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Butterfield's School Report Card
The Illinois Report Card is an annual report released by the Illinois State Board of Education that shows how the state, and each school and district, are progressing on a wide range of educational goals.  The Report Card offers information about student and school performance in order to inform and empower families and communities as they support their local schools. Click the link below to view Butterfield's School Report Card.

Lifetouch Portraits

Student pictures have arrived.  If you ordered a photo package, those will come home with your child.  If you have questions specific to your photo package, please contace Lifetouch customer service 800-736-4753.  A picture retake date has been set for students that did not get photographed the original picture date or for anyone that would like to get a new photo.  Picture Retakes are scheduled for Monday, December 2nd.  

American Education Week, November 11-15, 2019

The National Education Association's American Education Week spotlights the importance of providing every child in America with a quality public education from kindergarten through college and the need for everyone to do his or her part in making public schools great.  From students to parents, educators to board members, we thank all that make a positive contribution to public education!


Parent Visitation, November 12

While Butterfield welcomes parent visitation on a regular basis throughout the school year, Tuesday, November 12 has been designated as visitation day for parents.  Classroom teachers will send home information regarding specific times. Please confirm with your child’s classroom teacher should a visit to the classroom be planned.  Although we look forward to younger siblings becoming bulldogs in the future, Butterfield requests they do not attend this particular event.

School Board Member Day, November 15

In salute and thanks to the nearly 6,000 elected school board members in the state, November 15, is designated as "School Board Members Day" in Illinois.  This is a time to show appreciation and to begin to better understand how school board members work together to provide leadership for schools.

School board members are some of the most selfless volunteers around.  Everyone knows that board members attend meetings, but those hours represent just a fraction of the actual time that they devote to leading their districts.  They attend extracurricular events to support schools, as well as attend seminars and workshops. 

Butterfield’s community is thankful for D70’s Board Members extraordinary dedication to public education and untiring efforts. 

District 70’s board members include:  Tom Vickers (President), Wendy Schilling (Vice President), Chris Coughlin (Secretary), Linda Lucke (Secretary Pro Tem), Marc Grote, Maura Kennedy, Amie Krummick.

The Chill has arrived!

As the cooler weather settles in, please help us to ensure that children are dressed appropriately for the elements. Please label coats, snow pants, hats, gloves, boots, etc.

Just a reminder that students will be kept indoors for recess only when air temperatures fall below 10 degrees or when the wind chill temperature falls below 0.  With this is mind, please have children dress appropriately for recess.  

Emergency Closing Procedures

District 70 takes closing schools seriously. When the decision is made due to inclement weather or power outages in schools, District 70 uses an emergency notification system to deliver phone calls and emails about school closings or safety emergencies.

For more information about school closings, please read the FAQ.

There also now is an option to opt-in to receive the information via text by texting 67587 with either Y or YES as the message you send. (This will not be activated for 48-hours from when you opt-in.) This text (SMS) service only will be used in the event of school closings or a school emergency.

Positive Behavior Update

Now into year six of Butterfield’s school-wide positive behavior system, the efforts to promote a predictable, positive, safe and consistent learning environment is going well. 

It is a goal of the Positive Behavior Committee to help students display expected behaviors.  For this reason, we must also help students recognize which behaviors are considered unexpected or unacceptable.  In order to provide feedback to students and track behaviors, each time an unexpected behavior is observed, a Behavior Referral Form will be completed.  The intent of the form is to serve as a vehicle for communication between home and school as well as a way to collect data that helps Butterfield pinpoint times of day or locations in the school that are problematic that need to be addressed.  

All infractions are classified as either a minor or a major behavior.  A minor behavior is an action that is unexpected, but can be handled by a teacher or staff member.  A major behavior is one that requires intervention with Dr. Kehoe or Mr. Feldman. If a child receives 3 minor referrals in one trimester, the accumulated referrals equal a major.  This means that the student will be talking with Dr. Kehoe or Mr. Feldman regarding these repeated minor behaviors. 

Communication between home and school is the key to every child’s success.  For this reason, parents will be notified when a child receives a referral for either a minor or major infraction.  The referral form will be sent home. We ask that the form be signed by a parent and returned to the child’s classroom teacher as evidence that the parent was informed.

To celebrate the positive behavior exhibited throughout the school, students will be invited to an all school assembly Friday, November 15.  Names of students with only one or no minors will be included in a drawing and a chance to participate in a series of “Minute to Win It” style games.  Any student that has received a major or three or more minors will take this opportunity to review expected behaviors at Butterfield School. 

Thank you for supporting Butterfield’s school-wide positive behavior system. 

Thank you for your support,
Butterfield’s Positive Behavior Committee


Libertyville High School will once again be hosting an art show for all of the feeder schools as well as its own high school art students. The opening of the show will be on Thursday, 

November 14th, 6:00-7:30pm in the LHS art gallery.  The following Butterfield students have work that will be displayed at the show:

  • Katherine B.  Kindergarten

  • Teddy M.    Kindergarten

  • Aoife  R. 1st Grade

  • Simone T.  2nd Grade

  • Bauti M.   2nd Grade

  • Sophia S. 3rd Grade

  • Emily S.  4th Grade

  • Elle B.  5th Grade

  • Elaine B.  2nd Grade




Thank you to the following students listed below for your generous donations to our library!

Elliott K. – Go, Pack, Go!

Sahana A. – Whatever After Genie in a Bottle

Andrew D. – If You Ever Want To Bring A Piano To The Beach

Rida Z. – Lion Down

Xavier M. – The Very Impatient Caterpillar

Victoria N. – Guts

Ellen M. – Pay It Forward

Hannah F. – Brands We Know Coca-Cola

Bailey P. – Zola’s Elephant

Nathan C. – Misunderstood Shark Friends Don’t Eat Friends

Lucas A. – The Middle School Rules of Brian Urlacher

Max G. – Time Jumpers Fast Forward to the Future

Halle R. – Little Excavator

Hailey H. – Glitch

Eli D. – The Middle School Rules of Jamaal Charles

Emily S. – Out of the Wild Night

Henry S. – Brands We Know John Deere

Frank T. – The Middle School Rules of Skylar Diggins

Veterans Day Recognition Celebration

Veterans Day Recognition Celebration - November 13, 2019

Character Counts at Butterfield School

Dear Bulldog Families:

 The Pillar of Citizenship will be celebrated district wide during the month of November.  The men and women who serve, and have served, in the Armed Forces are exemplary role models for us by embracing patriotism and citizenship to protect our country’s freedom and safety.

 It gives us great pleasure and excitement to inform you of the wonderful Veterans Day Recognition Celebration that is in the planning.  Here are the details:

 On Wednesday, November 13th, 2019, we would like to invite our Butterfield Family members who are in Active Duty, and/or Veterans of the Armed Forces to be our honored guests at our Veterans Day Recognition Celebration assembly.  Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents are welcome if they are currently serving, or have served in the Armed Forces.

 Check in for the honorees will begin at 1:00-1:15 p.m. in the Butterfield Gym.

Students will be called down to the gym at 1:15 p.m.

The Veterans Day Recognition Celebration assembly will begin at 1:30 p.m. Our honored guests will be seated facing our students. A microphone will be passed to each guest to introduce themselves.

And more…

Sincerely yours, Mrs. Holly R. Simon | Character Counts Sponsor



Please cut this portion and return to Holly Simon on or before:  Friday, November 8, 2019

Butterfield School Veterans Recognition Celebration 

 November 13, 2019


 Yes, I would enjoy participating in this event!


Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________


Phone #:  ______________________________________ Email:  _______________________________________


I am in Active Duty _________________________or I am a Veteran_____________________________________


Which branch of the Armed Forces are you, or did you serve?  _______________________________________


Year/Stationed:  _______________________________________________________________________________


I am related to (Butterfield Bulldog):  Student’s first & last name:  _____________________________________________

My relationship is:_________________________________________________

Visual Spatial Thinking In Whole Group Enrichment

Spatial thinking concerns the positions of objects, their shapes, their spatial relations to one another and the movement they make. It involves understanding and remembering the relative locations of objects in the mind. Then through imagining or visualizing, objects are manipulated through mental movement or transformation to form new spatial relations. 

Examples of using visual-spatial skills in everyday life include using or developing maps, merging into traffic, thinking about how to pack a suitcase, using mirror images, and building with blocks and Legos. Spatial ability is important in many fields of study such as mathematics, economic forecasting, engineering, meteorology and more. 

Each classroom in grades 1-5 worked on a whole class enrichment activity under the visual-spatial thinking umbrella.

In first and second grade, tangrams were used to create various shapes and complete puzzles. Tangrams are great to introduce math concepts like rotation, flips and slides. Third graders worked with pentominoes to complete puzzles. These are another great tool to work with visual-spatial thinking as rotations and reflections in math. Fourth grade used Q-bitz puzzles for pattern identification, and fifth grade built structures using Keva blocks and representational drawings. Each class was given a Brain Station center to take back to the classroom to reinforce the skill practiced.

Each grade level had a wonderful time with their activity and it was exciting to see all of the curiosity and intrigue with each challenge. Not only did we have a great interest in the activities, but also we had great discussions on how we use visual-spatial thinking in school and the real world.

Conna Rech - GTE Resource

A Note from GTE

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with so many children in District 70 through enrichment and gifted services this year!   As every child is unique and special, District 70's Gifted, Talented, and Enrichment (GTE) program is designed to focus on the varying levels of needs of our students. As GTE teachers, we are able to service and enrich students at different ability levels, for divergent interest areas, and across all curricular areas.  

Throughout the year we will provide whole class enrichment experiences in grades 1 through 5.  During this time, students will learn and practice divergent, convergent, and visual thinking skills through games, puzzles, and other challenging activities. 

Enrichment services for 1st through 5th grade  include mathematics and reading. In math enrichment, we will pull out small groups of students who have demonstrated a need to extend their thinking, based on pretests and classroom performance.  The activities are aligned with our mathematics program and the Common Core Standards, and are meant to challenge children beyond grade-level expectations. Math groups change with each unit and are responsive to student needs.  

Reading enrichment sessions will also begin for students in grades 1-5 who demonstrate a need for enrichment beyond grade-level. We will use data from Fountas and Pinnell, Star assessments, and classroom performance to determine reading groups. As flexibility is important and best practice, we look at the data throughout the year and reassess the groups.

For a complete scope of the enrichment and gifted services offered, please visit the resources on the District 70 Curriculum website. 

Mrs. Conna Rech

GTE Teacher Butterfield School

A Thank You Note From Beacon Place 

A Thank You Note From Beacon Place 
for Last Year’s Character Counts School Supply Donation Drive 

Hi Holly,

I hope that the first few weeks back school have gone very well for you, all of your teachers and students alike.  Fall is my favorite season, and I hope that you are all enjoying the smells and changing of the seasons in Chicago.   

 I just wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU for all of the school supplies you collected for Beacon Place.  Thanks to the generosity of all of your students and teachers, we were able to fill and distribute close to 200 backpacks with school supplies and still have lots of glue sticks left over!  Our art teacher, Dan, will be thrilled as he is always asking for glue sticks.  

 We were also able to give each of our middle school and high school students 2 packs of loose leaf paper this year instead of just one, so their binders were really full.  

 So thanks again from all of the children and families of Beacon Place.  As one of my students always says....You Rock Like A Rock Star!!!!

 Have a great school year, and I hope all goes well for all the students and teachers of the Butterfield School.

 With warmest regards,

 Barbara LaFasto
​​​​​​​Board President, Beacon Place


Good Afternoon-

October was a busy month for the BFA!

We had our first full month of BFA Food Days! Our Book Fair committee held our Scholastic “Artic Adventure” Book Fair during our fall parent-teacher conferences, Thank you.  Also, during conferences we hosted our semi-annual teacher and staff dinner planned by our Teacher Appreciation committee.

We kicked it off with another successful gently used clothing and toy sale.  Our committee chairs and their volunteers worked tirelessly to make it such a successful event.  This is not only an event that helps contribute to the BFA and our school but also helps many charities and families who have needs in District 70 and Lake County.  A big thank you to the Clothing Sale committee.

We ended the month with our Halloween parties! Thank you room parents and party volunteers for making them special!

November, will host Aaron Reynolds for our author visit, we will be honoring American Education Week and of course BFA Food Days every Tuesday this month and Friday, November 22nd is Sub Day!.  This month will go quickly as we have Thanksgiving break. I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday.  

Jennifer Khan
BFA President



The BFA Clothing Sale Committee would like to thank our donors, volunteers, sellers and shoppers, as well as the Butterfield School faculty + staff, for making this year's event a success. We'd also like to give a special thanks to the Rihm family for their box loads of donations from Mustard Pie and Jak + Peppar. It was a great event and we couldn't have done it without you all! Looking forward to doing it all again in 2020.

If you're interested in news about future sales, please like "BFA Clothing Sale" on Facebook or bookmark


Book Fair Committee wants to thank all the parents who participated and bought a book at our fair during conferences. We were able to provide the library with approximately $750 Scholastic Dollars to purchase books at the library. The winner of the Ice Cream Social was Mrs. Soellner’s class.

Our next Book Fair opportunity will be in February 2020. This fair will be even bigger and will allow your children to select their favorites during the school day and allow you as a parent to purchase books for your child’s classroom. The sale will be during conferences again, October 12th and 13th.

Thank you to our volunteers who helped make the book fair a success!


Thanks to all who signed the crosswalk safety petition during curriculum night. Details are now being discussed with the Village of Libertyville on implementations to improve the safety of our crosswalks around the schools.


Our sincere thank you to those who contributed baked goods and drinks for the Fall Teacher & Staff Appreciation Dinner.  Everyone enjoyed all the delicious sweets! We look forward to serving again in the Spring. 


Kirstin Willis, Karen Griffin, & Andrea Reed

Teacher Appreciation Committee


Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to be a Halloween Room Parent and Party Volunteers!


Katie Pietka, Katie Makey, Wendy Doty, Eloiza Domingo-Snyder, Andrea Reed, Judi Rossetti, Amy Seymour, Tori Blyth Peirce, Sheri Lees, Andy Kozar, Julie Harper, Alison Posner, Meg Hakanen, Kristen Wiens, Jennifer Khan, Claudia Anglada, Kate Nerroth, Carolyn Meyer, Katie Wyzukovicz, Megan Guerrant, Jennifer Ashley, Katie Shafer, Elizabeth Dries, Tricia Johnson, Felicia Jaeger, Jaimie Kozar, Rashied Davis, Ariele Gifford, Jennie Chalifoux, Laura Govorchin, Jackie Axelson, Becky Weitzel, Amarnath Maitra, Jessica Brown, Julie Hassert, Mary O'Grady, Nina Rya, Dana Scott, Whitney Mills, Rebecca Walker, Laura Meller, Margaret Sullivan, Karen Cordes, Karen Semler, Shelley Weinstein, Kim Audette, Kim Chulindra, Heather Dean, TAMMY MCLAUGHLIN, Beth George, Janice Neme, Wenjie Sun, Kerri Fleming, Stephanie Nepomuceno, Lexi Burchfield, Carrie Groth, Amy Snow, Mary Babcock, Jennifer Crane, Shannon Wagner, Tiffany Natale, Vanessa stalter, Terese Salcius, Megan Thomas, Stefanie Moss, Ricki West, Corrie Baccelli, Tracie Haas, Elizabeth Soling, Lauren Kiefer,Karen Griffin, Cory Thompson, Michelle Allen, Petra Foo, Farina Roe, Melissa Rieder, Tara Devine, Jessica Luebbert, Laura Mahan,Christine Duhig, Sreya Alex, Hillary Gooris, Maria Childs, Beth Kreibich, Jenn Surber, Aga Hughes, Amy Weaver, Colleen Blomgren, Scott Werner, Karen Semler, Paige Sampson and Nicole Burke


A big THANK YOU to all the committees hard at work! Food Days Coordinator, Maria Childs, Max’s Dawg Day Karen Semler and Lexi Burchfield, Pasta Day Leena Almarzouqi, Culver’s Day Karen Semler and Heather Eliff, Pizza Day Janice Neme and Laura Wood, Breakfast Day Claudia Angalada, Clothing Sale Katie Wyzukovicz, Amy Weaver, Jen Surber, Jen Hansson and Whitney Sorenson, Book Fair Lynda Flayter, Karen Griffin and Andrea Twedt, Teacher Appreciation Andrea Reed, Karen Griffin, and Kristen Willis, our BFA Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer Amy Weaver and Karen Semler, 1st VP Katie Wyzukovicz, Secretary and 2nd VP Megan Huber and Meg Carter, 40 Book Challenge Kelly Rusk and Janice Neme, Art Appreciation Linda Troester and Julie Hassert, Author Visit Liz Soling and Tiffany Natale, Spirit Wear Katie Pietka, Aga Hughes and Tracey Schmitz. And last but not least, to all the food day volunteers for coming in every week to serve food to all our children!


Capture your child’s creativity…

…and enjoy their artwork for years to come.

The BFA and the art department at Butterfield are collaborating on a new way to showcase your child’s art. We are transitioning from Original Works to Artsonia, an online art gallery where you can view and order merchandise made with your child’s art.

You should have received an email from Artsonia in the last few weeks. This email is to obtain permission to post your child’s artwork on the site. It also gives you access to view the artwork, control who can see your child’s artwork, share artwork with approved family members, and order merchandise that supports Butterfield Family Association. If you did not receive this email, please check your junk mail folder.

​​​​​​​Look for artwork to be posted soon! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Colleen Blomgren at





Tuesday, November 19th at 9:00 am – 11:00 am (ERC)



November 6th - Author Visit (Aaron Reynolds)

November 11th - No School

November 11th – 15th – American Education Week

November 13th – Staff Appreciation Breakfast

November 15th – Early Release

November 19th – BFA General Mtg. (9-11a)

November 27th – 29rth – No School

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