or classroom teacher if we can help scheduling conferences.  After February 9th, conferences can only be scheduled by calling the school office. 

Babysitting will be provided in the gym.
CFA Scholastic Fun Fair will be in the multipurpose room (old gym).

Valentine's Day Parties at Copeland
Valentine's Day falls on a Parent-Teacher Conference day this year.  Class parties will take place in the mornings before lunch.  Thank you so much to room parents for planning and leading parties that are fun and food (and mess)-free.  Thank you to Mrs. Neff, the room parent coordinator, for your leadership.  


Meet Miss Sellberg
While Mrs. Griffin stays at home with Baby Evie (Everly), the students are enjoying music and band instruction from Miss Sellberg.  Miss Sellberg completed her student teaching at Highland Middle School, so it was a very smooth transition.  Mrs. Griffin will return after spring break.  


Miss Sellberg
Baby Griffin
Thank you to the CFA
There are so many CFA activities going on all the time.  Recently:

Girls and Guys Nights are special 5th grade evenings that align with D70's health curriculum on puberty.  Thank you Mrs. Mitran and Mr. Sticklen for organizing these specials nights for girls and a family member and boys and a family member.  

Thank you to Mrs. Hurh, Mrs. Carroll, and Mrs. Rappa for providing "appreciation" treats for Copeland's amazing staff members.  We are grateful!!!  

We are all getting excited for the upcoming Fun Fair on March 3rd.  So much behind-the-scenes planning and time goes into this event.  Thank you, committee chairs.

Thank you to all the volunteers for Art Appreciation, Kids 'n Chemistry, Parent Partner Readers, library shelvers, vendor lunch helpers, etc., etc., etc., (this is a very long list).  We love having parents in the building.  


Cougie Cards
Thank you to Cayden, Anthony, Aniela, Brad, Alexa and Ausin for showing great character!  Thank you to all the students who have earned Cougie cards already this second trimester.  You make our school happy and safe.


January Cougie Cards
Stay Connected
There are many ways to stay connected with everything happening at Copeland Manor within District 70.  

Are you following the school and your class Twitter site?  In addition to the school account (@CopelandD70), all Copeland classroom teachers now have an active Twitter account.  School and classroom posts provide let you know what is happening in real time as well as and important information about upcoming events.  Follow #D70Cougars!  


Kindergarten Registration for the 2018-19 School Year

It is almost time for our newest Cougars (turning five by September 1) to register for kindergarten.  The registration page is almost ready to go -- look for an email blast next week.   
If you have questions about the registration process, please contact the D70 Registrar at 847-362-9695.

Save the Date for Kindergarten Orientation:  April 17th from 6:00 - 7:00 pm at Copeland in the gym

Counseling Connection

Gwen Travelstead, Copeland Manor School Social Worker


I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for your generous support of our District-sponsored service project, PADS LUNCHES, for Character Counts! Together, our school provided 240 lunches this past year. Your generosity to this program helped many in need as our current economic downturn has created increased hardship for many. In 2010, PADS, which stands for Providing Advocacy, Dignity and Shelter to our Lake County residents, served 1,796 individuals (25% increase from 2009), 170 families (a 36% increase) and 334 children (a 47% increase). Sadly as you can see, the fastest growing population being served this past year was families with children. The employees at PADS have been very grateful for our donations and it is with heartfelt thanks that I commend our Copeland community for reaching out to those in need! Thank you! Thank you! This activity is also a great lead in to our next pillar of Caring.

The Power of a Word
Sorry: such a little word but oh so powerful. This month some of the classes read, during their classroom guidance time, the story, Sorry! by Trudy Ludwig and learned about the importance of giving a sincere apology. Charlie, the boy in the story was always doing things to hurt other people. He had the attitude that what he was doing was fun and it was no big deal to hurt others by his actions or his words. He went so far as to say that if you get caught, you just have to say “Sorry,” and you won’t get into any trouble. What he failed to understand was that sorry, when sincerely offered, has the magical way of making things better between people. It restores relationships and starts the process of reestablishing a trusting relationship. Apologizing, however is not an easy task for some to do, but the following tips should help make it easier when the time comes to give an apology. And the time will come as we are all fallible and we all make mistakes. A leading expert on the subject of making apologies, Beverly Engel, says that in order for an apology to be felt as meaningful and sincere, it must contain three major components, which she refers to as the three R’s:
1. Regret- a statement of regret for having caused the hurt or damage.—While you may not have intended to cause someone harm, you recognize that your actions did cause harm and that you are genuinely sorry.
2. Responsibility- an acceptance of responsibility for your actions.—This means not blaming anyone else or making excuses for your actions. It means acknowledging that you did it and are fully prepared to take responsibility for it.
3. Remedy- a statement of willingness to remedy the situation.-- While you recognize that you can’t undo the past, you can’t suck back in your words or make it as if they were never said, you can try to repair the harm you caused. This might include some sort of restitution—a promise to right the wrong, or sincere effort to try hard never to make the same mistake again.

Notable Quotes

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit.” ~Aristotle

“When you realize you've made a mistake, make amends immediately.
It's easier to eat crow while it's still warm”. ~Dan Heist

Assessments -- STAR, CogAT and PARCC

STAR (Grades K-5):  Students took the STAR tests (Early Literacy in kindergarten, Reading and Math in first through fifth) this week inside their classrooms.  Reports will be sent home to parents in a few weeks.  

COGAT (2ND GRADE):  Students in second grade will take the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) the week of February 6th. This is an aptitude test taken by all second grade students in second grade in District 70.  Results of the test guide efforts to adapt instruction to the needs and abilities of students and measure cognitive development.  CogAT results are used to help identify academically talented students.  Results will be mailed to parents later this spring.

PARCC (GRADES 3, 4 and 5):  April 9-16.  All students in Grades 3-5 take English Language Arts and Math tests on chrome books.    Results of this test in the past two years have been mailed to parents in the fall. 

Junior Achievement at Copeland on March 9th

At the beginning of the year, many parents signed up to help with Junior Achievement when they visited their child's classroom during Curriculum Night.  We are still in need for volunteers for Junior Achievement taking the place the morning of March 9th.  Please contact Mrs. Poelking if you are interested and available to come and teach the Junior Achievement lessons.   
For the past several years, Copeland has partnered with Junior Achievement to provide lessons to students in the area of social sciences (community, economics, geography, government, etc.).  These lessons are taught by Copeland parents who are interested in spending time in a classroom teaching a scripted lesson.  Copeland's Junior Achievement Day is scheduled for Friday, March 9, 2018, from 8:15 - 11:15 am.  Junior Achievement provides training and all of the materials for the lessons.  Training will take place in Copeland's cafeteria on Friday, March 2nd at 8:15-9:15.
We have been so lucky to have every class covered in past years.  Hopefully, this advance notice will allow you to make plans to spend a half day in your child's class or another classroom as a guest teacher.  In the past, parent volunteers have reported that they very much enjoyed this time in the classroom.  We hope to add you to this list.  

Contact:  lpoelking@d70schools.org

Art Volunteers Needed
ArtEffects Art Show
D70 Schools and Cook Memorial Library are teaming up once again this March to celebrate Youth Art Month.  This year, the reception will be on 
Thursday, March 8th from 6-8pm at Cook Memorial Library
Volunteers are needed to help make the ArtEffects show a success. Please email Miss Bernard if you are able to help in any of the following ways:
  • Hang Artwork: Help hang district artwork 3:30 on Tuesday, March 6th at Cook Library.
  • Food Donations: Donate nut free food: cookies, snacks, etc. for the reception.
  • Water/Paper Donations: Donate bottled water and/or napkins for the reception.
All donated items can be dropped off at Cook Library the day of the ArtEffects show to the reception room located on the lower level.
Thank you for your consideration and support!
Miss Bernard
Copeland Art Teacher
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