May/June Paw Prints - 6-3-2019
A note from Mrs. Beckman, School Nurse


If your child has medication in the nurse's office, a parent will need to pick it up by the last day of school: Wednesday, June 5th by noon.  The only medication a student can transport home in a backpack is their inhaler.  Any unclaimed medications will be discarded.  

If your child will be attending Summer School, please advise Mrs. Beckman, and she will transfer the medication and doctor's order to Rockland or Highland.

If your child will need to have medication(s) or will need medication in the nurses' office for severe allergies during the 2019-2020 school year, the appropriate form(s) must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian as well as signed by their physician dated after June 30, 2019.  The Medication Authorization Form, Allergy Action Form and/or Allergy Questionnaire must to be turned in to the school nurse by the first day of school, August 21, 2019, along with the medication in its original container.  These forms are available on the school website.  Click on the "Resources” tab, then click on "Health."

If you have any questions, please contact Nora Beckman.

Nora Beckman, R.N.
Copeland School Nurse
(847) 362-0240

Happy Retirement, Dr. Schumacher!

Thank you for your excellent leadership!
Thank you for the care you have provided District 70!
Thank you for coming to EVERY event!
Thank you for making EVERY student, parent, teacher, staff member, community partner -- EVERYONE feel special and loved!
Thank you for being a role model for everyone!

We wish you the best in your well-deserved retirement.  You will be missed.

photo of Dr. Schumacher
photo of Dr. Schumacher and Dr. Poelking at Blue Ribbon Celebration
Dedication of Schumacher Stage, photo of Dr. Schumacher in front of sign
Students created a book to honor Dr. Schumacher on his retirement
Kindergarten Greetings

We are on our way to First Grade!  We have so many exciting things to look forward to in May!  We enjoyed the ABC countdown. Can you believe how fast that went!  We were so excited to continuing learning all about plants on our field trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Most notably, all of our practice for the celebration on June 3rd really paid off.  The students were amazing -- thank you to everyone for coming out to cheer on our soon-to-be first grade students.  The kindergarten teachers would like to thank all the kindergarten parents for their continued support and love this year!
Happy Summer!

Miss April
Mrs. Alvarez
Mrs. Grote

Dr. Schumacher and kinder student
Mrs. Grote and student
Four kinder students
Mrs. Alvarez with a sign made for her as a gift
Miss April with a student
Kinder students performing at their celebration
Kinder students holding signs to Beautiful World
THANK YOU to all our volunteers

Hourglass sands that flow and shift,
Reveal to all our most precious gift;
While gold may be someone else’s measure
The time you give is our greatest treasure

Thank you for a wonderful school year!
Staffing Updates

With great appreciation and respect, we wish Ms. Snider congratulations on her marriage on May 25th to Nic Miller.  The happy couple are moving to Colorado over the summer.  We with the newlyweds well as they start a new chapter in their lives, and Ms. Snider begins a new teaching position in Colorado.  Ms. Snider, thank you for five years of service to our community.  You will be missed.  

Staff Changes for 18-19
Mrs. Amy Reichart will move to a District 70 position as a kindergarten interventionist.
Mrs. Maureen Reinking will move from teaching 2nd grade to leading intervention groups.   
Mrs. Stephanie Bolanowski will move from teaching 1st grade to 2nd grade.

Copeland welcomes a teacher from Adler Park School who will join the Copeland staff in the fall.  Ms. Allison (Ali) Gattone will teach 1st grade students next year, transferring from her current 4th grade position at Adler. 

Any further staffing updates will be communicated to families in August.  

In mid-August, families who have completed registration (and paid fees) will be able to access Power School to learn teacher/class assignment.  Please remember that placement is made with careful consideration.  As requests for placement or changes cannot consistently be granted, please do not submit any such requests.  

Summer at Copeland Manor

The Copeland office will be open Monday through Thursday in June and will be closed during the month of July.  The office will reopen on August 1st.

Improv Playhouse is holding a Summer Camp in Copeland's gym June 10 - July 19.  

D70's Camp Invention will be held at Copeland July 15-19.  

Important Dates for Next School Year


  • Mid-August -- Class/teacher placement information accessible on Power School to registered (fees paid) families

  • August 15th -- 11:00 - 12:00 noon -- New Family Orientation

  • August 19th and 20th -- Teacher Institute Days

  • August 20th -- 1st Grade Supply Drop Off

  • August 21st -- Kindergarten Kick Off 8:45 - 9:15 

  • August 21st -- First day of school for Grades 1-5

  • August 22nd -- First full day of school for Kindergarten

  • August 22nd -- CFA Kick Off Dinner

  • August 29th -- Curriculum Night 

Band and Orchestra Final Performances
On Friday, May 24th, all Copeland band students performed together for an appreciative student assembly.  You have grown into lovely musicians.  Thank you to Mrs. Griffin and Mr. Turner for your leadership and guidance in band.

On Wednesday, June 5th, the fifth grade orchestra students performed for students as they entered the final assembly for the school year.  Thank you, Ms. Zabelin, for teaching these young "pluckers."  You all make beautiful music.  
photo of Copeland band
Registration Information

Dear District 70 Parent/Guardian,

Returning Student Registration for the 2019-2020 school year is underway.  District 70 is using SchoolForms, a new platform for online registration. Prior to parents receiving the information needed for registration, the district will utilize a third party program and attempt to verify residency for all students in the district. If residency cannot be verified, the parent will receive a letter or email requesting proof of residency before they will be able to register their child(ren) for the 2019-2020 school year.

Once residency has been verified and returning registration is open, the parent currently listed in PowerSchool will receive an email (these were sent late April. Check your spam folder or call the district office if you cannot locate it.) for each child in the family that will contain that child’s unique access code and password. The parent will then create ONE PowerSchool Parent account** (see note below) and will add each child to that account. Each child will have a unique access code and password that will be needed in order to be added to the parent account. SchoolForms is the ONLY way to register returning students and every student’s full and complete information will need to be verified and/or entered into the online form. Some information will be pre-populated so please check for accuracy.

Payment of fees by credit card will be an option once the Returning Student form is completed. This will be done using RevTrak. If the parent already has a RevTrak account (for a family association purchase) they will use that same login BUT must have already created their PowerSchool parent account before they can pay registration fees. Parents may elect to pay fees by cash or check if preferred. Parents who request a Waiver of Fees must download and complete financial documents for approval.

In August, all parents who have completed Returning Student Registration AND have paid the registration fees (or have been approved for Waiver of Fees), will have access to see their student’s teacher(s) and schedule, bus route, and locker information (if applicable). There will be no class assignment mailing this summer.

*NOTE: If the parent already has a PowerSchool account for a Highland student, but also has younger children in the family, the younger child will need to be added to the parent’s existing account. Current students in grades 6 and 7 have their own PowerSchool login but registration will not be available through the student’s PowerSchool login. It will only be available to the parent login account.

Parents of NEW STUDENTS (brand new to District 70, including new Kindergartners) can go to the District 70 Website (, click on the Home tab and scroll down to New Student Registration. Starting the registration process as soon as possible helps to ensure that the district can plan for staffing for next year.

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar at the District Office (847) 362-9695.

Game Day 2019
This year's "field day" turned into a GAME DAY instead.  The surrounding grassy areas were all soggy and muddy, so we moved all games to the inside.  Thank you to the more than 80 volunteers who led games.  Special thanks to Mrs. Swearingin and all of the CFA members who helped plan and organize special events like a hot dog lunch for everyone in attendance and for the afternoon assembly, Xtreme Team.  HUGE thanks to Mr. Ramlow and Mrs. Hochman, Copeland's phenomenal PE team, for planning all of super fun 16 stations.  They had an outside plan and an alternate indoor plan.  We ended up moving many of the indoor games outside, so we enjoyed the best of all worlds.  We had fun, so we all WON!  
XTreme Team photo
Field Day
Field Day
Field Day
Positive Behavior Celebration
On Monday, June 3rd, students enjoyed a reminder of all things positive.  Throughout this year of SHINING WITH KINDNESS, students who have demonstrated the expected behavior and strong character have been recognized on "Cougie Cards."  At the end of each trimester, the school collectively celebrates positive choices and sets goals for the future.  The celebration for the end of the year included inviting HOT GROUND GYM to Copeland.  Students enjoyed three different stations with obstacles, relays and team-building/problem-solving activities.  Many thanks to the CFA for sharing the cost for this fun experience for students.  
Hot Ground Gym
Hot Ground Gym
Hot Ground Gym
Hot Ground Gym
Hot Ground Gym
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