Parent / Teacher Conference

Parent / Teacher Conferences will take place Wednesday, February 12th, and Thursday, February 13th.   Starting Monday, January 27th, if you already signed up for a winter conference in the fall, you can view, print or change your conference date and time by logging into signup.com .  If you need to signup for a conference you can Monday, January 27th – February 3rd by visiting signup.com


Valentine’s Day Classroom Parties

Valentine’s Day Classroom Parties will take place Thursday, February 13thth.  Parties will be held in the morning.  Below is the schedule for the parties:

Valentine’s Parties 9:00-10:00 AM

Head room parent & pre selected party volunteer check-in 8:30-8:45

Party setup 8:45-9:00

9:00-10:00 AM Classroom Parties


Cold and Snow Advisory

Just a reminder that students will be kept indoors for recess only when air temperatures fall below 10 degrees or when the wind chill temperature falls below 0 degrees.  With this in mind, please have children dress appropriately for recess. A doctor’s note sent to our school nurse, Mrs. Althoff, is required for students to remain indoors during recess. 


How is a Snow Day Determined?

While it is always a goal to have students in school, when safety is an issue, there is no compromise to placing children at risk. 

With that in mind, when there is a forecast of inclement weather, television and radio stations, as well as reports from the National Weather Service and Weather Channel, are monitored. 

When heavy snow or extremely cold temperatures are predicted, superintendents in neighboring school districts begin planning as early as 4:30 a.m. the morning of, or sometimes even the night before a storm. Communication is maintained with District 70's bus company representatives and the district's maintenance/snow removal crews as well.

Please understand that there are many factors that go into making the final decision because D70 understands canceling school may be inconvenient for students and parents, as well as teachers and staff. 

The decision involves: 

  • Building conditions: Do the buildings have heat, light, and power?  

  • Site conditions: Are the parking lots plowed? Can buses get in and turn around? Can parents drop off students? Are the school exit doors free of snow?

  • Bus operations: Can the bus drivers get to the bus company? Do the buses start? Do the drivers feel comfortable driving? 

  • Road conditions: Are the roads continually plowed and is traffic moving? 

  • Air temperature: How cold is it? What is the wind chill? Can children safely walk to school or wait outside for a bus? 

If the answer is yes to these questions, most likely the decision will be to keep schools open.

Generally, a decision needs to be made by 6 a.m. or sooner, in order to try and catch anyone before they leave for school and/or work. 


When a decision is made to close schools, D70 families will be informed in several ways: 

1) An announcement is made on the D70 website -d70schools.org- and all the school websites.

2) The message is pushed out through automatic phone calls from Supt. Barbini through the D70 notification system to phone numbers D70 families provide during registration. Please make sure your contact information is current every winter.

3) Parents who have opted in to do so will receive a text (SMS) message. (To opt-in to receive emergency notices via text, please text Y or YES to 67587)

4) The message is delivered through D70 email to family email addresses provided during registration. Please make sure your contact information is current every winter. 

5) The announcement is posted to Twitter @LibertyvilleD70, Facebook @LibertyvilleD70, and Instagram @libertyville_d70.

6) All school names are broadcast as closed on WGN-AM (720), WBBM-AM (780), and CBS-TV (2), NBC-TV (5), ABC-TV (7), WGN-TV (9), Fox-TV, and CLTV cable.

7) All school names are listed on the Emergency Closing Center at www.emergencyclosing.com


There is no set amount of snow that will trigger a snow day; all factors depend upon circumstances and the ability to get children and staff to and from school safely. Safety is, and always will be, the major concern.


E-Learning Discontinued This Year - Expect Snow Days

New requirements from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has District 70 discontinuing e-learning this school year.

Last year, District 70 adopted e-learning as an innovative approach to counting emergency days as the days of actual student attendance. The model District 70 employed in 2018-19 had students choose from a variety of activities that accounted for approximately 40 minutes. But this year, ISBE changed the parameters with a five-hour requirement for school districts to adhere to consider e-learning as an actual day of student attendance. This has presented a challenge for District 70 staff to create enough learning activities to meet the increased time requirement, including tasks that can be accomplished by 5- and 6-year-olds. There also is no guidance from ISBE this year regarding students requiring special education services.


E-Learning will be reviewed by district staff for future development. 

As such, District 70 students will need to make up missed school days due to Snow Days or other complications that call for emergency school closure at the end of the school year in June 2020. State law requires school districts to prepare for this by adding five emergency days at the end of every year. 

  • No missed school days        ------------ School ends June 3, 2020

  • District 70 closed 9/13/19  ------------ School ends June 4, 2020   (Butterfield loses power, HMS flooding during a severe storm) 

So what happens if Snow Days or Cold Days are called this school year and District 70 closes? (All five schools are closed during emergency closings.) 

  • Second day closed ------------    School ends June 5, 2020. 

  • Third day closed     ------------ School ends June 8, 2020. 

  • Fourth day closed   ------------ School ends June 9, 2020.

  • Fifth day closed      ------------ School ends June 10, 2020. 

The last day of school will be early release with dismissal at 1:15 p.m. for K-5, and at 1:45 p.m. for 6-8.


The Flu Is Here………

There has been several cases of official Influenza Flu reported at Butterfield.    This is a respiratory virus, but is different than the common cold. Symptoms come on suddenly and are more severe than a cold. 


Symptoms often include:

      -      headache

  • fever, chills, body aches

  • coughing and sneezing

  • sore or dry throat

  • fatigue and loss of appetite

    These symptoms, including the fever can last several days.  A child with this illness will likely miss several days of school. Contact your doctor for advice on how to treat the symptoms.  Antibiotics are not effective against the flu viruses. Even children who have had the flu shot are coming down with this illness. Keep in mind that Butterfield’s population includes children with underlying medical conditions (asthma, diabetes, immune disorders) who may develop a more complicated course of the illness.  We are asking for everyone’s cooperation in order to slow the spread of the disease to students and staff. 

    If your child is returning to school following this illness, please follow these guidelines:

    1. The child must fever-free for 24 hours, WITHOUT using Tylenol or Ibuprofen(THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP AND THE BEST WAY TO SLOW THE SPREAD OF THE DISEASE)  The fever portion of this illness is the most contagious time. Fevers will come and go, they often come in the evening. The only way you know that the fever is truly gone, is when it does not return for 24 hours, without using medication. 

    2. Please do not send your child back to school if their cough is frequent or severe. 

    3. This illness is really wiping out their energy. Before they return, make sure they have the stamina to make it through all the activities of the day(including PE/recess)       






Thank you to the following students listed below 

for your generous donations to our library!



Lauren D. – Roll With It

Oliver R. – Hazardous Tales Major Impossible

Robert K. – The Lion And The Mouse

Jack T. – Don’t Call Me Bear

Caroline K. – Frozen Fever

Stella H. – Penguins Are Awesome

Charlotte A. – Unicorn and Yeti Sparkly New Friends

Heidi W. – Lily’s Story

Daniel S. – Allies

Lorenzo N. – Llama Llama Mess, Mess, Mess

Ellis J. – Harry Potter A History of Magic

Paul S. – The Lightning Thief

Addison H. – A Place For Pluto

Charlotte F. – Unicorn and Yeti Friends Rock



Click on the link for more information on the Six Flags Read to Succeed .



Good luck to our 6 Destination Imagination teams who are going to compete on February 29th  at Viking School in Gurnee. 

Good luck to-

The Rocket Inventors: Sahana A., Amunya R., Sophia R., & Henry S.
Lead by Mr. Ricart.


Chocolate Unicorn Puppies: Libby B., Julia C., Lauren E., Dylan S., Sophia S., & Bree S. 
Lead by Mrs. Brown.


Puppies Eating Rainbow Ice Cream; Abby F., Iris F., Jasmine F., Chloe S., & Ava T.
Lead by Mr. Fu.


Cats and Dogs 101; Charlie W., Kellan F., Indrani M., Luca F., Reed S., Sam D., & Nicholas C. 
Lead by Mrs. Weitzel


Dr. Cheese’s Team; Bennett A., Lola G. A., Jonas H., Ishmael O., Maya P., & Oliver R. 
Lead by Mrs. Rusk


The Pizza -Taconators; Alli T., Amelia S.L., Faith F., Lela H. & Sarah D.
Lead by Mr. Drake

Karen McLean
Destination Imagination Coordinator


Whole-Class Enrichment

Digital Breakout


We recently wrapped up our whole class digital breakout sessions in  1st through 5th-grade enrichment. Each student used a Chromebook or an IPad to participate in problem-solving quests where a series of puzzles needed to be solved to open the virtual locks.

We love breakout sessions because they focus on many important aspects of learning. A lot of communication and collaboration is needed to solve the various problems and puzzles together. It takes creativity and critical thinking as well. Digital breakouts have many puzzles that students are not able to figure out on their first attempt, so students need to reconsider their approach and give it another try. The activity helps teach perseverance and it’s such a great experience to work toward a final goal together.

Be sure to ask your child about their digital breakout experience!


Mrs. Rech
GTE Resource


Good Afternoon-

We just wrapped up our first Domino’s Pizza fundraiser, Slice the Price of Pizza Card. Butterfield Students sold a total of 676 cards totaling $6760 and $3380 stays right here with the BFA! I am finalizing the details with Domino’s and we anticipate the cards and prizes will be distributed within the next 2 weeks. Way to go Bulldogs!

February is a busy month that leads into a busy Spring for the BFA! The Book Fair and Valentine’s Parties are just around the corner. Then we have the Fun Fair at the end of the month! So much to do and so much FUN to have! Remember we need volunteers to help with these events so please look at signup.com and sign-up!

Enjoy our upcoming family and school events.  They are sure to get you past winter and into a bright spring!


Jennifer Khan

BFA President


 Head Room Parents have their Party Volunteers and party planning is underway! 


BOOK FAIR - During conferences this year we will again be hosting our Scholastic Book Fair in the Butterfield Commons.

Wednesday, February 12th 5:15 – 8:30pm

Thursday, February 13th 3:15 – 8:30pm

Stop by and treat your child to a book for a job well done so far and the profits will go to support our Butterfield Learning Center.

A raffle will be available to register your child’s classroom for a possible ICE CREAM SOCIAL too.

To help your child show their Green and Gold support, Spirit Wear will be selling lots of items for them to wear to school and at home!

Volunteers needed! Just use this link to see what volunteer spots are available! https://signup.com/group/405460676069


FUN FAIR - You don’t want to miss this year’s Fun Fair with a supercharged raffle for 5 Disney World Park Tickets, new games, and the usual fun and games you’ve grown to love! Mark your calendars for February 29, 10AM – 1PM (raffle winners will be announced starting at 1:05PM).  Save time and money by pre-ordering your tickets online at https://d70schools.revtrak.net/FA/BFA#/list. Ticket details are available on Revtrak.

 NEW THIS YEAR --- We’re making it easier for you to shop and donate to your grade level raffle baskets with Amazon wish lists.  Skip the store, pick an item (or gift card) from the list and it will ship directly to the Fun Fair Committee to be included in the raffle basket! See below for grade level basket themes and links to the wish lists.  If you’re doing the shopping, you can drop all items off in the bin on the porch at 629 Hillcrest Drive for inclusion in the baskets. If you’re new to Butterfield and the Fun Fair, a highlight of the event is the raffle which boasts themed baskets filled with donated items from Butterfield families.  If you are able to contribute a new, unopened item for your child’s grade level theme please do so by January 31st.

If you or your business would like to donate a product/service to the community raffle, please contact the committee at BFAFunFair@gmail.com



If you choose an Amazon list item, be sure to select the list shipping address (629 Hillcrest Dr), otherwise, it will default you your shipping address! 

Raffle baskets donations are not solely limited to the exact items in the wish list. This is meant to be a suggestion and to avoid duplicates.


Kindergarten- Colors & Crafts

Kindergarten - Save the Superheroes

1st grade- Game Night (board games, cards, etc)

1st grade - Lego Mania

2nd grade- Night at the Movies (G or PG movies/movie night items)

2nd Grade - Pokemon, Beyblade & Digimon, Oh My!  

3rd grade- Bookshelf Builder (chapter books/reading accessories)

3rd grade - Candy Crazy                

4th grade- Gift Cards Galore  - no Amazon list for this one, shop local!

4th grade - Nerf & Turf

5th grade- School Spirit (LHS/Butterfield spirit items) – no Amazon list for this one, shop local!

5th grade - Chicago Sports


Fun Fair needs volunteers please use this link to sign up for one or more hour and a half shifts! https://signup.com/group/405460676069


BERNIE’S BOOK BANK - The Butterfield School’s 2020 Bernie’s Book Bank Drive begins on 3/2/2020 and ends on 3/6/2020. There will be a classroom contest for donations of the most books to the drive. The winning class will receive special acknowledgement and mementoes from Bernie’s Book Bank!

Collection bins will be in the hallways beginning the morning of 3/2 through the eve of 3/6. Let’s make this the most successful drive the school has ever had by meeting our donation goal of 1,500 books. 

Bernie's Book Bank collects quality children’s books from birth through 6th grade. Examples of books they cannot collect include the following:

  • Reference/Textbooks

  • Activity/Coloring books

  • Religious Books

  • Young Adult/Adult

  • Foreign Language 

Thank you in advance for donating to this very worthy cause for children who often have no books of their own!


FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT - The Butterfield Family Association is excited to present FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT featuring ABOMINABLE

Friday, March 6th | Butterfield Gymnasium | Doors open @ 6:00p | Movie begins at 6:15p

● Bring a blanket to watch Abominable​ with family and friends!

● Admission is free

● Pizza slices, popcorn, candy, & water will be available for purchase during the movie

● Please note that this is not a dropoff event--adult supervision is required




Number of openings and committee descriptions will be available soon. If you are interested in any of these openings please contact Jennifer Khan at jkhan@BHHSChicago.com or via cell or text at 312-391-8915.


Executive Team Positions: Committee Members & Chairs:

Secretary 40 Book Challenge

Treasurer 5th Grade Girls Night

2nd VP 5th Grade Picnic

President Assemblies

Book Fair

Food Day - Breakfast for Lunch

Clothing Sale


Fun Fair

B2S Social

New Family Welcome

Food Day - Pasta Day

Food Day - Pizza Day

Room Parents

Teacher Appreciation




REMINDERS - Our school district is asking parents to please fill out the Illinois State Board of Education 5Essentials Survey to share your thoughts and impressions on the D70 school/schools your child/children attend. 

Our voice is important and through this survey, you can be heard. The responses received will be used as part of the Illinois State Board of Education School Report Card. For 2018-2019 Butterfield School has received an Exemplary rating for the second year in a row, let's help our school continue that trend! 

This will be the only parent survey for D70 in the 2019-20 school year. Please complete the survey before it closes on Feb. 14, 2020. Only one parent per household may participate in the survey. If you have more than one child at a school, one survey should be completed for all your children at the same school. If you have children enrolled in multiple schools, you may take the survey for each of those schools. This survey is designed for parents only. 

Thank you! 


Amazon Smile! smile.amazon.com

Looking for a super easy way to contribute to the BFA?  Next time you’re shopping on amazon.com, just put the word “smile” in front and amazon will donate 0.5% of your order to our very own Butterfield Family Association.  That’s it! All you have to remember is to “smile”!

Thanks for supporting the BFA!










Tuesday, March 17th at 9:00 am – 11:00 am (ERC)



Tuesday, February 4 - BFA Pasta Day

Tuesday, February 11 - BFA Culver’s Day

Wednesday, February 12 - BFA Book Fair & Spirit Wear on sale

Thursday, February 13 - Valentine’s Parties, Early Release, BFA Book Fair & Spirit Wear on sale

Friday, February 14 - No School

Monday, February 17 - No School

Tuesday, February 18 - BFA Pizza Day

Friday, February 21- BFA Breakfast for Lunch

Tuesday, February 25 - BFA Max’s Day

Friday, February 28 - Early Release

Saturday, February 29 - BFA Fun Fair

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