November Paw Prints - 11-12-2019
Upcoming Dates and Reminders

11/15 -- 1:15 Dismissal -- End of 1st Trimester
Week of 11/18 -- CFA Food Drive (collection of goods for Libertyville Food Pantry)
11/25 -- Report cards go home
11/27 - 29 -- HAPPY THANKSGIVING (no school)
12/3 -- CFA Meeting 7:00 pm 
12/7 -- Frosty Fest 8:00 - 11:00

Winter Break -- No School beginning Friday December 20th returning to school Monday, January 6th

Last Day of School if All 5 Emergency Days are Used -- June 10th

(So far, we have used one emergency day -- current last day:  June 4th)
From Mrs. Travelstead, Copeland's School Social Worker

November is a month full of gratitude and thankfulness.  We celebrated Veterans on November 8th at our annual Veterans Day Assembly.  We let them know how grateful we are to their service to our country and commitment to keeping us safe in spite of their many individual and family sacrifices. Thanksgiving will be upon us before we know it and we will show our family members, other loved ones and friends how much we are thankful that they are in our lives. 
Speaking of friendships, children NEED friends! Friends provide children with fun, companionship, a sense of belonging and connectedness.  They help children learn problem-solving and conflict management skills and, positive friendships help lay the groundwork for future success. Unfortunately, not all children are adept at navigating their social world.  Here are some tips that we as parents can consider when helping our socially challenged child with their social interaction skills and play experiences.  Unlike in my day where children just played with whomever was in the neighborhood, many children today have what has become known as “Playdates."   Playdates are typically arranged and need to be carefully thought out for the child with social interaction challenges. 
First, the playdate should be at the challenged child’s house for ease and comfort.  Second, invite only one friend over at a time.  Two or more typically ends with one child feeling left out and that child is typically the one with the challenges.  Third, try not to have siblings present.  If they are present, your child’s guest may end up playing with the more socially skilled sibling (if that is the case) and your child will again feel left out.  Fourth, keep the playdate short (1 hour to 1-1/2 hours).  This way there is more likelihood of the playdate going well and leaving both children wanting to play again.  Fifth, pre-plan the playdate and start with a very structured activity and try to fit in a snack as well.  Allow your child and his guest to figure out parts of the playdate on their own, however, remove special toys ahead of time if they may cause problems with your child not wanting to share them and consider getting exact duplicates of a toy so both can play with them without argument.  Sixth, If nothing else, make sure that the last 15 minutes of the playdate are fun and memorable! Kids will remember the last fifteen minutes the most.  Finally, after the playdate is all over, talk with your child about their playdate and how they thought it went.  Make changes as necessary for next time.
4 Categories of Pro-Social Skills Children Should Know:
1.    Survival skills (Listening, following directions, Ignoring distractions, Using Nice Words, Rewarding oneself…)
2.    Problem-Solving skills (Asking for help, Apologizing, Accepting consequences of own actions, Accepting others’ choices especially when they differ from your own, Deciding what to do…)
3.    Interpersonal skills (Sharing, Asking for permission, Joining in, Taking turns, empathy…)
4.    Conflict resolution skills (Dealing with teasing, Losing a game, Being left out, Peer pressure, Accusations made against you…)
Have a great and Happy Thanksgiving! 


All School Field Trip to Marriott - Dec. 18

Each year, Copeland travels as a school to see a production.  This year, students and staff members will ride buses (paid for by CFA!) to the Marriott Lincolnshire Theater to see a production of Madagascar on Wednesday, December 18th.  Permission forms went home in backpack mail.   Please sign and return the permission form, send in $13 for your child's ticket, and return the permission form (it's on green paper) and payment to school if you haven't already done so.  We are very excited to experience the theater together as a school family.

CFA Frosty Fest Dec. 7

Save the Date!!

The CFA-sponsored FROSTY FEST (formerly known as the Pancake Breakfast/Holiday shopping)  is just around the corner on Saturday, Dec. 7th.  Pancakes will be sold and served from 8 am until 11 am. You are sure to get into the spirit of the season with a delicious breakfast and shopping for both parents and kids alike. Keep your eyes out for more information on this event in the coming weeks! Your family won't want to miss this Copeland tradition.

American Education Week
Thank you to all of the parents who spent time in your child's classroom on Parent Visitation Day on November 12th.  Some examples of parent interaction  observed was In kindergarten when parents shared "Friendship Fruit Salad" and in third grade where parents helped with Immigration Dolls.  Parent participation in our school is beyond compare -- we  are so GRATEFUL for our amazing parent partners.  
Winter Weather Information
Winter is here early this year.  Here are some helpful reminders for parents:

Outside Recess Guidelines 
Generally, students go outside for recess unless the windchill is below zero.  Please check the weather before school each day and make sure your child comes to school prepared for an outside recess.

Emergency School Closing
Make sure your contact information is up to date to ensure timely notification of emergency school closings.

Labeling Clothing
Hats, gloves, snow pants, boots and coats are often left unattended and wind up in Copeland's Lost and Found.  To make the process of reuniting clothing with its owner, please write your family name inside all outer clothing.  The CFA has a fundraiser going on with Mabel's Labels.  Copeland's Mabel's Labels fundraiser will be ending December 2nd.  Go to, click on "support a fundraiser," and type in "Copeland Family Association," and the CFA will receive 20 percent of the profits.

Arrival Drop Offs
When you are dropping off your child in the front of the school between 8:05 and 8:15, please pull forward as far as possible.  Please also make sure your child is ready to exit the car quickly.  Doing these two things will help move the wait line quickly and allow everyone to get on with their day in a safe, efficient manner.  Pack your patience during arrivals and dismissals..  
Board of Education Updates
During October's Board of Education meeting, the Board discussed E-Learning days and new Illinois statutes impacting student attendance days.  E-Learning days will not be instituted for the 2019-2020 school year.  

To learn information discussed during Libertyville District this 70 Board of Education Meetings, please visit Board Briefs  designed to highlight important conversations and decisions made on behalf of students, families, staff, and the larger community by the District 70 School Board at each monthly School Board meeting.

Keep up with the latest D70 news by reading Board Briefs posted on our website under Board. 
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