Cold and Snow Advisory

As we have already seen, winter is nearly here.  Just a reminder that students will be kept indoors for recess only when air temperatures fall below 10degrees or when the wind chill temperature falls below 0.  With this in mind, please have children dress appropriately for recess. A doctor’s note sent to our school nurse, Mrs. Althoff, is required for students to remain indoors during classroom and/or lunch recess.


How is the decision to close school made?

While it is always a goal to have students in school, when safety is an issue, there is no compromise to placing children at risk.

With that in mind, when there is a forecast of inclement weather, television and radio stations, as well as reports from the National Weather Service and Weather Channel, are monitored.

When heavy snow or extremely cold temperatures are predicted, superintendents in neighboring school districts begin planning as early as 4:30 a.m. the morning of, or sometimes even the night before a storm. Communication is maintained with District 70's bus company representatives and the district's maintenance/snow removal crews as well.

Please understand that there are many factors that go into making the final decision because D70 understands canceling school may be inconvenient for students and parents, as well as teachers and staff.

The decision involves:

  • Building conditions: Do the buildings have heat, light, and power?

  • Site conditions: Are the parking lots plowed? Can buses get in and turn around? Can parents drop off students? Are the school exit doors free of snow?

  • Bus operations: Can the bus drivers get to the bus company? Do the buses start? Do the drivers feel comfortable driving?

  • Road conditions: Are the roads continually plowed and is traffic moving?

  • Air temperature: How cold is it? What is the wind chill? Can children safely walk to school or wait outside for a bus?

If the answer is yes to these questions, most likely the decision will be to keep schools open. Generally, a decision needs to be made by 6 a.m. or sooner, in order to try and catch anyone before they leave for school and/or work.

When a decision is made to close schools, D70 families will be informed in several ways:

  1. An announcement is made on the D70 website and all the school websites.

  2. The message is pushed out through automatic phone calls from Supt. Barbini through the D70 notification system to phone numbers D70 families provide during registration. Please make sure your contact information is current every winter.

  3. Parents who have opted in to do so will receive a text (SMS) message. (To opt-in to receive emergency notices via text, please text Y or YES to 67587)

  4. The message is delivered through D70 email to family email addresses provided during registration. Please make sure your contact information is current every winter. The announcement is posted to Twitter @LibertyvilleD70, Facebook LibertyvilleD70, and Instagram libertyville_d70.

  5. All school names are broadcast as closed on WGN-AM (720), WBBM-AM (780), and CBS-TV (2), NBC-TV (5), ABC-TV (7), WGN-TV (9), Fox-TV (32), and CLTV cable.

  6. All school names are listed on the Emergency Closing Center.

There is no set amount of snow that will trigger a snow day; all factors depend upon circumstances and the ability to get children and staff to and from school safely. Safety is, and always will be, the major concern.


Wednesday, 12/04/19

The Student Council met on Wednesday, 12/04/19.  Just a reminder that the School Store is open on Wednesdays during lunch hours. Please do not bring in bills larger than five dollars. All money earned goes back towards Butterfield school.

The Student Council is continuing to sponsor school spirit through spirit days. There will be a spirit week before Winter Break:

Monday, December 16th- PJ Day 

Tuesday, December 17th- Sports Day/Jersey Day 

Wednesday, December 18th- Crazy Hair Day

Thursday, December 19th- Holiday Gear Day

The Student Council collected canned food items that were donated to the Libertyville Food Pantry. The bins were overflowing with donations; thank you so much if you donated! 

Butterfield School students will be creating a holiday paper chain of kindness. This will be displayed in the commons. Have a wonderful Winter Break.

Thank You,

Maggie O’Grady,
Butterfield Student Council Secretary


Veteran’s Day Recognition Celebration

On November 13, 2019, 30 Veterans and Active Duty servicemen and women were honored at Butterfield School for a spectacular Veterans Day Recognition Celebration!

 The Veterans and those men and women currently in active duty, have selflessly vowed to protect the freedoms we enjoy.  They are dedicated to our country and deserve to be recognized for their commitment. We payed special tribute to you for their patriotism and military service to America.

 The Butterfield Bulldogs gathered for an all school assembly.  The Navy Band Great Lakes Woodwind Quintet “Fair Winds” performed a patriotic concert as Bulldogs and Veterans entered the gym.


·      As our Bulldogs stood in respect, The Fair Winds began our Veterans Recognition Celebration with the National Anthem:  The Star-Spangled Banner

·      Our guests represented all branches of the Armed Forces having served abroad and stateside. 

·      The microphone was passed to each guest.  Our guests stated their branch of the military, years served, where stationed, rank, and who they were related to at Butterfield School.

·      The Fair Winds resumed their concert.

 The culmination of our celebration included Butterfield’s 4th & 5th grade Butterfield Chorus Club serenading our guests with a beautiful patriotic medley lead by Mr. Weppler.  Lastly, the Student Council Executive Board spoke about the history of Veterans Day and led the Bulldogs in a heartfelt salute to our guests.

 Dr. Candice Kehoe delivered a summation, and dismissed the students to their classrooms.   We offer many thanks to our honored Veterans for their service, dedication, and citizenship.

Holly R. Simon | Character Counts Sponsor





Click on the link to see the Six Flags Read to Succeed  information. 





Thank you to the following students listed below 

for your generous donations to our library!



Ellie S. – Brands We Know Hello Kitty

Aisling B. – Runaway Baby Brother

Abigail M. – Far Away

Iris F. – Grenade

Jack G. – Class Pets Fuzzy’s Great Escape

Harper W. – Stargazing

Kendall M. – Little Dreamers Visionary Women Around The World

Andrew S. – Running on the Roof of the World

Violet Y. – Speechless

Sofia H. – I Am Walt Disney

Saif H. – You Get What You Get

Charlee L. – Nancy Clancy Soccer Mania

Charles R. – Brands We Know Nike

Carter H. – The Doghouse

Rebecca H. – Sunny Rolls the Dice

Anika N. – What If You Had T. Rex Teeth!?

Kai N. – Harold & Hog Pretend For Real!


Whole Class Enrichment with Mrs. Rech:  Thinking Skills!

Good listening and direction-following skills are important to a child’s success in the classroom, especially in terms of verbal directions.  In today’s society, we are receiving more and more information through electronic or written directions and students may not have as much practice listening to verbal directions.

All students in grades 1-5 practiced sharpening their listening skills by participating in fun activities.  Children responded to oral directions by drawing something described by the GTE teacher. Directions to the games were read aloud and students had to work hard to listen carefully because they weren’t allowed to ask questions! The result? Better listening skills! These were highly motivational challenges that students loved to do. Students improved their listening skills—and students hardly knew they were being put to a rigorous task!

We  are in need of lunchroom subs. If you are interested in being a lunchroom sub, please contact Dr. Kehoe at or Mr. Feldman at

Thank you! 

Good Afternoon-


Wow, it’s December already! How did that happen? 

 The BFA is happy to report that from our Gently Used Clothing and Toy Sale we were able to raise 11K from all of our efforts.  Thank you to our committee and volunteers who helped us with the initiative. Our goal is to provide funding towards a fun, possibly outdoor SURPRISE for Butterfield students! 

The Chipotle Dine and Share raised almost $700! Thank you to all the Butterfield Families and Friends that came out to support the BFA! 

November, we celebrated our teachers during American Education Week.  We provided them with a warm breakfast from Burnsies as appreciation for all that they do. 

Our Scholastic Book Fair in October was a success.  We were able to raise $1000! Thanks to everyone who purchased books!  Our next Book Fair will be in the beginning of February. We look forward to seeing you there.


Have a warm and festive holiday season and I look forward to hearing all about it in 2020!

Jennifer Khan

BFA President



A big thank you to Katie Wyzukovicz, our teacher appreciation committee, and our BFA Executive team for putting together a great breakfast for our teachers.


ART APPRECIATION - FAMOUS ARTIST - The Famous Artist Series Committee is excited to once again be sponsoring, in cooperation with Mrs. Sather's art classes, an Art Showcase at each grade-level showcase.  The Fifth Grade Showcase is coming up in December; be sure to look for your student's amazing artwork on display in the Commons before and after the music Showcase!



Capture your child’s creativity…

…and enjoy their artwork for years to come.

The BFA and the art department at Butterfield are collaborating on a new way to showcase your child’s art. We are transitioning from Original Works to Artsonia, an online art gallery where you can view and order merchandise made with your child’s art.

You should have already received an email from Artsonia. This email is to obtain permission to post your child’s artwork on the site. It also gives you access to view the artwork, control who can see your child’s artwork, share artwork with approved family members, and order merchandise that supports Butterfield Family Association. If you did not receive this email, please check your junk mail folder.

Look for artwork to be posted soon! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Colleen Blomgren at












Tuesday, November 19th at 9:00 am – 11:00 am (ERC)




December 12th – 5th Grade Showcase

December 20th – Jan. 6th – Winter Break

January 10th - Junior Achievement (8-11:30a)

January 20th – No School

January 21st – BFA General Mtg. (9-11a)

January 27th - Conference Sign-Up Opens

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