Adler Gazette - Fall - 8-1-2019
News from Mr. Turner

Beginning Orchestra & Beginning Band Meeting:

Tuesday, September 3 @ Highland Middle School
Orchestra Meeting - 7 pm (South Gym)
Band Meeting - 7:45 pm (North Gym)
Come hear about the instruments and make an appointment to try the instruments on another date.  We encourage you to attend both meetings if possible.
Can't make the meeting but want to schedule a time? 
Email Mrs. Bollinger (band)  or Mrs. Janossy (orchestra)
Drop Off Reminders
Drop off in the morning has been wonderful. Thank you to all our parents who have been utilizing the bus or dropping students off in the back of Adler near the playground. We also thank parents who have needed to drop off in the front and walking their children into the building. The Libertyville Police Department also thanks you for not parking/standing in the marked fire lane. 

As we all get into a morning routine, please make sure to have your child(ren) ready to get out of the car at the drop off in the back. The supervisors also ask that if possible, please pull all the way up to the building. We want as many cars to be able to pull up so please pull all the way forward if there is space. Thank you! Again, we very much appreciate all parents who are dropping off in the back area, as this is the safest place to drop your child. 

Thank you!
Birthday Book Program

The birthday book program begins this week!  Through this program, you are invited to commemorate your child's birthday by donating a book to our library in your child's name.  In making this donation, you help teach your child about the value of giving while also enriching the school library.  Prior to your child's birthday, you will receive a red order form.  Forms for all June, July, August and September birthdays were distributed yesterday.  We will continue to offer an online ordering option so be on the lookout for that.  Thank you for considering participation in this program. 

Questions may be directed to Ms. Carr.

Attendance Week: September 9 - 13
All D70 Schools will be participating in the Regional Office of Education's Attendance Week. Each year Adler Park has landed in the top 10 schools for the highest percentage of student attendance. Let's keep that going!! Thank you for your support with this important topic! Student attendance matters! 

Why it’s important:
We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with regular attendance. If students consistently miss school, they miss out on learning skills that are fundamental for success in later school years. There is no safe number of days for missing school – each absence puts students behind and can affect their educational outcomes. Each missed day is associated with progressively lower achievement in numeracy, writing, and reading. (Regional Office of Education - Lake County Website)
Character Counts - Lambs Farm Collection

Character Counts! Week will be celebrated throughout the district September 3rd - September 6th.  Students will be participating in Character Counts! activities each day.  During Character Counts! Week each school will have a supply drive for a different community organization.  Adler Park School is once again having a donation drive for Lambs Farm in Libertyville.  We would hope that you are able to support this drive. 
Donations Being Requested for Lambs Farm:
o  Nail Care Items
o  Colored Pencils
o  Emory Boards
o  Markers
o  Nail Polish (soft colors)
o  Glue Sticks
o  Nail Polish Remover
o  Construction Paper
o  Hair Brushes
o  Dry Erase Markers
o  Combs
o  Dry Erasers
o  Toothbrushes
o  Glitter Glue
o  Hair Bows or Hair Clips
o  Adult Coloring Books
o  Wash Cloths
o  Hook Rugs
o  Hand Sanitizer wipes
o  Word Find Books
o  Tissues
o  Easy Card Games

Thank you for showing kindness towards this wonderful organization! 
Mrs. Gasick and Mrs. Turner 

Message from the Principal (8/29/19)

Dear Parents and Guardians,
            Welcome back to another wonderful year at Adler Park! We have had an AMAZING start to our school year. I hope you all had a wonderful summer with your families and friends.
            We have already had several events at Adler Park. We started with our New Family Night, AFA BBQ and Curriculum Night. Thank you for to all the parents who came out and supported these school and family association events.
            This week our students took the STAR Early Literacy (Kindergarten only), Reading and/or Math Assessments. STAR measures student skills in reading and/or math to keep teachers informed about student growth and achievement. STAR is an online assessment and teachers are immediately able to review a variety of reports at the individual, classroom, and grade level to monitor progression. The results help teachers to customize their instruction to individual students. Parent reports will be sent home with students on Friday, September 6th  via backpack mail.
             In September, be on the lookout for the Parent-Teacher Conference sign up. You will receive an email with information and a link to sign up for a time slot for conferences. The first set of conferences will be held on October 16th and 17th, with no school on Friday, October 18th.
Please note other events coming up or days we do not have school:

  • September 2nd           No School
  • September 9th           Picture Day for all students
  • September 9th           AFA Meeting at 7:00 pm
  • September 11th         AFA Fundraiser at Culver’s
  • September 15th         AFA Gator Gallop
  • September 30th         No School

            The Character Counts theme this year is “District 70 shines with Kindness” and I look forward to seeing and hearing about all the ways our students show kindness throughout the year. As I see and hear about kindness around our school, I will be tweeting it out on our Adler Twitter: @AdlerD70. Please follow us!

            Our Adler Gazette has a lot of additional information for parents to read so thank you for taking the time to read our school newsletter. Enjoy the long, holiday weekend and please contact me with any questions, concerns or things to celebrate! Thank you for sharing your children with us everyday!

Go Gators,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School

Crossing Guard Needed

The Libertyville Police Department is looking to hire a school crossing guard for the intersection of Rockland Road and Garfield Avenue. 
Hours of work will range from 7:35-8:50 a.m., and again from 2:40-3:55 p.m. The starting pay is $14 an hour. The LPD will provide the employee with training, a hand-held stop sign, a brightly colored crossing guard traffic vest, and a rain jacket. 
For more information, contact Police Lt. Chad Roszkowiak at (847) 362-8310. 

Track My Route App - NEW

Good news! 

The mobile app Track My Route (TMR) is up and running.  On Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019, Track My Route will send two (2) emails to parents/guardians of Lakeside Transportation bus riders. We wanted to let you know ahead of time so that you could look for the emails, and if you didn't receive them, you could check your spam/junk email section. The first email will come from with the instructions on the app. The second email will come from and will contain a unique authorization code that allows each family to log into the app. 

If you have any questions on how to download or use the app, please email or you can reach TMR customer support by calling or texting (847) 321-7222 at any time.

Whole Class Enrichment: Visual-Spatial Thinking
Whole Class Enrichment: Visual-Spatial Thinking

We have just finished our first unit of whole class enrichment: Visual-Spatial Thinking. Visual-Spatial Thinking concerns the positions of objects, their shapes, their spatial relations to one another, and the movement they make. Examples of using visual-spatial skills in everyday life include using or developing maps, merging into traffic, thinking about how to pack a suitcase, using mirror images, and building with blocks and Legos. Visual-spatial ability is important in many fields of study such as mathematics, architecture, photography, medicine (surgeons really need this skill), economic forecasting, engineering, astronomy, and more. Each classroom in grades 1-5 worked on a whole class enrichment activity under the visual-spatial thinking umbrella:
  • In first and second grades, tangrams were used to create various shapes and complete puzzles. Tangrams are great to introduce math concepts like rotation, flips and slides. 

  • Third graders worked with pentominoes to complete puzzles. These are another great tool to work with visual-spatial thinking as well as rotations and reflections in math. 

  • Fourth graders used Q-Bitz puzzles for pattern identification. Upon learning how to solve these puzzles, some students chose to challenge a neighbor to a Q-Bitz competition. Others demonstrated their creativity by developing their own puzzle and having a neighbor try to solve it!
  • Fifth Graders were challenged to build structures with Keva planks.  These simple wooden planks were used to complete a visual challenge based on a drawing of the object from the side, front, and top.  Not only did this challenge our visual thinking but our fine motor skills as well

Each class was given a Brain Station center to take back to the classroom to challenge their visual-spatial thinking. Not only did students love the activities, but we started our lesson with an introduction to the Gator Way in Mrs. Weber/ Mrs. Lee’s room with a focus on developing a Growth Mindset. We talked about experiencing challenge and working through difficult tasks in order to help our brain “grow” and learn.  We also practiced the power of adding the word “yet” onto a defeating statement:  “I can’t complete this puzzle…YET!” 

I had a wonderful time working with all of the students and it was exciting to see all of the curiosity and intrigue with each challenge. 
How can you continue developing this skill at home? Have your child work with jigsaw puzzles, Legos or crafts. You could have your child help you read a map, efficiently fill your dishwasher, or pack your car for a long trip.  And, if your child cannot do something right away, remind them of the power of “yet”!  I look forward to working with your children for the next whole class enrichment unit! 

Emily Weber/ Suzy Lee - GTE Resource 

Note from the Nurse

Stay healthy! Flu season is approaching quickly, so don’t forget to make an appointment for your child’s flu vaccination!


News from Mr. Turner - Music

“Rock On, Adler!” has been progressing nicely.  Can’t wait for the 2nd & 4th grade students to perform this musical on Wednesday, October 30th.  Songs to be included are “Hound Dog,” “At The Hop,” “Rockin’ Robin,” “Splish Splash,” and “Old Time Rock N Roll.”  2nd & 4th grade student are asked to dress up in 50’s attire if possible.  With Halloween fast approaching . . . NOW is the perfect time to look for that 50’s attire.  J
Paper assessments for Unit 1 in grades 1-5 were passed back to students last week. 
Students in 4th & 5th grades have begun the recorder again!  Students in 3rd grade have been playing rhythm sticks along with motions, while students in K-2 have played boomwhacker’s along with music.  Be sure to ask your child about these musical experiences!  I have also begun teaching Unit 2 with some of the classes.
4th Grade Speaking Part Tryouts will be on Tuesday, October 8th.  Information is located outside of Mr. Turner’s room or on his website – also in the “Concert Related Materials” section.  Good luck to all who tryout!
3rd Grade recorders forms just went to students.  See form given to students or extra’s can be found on my website in resources.    Can’t wait to share this new way of playing and reading music with you!  Students will show off for you at our April Open House!
Intermediate students have been learning new concepts each week from their books.  I am SO proud of the commitment my 5th grade band students have shown.  PLEASE help students remember to do their homework AND ask you for parent initials prior to their next lesson.  Intermediate After School band will be starting up on Thursday, October 10.  Permission slips were given to students and can also be found on my BAND website, in resources.
Beginning Band schedule and dates will be handed out next week.  Dates are already on my website for after school on Tuesdays.  Lessons begin week of October 14.
Adler Park Music D70

Recess Equipment
We wanted to remind parents and students that bringing equipment from home to play with at recess is discouraged. Using the Adler equipment decreases any issues with personal items being lost, broken, or accidently taken by someone else. This rule goes for any sports equipment, toys or playing cards. Thank you for keeping all these items at home! If students feel that there are recess items that they would like to see more of outside, please let their student council representative know or they can always talk with Dr. Bongle.  Thank you!
Art Update - Mrs. Brooks
Parents in K, 1 and 2 -
 Mrs. Brooks is our art teacher at Adler Park who instructs students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades. This fall Mrs. Brooks is expecting her first baby and is in the late stages of her pregnancy. This week she was put on bed rest as a precautionary measure. Both her and the baby are doing well. While she is out on leave, Mrs. Boehme will be taking her place. Mrs. Boehme (rhymes with home) is a familiar face as she has been a consistent substitute teacher in District 70 for several years. She loves teaching art and is excited at the opportunity to see our students and the students at Copeland Manor (where Mrs. Brooks is also an art teacher) on a regular basis. Welcome Mrs. Genevieve Boehme!
Seeking K9 Reading Buddies

Are you interested in helping young readers develop and grow?  Do you have a therapy dog at home, or would you be willing to have your family's dog certified as a therapy dog?

Adler is looking for a parent (or more) who would be willing to become an official K9 Reading Buddy!  Please read through their website and let Ms. Carr know if you are interested and able to meet their requirements.  She will put you in touch with this organization so we can bring a K9 Reading Buddy to readers in need here at Adler.

Message from the Principal (9/27/19)

Good Afternoon Gator Family,
                  Happy Friday Gators! This month we have been celebrating the pillar of Responsibility. Last Friday, each class celebrated by doing activities with their buddy class or doing Character Counts activities. Students were also asked to nominate a classmate who best represented the pillar of Responsibility. These students attended a Kind Kids Lunch with me yesterday in the Learning Center. The students who were nominated were:

Mrs. Dorf: Emily and Vivian
Mrs. Wisek: Josie and Sadie
Mrs. Zeinz: Paloma and Avery W.
Mrs. Gasick: Avery W. and Mars
Mrs. Turner: Mia and Madelyn
Mrs. Koenig: Aston and Ben
Ms. Walker: Jason and Olivia
Mrs. Marsh: Indy and Liv
Mrs. Adelman: Sophia and Marie
Mrs. Bauer/McNett: Libby and Ben
Miss Billon: Kira and Merin
Mrs. Piskule: Andrew and Michael
Mr. De Paz: Athan and Ava
                  Parent-Teacher Conferences are currently being scheduled. Please check out our Adler Park Website for directions on how to schedule a time with your child’s teacher. To access the online sign up, please visit this site.  Thank you. The window will close Friday, October 11th. After October 11th, you will need to contact your child’s teacher. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a specials teacher (PE, Music, Art, Learning Center), please email the teacher to set up a time. You can also set up a time to meet with any support staff (Interventionist, Social Worker, Speech Pathologist, Special Education) by emailing them directly.
                  Adler Park is TWEETING! If you are on Twitter, please follow us at @AdlerD70 to see some fun things going on at Adler Park!

                  Today Adler Park School also came in fourth place for all of Lake County’s small elementary/middle schools in the Lake County’s Attendance Week Competition. I was very proud to attend the Attendance Breakfast this morning with our Student Council President, Faith and the Vice President, Ellie! These two girls did an amazing job representing Adler Park School!

                  Remember to work on your Fire Prevention Posters over the weekend (Grades 1-5 only)!  Posters are due Monday, October 7th. Each child who brings in a poster will get a little prize. I hope you all have a wonderful, long weekend (REMEMBER NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY). Enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

Have a great weekend,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School

Give Way to Buses
Lakeside Transportation drivers would like to request that parents give way to buses during morning drop off in the back. When buses are exiting the turnaround, they are reporting that parents are speeding up to get in front of buses or cutting in close between buses. The drivers' concern is that it could cause an accident between a car and a bus. For everyone's safety, please let buses pass when they are exiting the turnaround in back. Thank you. We appreciate your attention to this matter to keep everyone safe. 
Halloween Schedule and Reminders
Halloween is just around the corner. Below is the schedule for the afternoon of October 31st, 2019: 
  • Costume parade behind Adler Park: 12:25 pm (Parents are welcome to come and take pictures of the parade)
  • Party set up (for those parents signed up): 12:45 pm
  • Halloween Parties: 1:30 pm

A few Halloween Reminders: 
  • Head Room Parents should be reaching out soon to classroom teachers with a plan for the classroom party. 
  • All food must be checked by school nurse before going into classrooms. 
  • Students do not wear their costumes to school. They will change into them after lunch so please practice putting them on independently. 
  • Please choose a simple costume with limited makeup since students will have to put it on by themselves. 
  • Students may wear masks but PLEASE make sure that they can safely walk in the parade if wearing a mask. If not, they may be asked by a staff member to remove it for the parade portion of the afternoon.
  • Costumes should not be violent in nature and any types of weapons are not permitted.
  • We ask that you not send any aerosol cans for hair coloring.
Design Lab

Did you know that Adler has a Design Lab?  It is an area, also known as a makerspace, that allows for creativity and innovation to occur.  Within this design lab, students have the freedom to design, engineer, fabricate, create, build and collaborate.  Design labs provide students with a place to tinker and develop something that perhaps wouldn’t be possible to create without a space with resources. This will be an area students will use with their classroom teacher, specials teachers, and during our Maker Mondays after-school club.

To maintain the Design Lab, we have a few materials requests at the moment.  Can you donate any of the following?

  • Fabric, any kind, does not need to be new but please no old clothing
  • Duck/duct tape with patterns or bright colors
  • Craft pom poms, any size, colors other than red, white and green
  • Paper towel tubes (we have plenty of toilet paper size)
  • Girl LEGO minifigures
  • Perler or fuse beads

Please send them in to Adler marked for the Design Lab, and contact Ms. Carr if you have any questions.  Donations may also be brought to the Design Lab adjacent to the library during conferences next week.  Thank you!

Thank you to our Beautification Committee
A huge thank you to our AFA Beautification Committee headed up by Sheila Hillier for all they have done this year to make Adler a beautiful place to come to each day. Here are just a few highlights of what they have done summer/early fall: 
  • New plantings added to the butterfly garden (salvia and black-eyed susans) to replace those eaten by rabbits
  • 600 lbs. mulch added to butterfly garden, shade garden, bed under the library
  • Removed dead rose bushes (and sprayed existing ones with an organic insecticide every few weeks) 
  • Found and removed some poison ivy in the shade garden
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
News from Mr. Turner


“Rock On, Adler!” has been progressing nicely.  Can’t wait for the 2nd & 4th grade students to perform this musical on Wednesday, October 30 @ Butterfield School in the evening!  “It’s My Party,” “Purple People Eater,” “Hound Dog,” “Tutti Frutti” . . .  to name a few of the 50’s songs!  Looking forward to seeing these students dressed in the "50's" style!


Program Cover Contest information is located outside Mr. Turner’s room or on his website – in the “Concert Related Materials” section.
4th Grade Speaking Part Tryout Winners are: Lily, Kendall, Kate and Hadi!  Congrats for getting to speak at our “Rock On, Adler” musical!
3rd Grade recorders or money is due soon.  Students will show off for you at our April Open House!
Students in Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd & 5th grades just finished Unit 2.  Be on the lookout in grades 1, 3 & 5 for their paper assessments on Monday or Tuesday.


Intermediate students have been learning new concepts each week from their books, as well as 5th grade students have been creating variations of familiar songs each month.  I am SO proud of the commitment my 5th grade band students have shown.  
Beginning Band students will be beginning their lessons next week – oh what JOY.  The following week, they will begin PLAYING their instruments!
Did you sign up to receive quick “remind” communication from me?
Beginning Band 19/20
Intermediate Band 19/20

Adler Park Music D70

Message from the Principal (10/11/19)

Dear Adler Parents,
Good afternoon! Fall has arrived! With the arrival of fall, parent-teacher conferences are just around the corner! Please remember that next week we have conferences on Wednesday, October 16th and Thursday, October 17th, with no school on Friday, October 18th. The window to schedule a conference has closed, but you can always email your child’s teacher to schedule a time or to reschedule a time, if needed.

We had many posters turned in for the Libertyville Fire Department 2019 Fire Prevention Poster Contest. Thank you to all students who participated. Our first place winners will have their posters on display this weekend at the Fire Station (#1) at 1551 N. Milwaukee Ave. this Saturday from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. This is the Libertyville Fire Department’s annual Open House.  Come visit with local firefighters and paramedics and see your classmate’s posters on display.

1st Grade: 
1st place: Jake N./Zeinz

2nd Grade: 
1st place: Riley G./Turner
2nd place: Mia G./Turner
Honorable Mention: Aubrey C./Turner

4th Grade: 
1st place: Hadi K./Adelman

5th Grade:
1st place: Kira D./Billon

A big SHOUT OUT to all parents who drop off in the morning. We have noticed a significant decrease in parents dropping off in the front of the building and a decrease in the number of students signed in tardy to school. Thank you for making sure your children arrive on time to start the school day and for dropping off in the back of the school.

Halloween is right around the corner! On Wednesday, October 31st, we will celebrate at Adler with the traditional costume parade after lunch around the black top on the playground. Parents are welcome to join us outside at 12:25 pm for the parade and parents are encouraged to take a lot of pictures.  Students and staff will then parade back into the school for more Halloween fun for the remainder of the afternoon.

Please remember the following guidelines when selecting costumes with your children:

  • Please choose a simple costume with limited makeup since students will have to put it on by themselves. 
  • Students may wear masks but PLEASE make sure that they can safely walk in the parade if wearing a mask. If not, they may be asked by a staff member to remove it for the parade portion of the afternoon.
  • Costumes should not be violent in nature and any type of weapon will not be permitted.
  • We ask that you not send any aerosol cans for hair coloring.

Please note other events on our Adler Calendar:
  • October 16/17 – Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 17th  – Early Release for all students at 1:15 pm
  • October 18th – No School
  • October 28th  – Student Retakes for pictures
  • October 30th  – Fall Musical (2nd and 4th Graders only)

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School

LHS Art Show

Libertyville High School will once again be hosting an art show for all of the feeder schools as well as its own high school art students. The opening of the show will be on Thursday, 

November 14th, 6:00-7:30pm in the LHS art gallery.  The following Adler students have work that will be displayed at the show:

Priya A.-Kindergarten 
Anabelle A.-2nd Grade
JJ W.-1st Grade
Liv T.- 3rd Grade
Mayte F.- 4th Grade
Iona B.-5th Grade
Julia M.-5th Grade

Congratulations to all students who have work in the art show. All students and families are welcome to visit the art show. 

Message from the Nurse

Dear Parents,
Cold and flu season has quickly arrived. Here is a friendly reminder on the policies of District 70 regarding illnesses.

Please keep your child home if she/he has:
-a fever or fever in the past 24 hours of 99.8℉ or higher
-a vomiting or diarrhea illness- please keep them home until they have been free of symptoms for 24 hours
-strep throat- they may not return to school until they are fever-free and on an antibiotic for 24 hours 
-pink eye- they may not return to school until they have been using an antibiotic ointment for 24 hours, even if their eye appears to be better- it is still contagious
-severe cough

*If your child has had a fever, please remember that they may not return to school until they have been fever free for 24 hours without taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Thank you for your assistance in reducing the spread of illnesses to all students,
Please call me if you have any questions-

Kathy Panov
Adler Park School Nurse

Halloween Fundraiser
Student Council will run our annual Halloween fundraiser starting this Monday, October 28 while supplies last!  This year, the student council members voted to sell Candy Corn Corgi plushies for $2, slime skulls for $2, otter and sloth characters (like rubber duckies) for $1, and a Halloween grab bag for 25 cents.  Please see the flyer sent with the Gazette notification for pictures of the items for sale.  You can put the money in your child's lunch box since the fundraiser is during their lunchtime.  Buy on Monday for the best selection.  Thank you for your support!

Erin Carr
Student Council Staff Sponsor
Halloween Schedule and Reminders

On Thursday, October 31st, we will celebrate at Adler with the traditional costume parade after lunch around the black top on the playground. Parents are welcome to join us outside at 12:25 pm for the parade and parents are encouraged to take a lot of pictures.  Students and staff will then parade back into the school for more Halloween fun for the remainder of the afternoon.

Please remember the following guidelines when selecting costumes with your children:

  • Please choose a simple costume with limited makeup since students will have to put it on by themselves. 
  • Students may wear masks but PLEASE make sure that they can safely walk in the parade if wearing a mask. If not, they may be asked by a staff member to remove it for the parade portion of the afternoon.
  • Costumes should not be violent in nature and any type of weapon will not be permitted.
  • We ask that you not send any aerosol cans for hair coloring.
Message from the Principal (10/25/19)

Dear Gator Parents,

Happy FALL!!!! In November, we celebrate American Education Week. This week was started back in 1921 by the National Education Association (NEA) to spotlight American education and the partnerships between schools and families in our communities.  In addition to the NEA and the American Legion who partnered together to start this national week of celebrating public schools, the week is now supported by U.S. Department of Education and national organizations including the National PTA, the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, the American Association of School Administrators, the National School Boards Association, the American Federation of Teachers, the American School Counselor Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, the National School Public Relations Association, the National Association of State Boards of Education, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Here at Adler, we invite our parents to come in and see what great things we have going on in our classrooms on Tuesday, November 12th . Please join us if you can, but this is an optional event as we have a lot of opportunities over the year that parents can volunteer at or attend. Please RVSP to your child’s teacher if you are going to attend this scheduled activity in their room.  

Time Slot:          Grade:          Activity:
8:30 - 9:15          4th                Math Games
10:15 - 11:00      2nd               Book Tasting 
10:45 - 11:25      Kdg​​​​​​               iPad hunt 
12:05-12:50        5th                Math Games
12:15 - 1:00        3rd​​​​​​​                Text Feature Surgery 
1:45 - 2:30          1st​​​​​​​                SeeSaw Activity

We do ask that younger siblings/friends not attend this event. Thank you and we look forward to this yearly event with our parents!

​​​​​​​Have a great weekend,
Dr.  Kerri Bongle​​​​​​​
Adler Park School

Family Reading Night

Join us at our annual Family Reading Night!

Sponsored by Illinois Secretary of State and State Librarian, Jesse White, and the Illinois Center for the Book, Family Reading Night is an annual statewide event held the third Thursday in November to encourage families to spend quality time reading together.

We'll meet on Thursday, November 21 at 6:30 pm at Cook Park Library in their downstairs meeting room.  Dr. Bongle, librarians from Cook and Ms. Carr will share two amazing stories followed by time for you and your family to read together and explore all the wonderful resources Cook has to offer!  We'll also have free books to give away.

Hope to see you at Cook on November 21!  Please contact Ms. Carr if you have any questions about this event.

Board Briefs for the Board of Education

Board Briefs are a communication tool designed to highlight important conversations and decisions made on behalf of students, families, staff, and the larger community at each monthly D70 School Board meeting. Board Briefs will be posted following the meetings on the D70 website under “Board.” 

Board Briefs recently posted for October carry important information on why the D70 will not have E-Learning this year, proposed changes to Summer School and news from Supt. Dr. Matt Barbini.

Student Council Poinsettia Fundraiser

Please consider ordering some festive holiday poinsettias from Student Council!

Pick up is in the Learning Center on Friday, December 6 from 2:00-3:15 pm, and Saturday, December 7 during the Pancake Breakfast from 8:00-10:30 am.

Please pay with cash or checks made out to Adler Park School.  Payment can be sent in an envelope marked Poinsettias no later than Friday, November 22.  Any orders unpaid on that day will be canceled.

Thank you for your support of Student Council!  We will use the funds raised to support student initiatives at Adler.

Message from the Principal (11/8/19)

November 8th, 2019

Dear Adler Families,
            Happy Friday to all! Today we had our second Kind Kids Lunch for the year. Students in each class were nominated by their peers for the pillar of Citizenship. During this lunch students got to meet the other students nominated for Citizenship and we talked about what the pillar means to them. Check out Twitter to see some of our lunchtime conversations. I really enjoy eating lunch with these students and talking with them about the importance of good character and leadership within their classrooms, grade level and within the school. Students nominated by their peers were:

Mrs. Dorf: John, Aria and Logan
Mrs. Wisek: Hollis and Charlie
Mrs. Zeinz: Jake and Vasya
Mrs. Gasick: Annalise and Max
Mrs. Turner: Riley and Aubrey
Mrs. Koenig: Molly, Danny and Graham
Ms. Walker: Jason and Kevin
Mrs. Marsh: Zain and Avery
Mrs. Bauer: Reese and Lily
Mrs. Adelman: Sophia and Colin
Miss Billon: Bella, Mubina
Mrs. Piskule: Sam and Shayla
Mr. De Paz: Stephanie and Collin

            Thank you to Mr. Turner, our second grade and fourth grade students for a wonderful fall performance last week. It was so great to see all the students’ smiling faces and rockin’ 50s outfits during the performance.
            With winter weather arriving early this season, please check your child's closet and make sure their hats, jackets, gloves, snow pants and boots are labeled with their names.   As a standard practice, students go outside unless the temperature or wind chill is below 0 degrees.  Only students with snow pants AND boots will be able to play in the field or on the playground. Students without snow gear are asked to stay on the blacktop during recess times. Thank you!
            Just a reminder that on Tuesday, November 12th parents are invited to come in to classroom to celebrate American Education Week. More information was emailed home in our last Gazette (scroll below to my last Principal’s Message). Please RSVP to your child’s teacher if you are able to come in during the scheduled time on Tuesday.

Please note other events on our Adler Calendar:
No School on 11/11
Early Release for all students on 11/15
AFA Meeting on 11/18 at 7:00 pm
Family Reading Night on 11/21 at 6:30 pm at Cook Memorial Library
Thanksgiving Break from 11/27 – 11/29
Go Gators,
Dr. Kerri Bongle

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