Adler Gazette - Fall 2020 - 8-28-2020
Message from the Principal (11/6/20)
Good afternoon Adler Gators,
 I have emailed quite a lot this week and have important information listed below in this Gazette. Please read the Adler Park Hybrid Updates sent out yesterday and today to find important information for next week. Thank you! We look forward to a smooth transition for all our students to hybrid or virtual. We've got this. Thank you for your continued support of Adler Park staff. 

Have a great weekend,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School
Early Release on 11/16 (Monday)
Please note that on November 16th, D70 had a scheduled early release day for teachers to work on report cards for their students. Once per trimester this time is given to our staff to work together with their teammates and support staff and to have dedicated time to focus on report cards and student comments. With our hybrid schedule started, this "early release" needs to look slightly different than in years past. Here is the schedule:

November 16th, 2020
Student in AM (hybrid or virtual) will attend their normal schedule from 8:15 - 10:30 am.
Student in PM (hybrid or virtual) will only have asynchronous activities.

As the school year progresses, we have 3 additional "early release" days scheduled in our calendar. We will balance out the in-person/synchronous time over those next 3 days to even out the time students are with their teachers. 

Please note that the eSchool Center will keep its same hours. Students in the eSchool Center will attend until 1:15 pm on November 16th, 2020. 
Library Book Checkout

During our transition to hybrid, we will be slightly modifying how students can borrow library books from Adler.

Grades K-1 Hybrid:  Library books will be due every week, and new books will be delivered to classrooms.  Kindergarten's library day is Monday (we will start November 16) and 1st grade's library day is Wednesday with a special book exchange scheduled for this Tuesday, November 10 due to no school on Wednesday.  Please plan to return your library books every week to receive new ones.

Grades K-1 Remote:  Please fill out this survey to indicate how frequently you want to exchange library books.  Even if your new remote teacher is assigned to another building, all Adler students will continue to borrow Adler library books.

Grades 2-5 Hybrid:  We will continue to fulfill hold requests through our catalog, but now books will be delivered to classrooms instead of needing to be picked up in the vestibule.  Books will circulate for 30 days and students will receive a reminder two days before books are due.

Grades 2-5 Remote:  Even if your new remote teacher is assigned to another building, all Adler students will still borrow Adler library books.  We will continue to fulfill hold requests through our catalog, and students will receive a notification when books are ready to be picked up in Adler's vestibule.  Books will circulate for 30 days and students will receive a reminder two days before books are due.

There is a quarantine period between checkouts.

Please let Ms. Carr or Mrs. Trimble know if you have any questions about borrowing books from Adler's library!

Family Reading Night

Adler will celebrate Family Reading Night on November 19, 2020!  Sponsored by Illinois Secretary of State and State Librarian, Jesse White, and the Illinois Center for the Book, Family Reading Night is an annual statewide event held the third Thursday in November to encourage families to spend quality time reading together.

On November 19 at 6:30 pm, hop on a pajama party Google Meet with your family!  Everyone is welcome to join us, on or off camera, as we read some bedtime stories.  Feel free to be cozy with your favorite pajamas, stuffed animals, blankets or pets.  There will also be a random drawing for free books!  The meeting code will be emailed that day.

Please let Ms. Carr know if you have any questions!


Adler Dinner Night's Out
Just a reminder that we have two Adler/AFA Dinner Night Out on the horizon. 

November 11th - City BBQ in Mellody Farms will give 20% back to Adler! This event is from 11am - 8pm. Please mention the event at check out. 

December 15th - Chipotle in Libertyville from 5pm - 8pm!

Thank you for supporting Adler Park School and our AFA!
Libertyville Fire Department Poster Winners
Congratulations to two Adler Gators on their posters winning 1st prize in the Libertyville Fire Department poster contest! Logan W. in Mrs. Gasick's classroom and Sophia K. in Mrs. Piskule's classroom were both winners! Great job Logan and Sophia! 
Message from the Principal (10/22/20)

Dear Adler Parents,

Good morning. After reading Dr. Barbini’s email with the news that Lake County and Libertyville positivity rates are on the rise, I know people may be worried, frustrated and confused about what is coming next. As a principal, educator, community member and mom, I understand. As we continue to closely monitor the numbers in Libertyville today and tomorrow, please stay tuned for an update from the district office. While we wait, we are continuing to plan and prepare for our reopening. Please review this entire message as it has a lot of important information. Thank you for your continued support of Adler Park School. 

Please note:  If the return to in-person instruction is delayed or paused, so too will changes to class placement. In that case, the current eSchool schedule (and current teacher assignments) will stay the same.

Hybrid Students and New Virtual Classroom Start Dates:
Kindergarten and First Grade: TUESDAY, October 27th (NEW DATE)
Second and Third Grade: November 2nd
Fourth and Fifth Grade: November 9th

Dates to Remember: 
Parent Teacher Conferences: Wednesday and Thursday, October 21/22
Early Release: Thursday, October 22 at 1:15 pm
No School: Friday, October 23
No School for Students: Friday, October 30
Halloween Student Parade: Friday, October 30th from 12:30 - 1:30 pm
No School: November 3rd
No School: November 11th

Remote Learning Planning Day scheduled for November 12th will be rescheduled at a later date. Students will be “in school” that day whether they are in a virtual classroom or in hybrid.

Virtual Classroom Transition: 
Students participating in our virtual classrooms will be contacted by their new teachers. These teachers are excited to start with their students and will be making the transition as seamless as possible. 

Before 7:30 am, all parents or guardians must conduct a symptom screening and temperature check.  Students with one or more symptoms or a temperature of 100.4 should be kept at home.  Parents and guardians should complete the self-certification assessment in Powerschool for each child. More information will come from our district office about how to complete this self-certification via PowerSchool. Virtual students do not need to complete the self-certification each day. 

School Hours for Virtual and Hybrid Classrooms:

AM Session

PM Session

In-Person Instruction

Arrival:  8:00 - 8:15

Instructional Time:  8:15 - 10:30

In-Person Instruction

Arrival:  12:15 - 12:30

Instructional Time:  12:30 - 2:45

Async Core Activities, Sync Specials, and Async Specials  (At home)

12:00 - 2:45

Async Core Activities, Sync Specials, and Async Specials (At home)

8:15 - 11:00


Drop Off Procedures at Adler: 
Parent Transportation: Drop off time for our AM students is from 8:00 - 8:12 am. Drop off time for our PM students is 12:15 - 12:27 pm. Parents need to enter Adler Park at the stoplight at Adler Park pool and drive around to the back of the school. Parents will drop their child(ren) off behind the school near the blacktop area (pull up as close to the Learning Center as possible) and let your child(ren) out on the playground side. Please do not let your child get out of your car on the forest/wooded side of the drop off lane to avoid children walking between cars. Children will immediately walk to their designed entrance door (listed below) and enter the building and walk immediately to their classroom. There will be no outside recess time. Students will be met at the door to their classroom by their classroom teacher who will take their temperature prior to entering the classrooms. Students whose parents did not fill out the self-certification form at home will be sent to the nurse’s office before entering the classroom. 

D70 Transportation (bus): Masks must be worn on the bus at all times. Once they have arrived at school, students will exit the bus in the turn around and will follow the same procedures listed above in the parent transportation section. Bus routes, stops and times will be loaded into PowerSchool accounts this week so be on the lookout for a separate email letting you know the information is available. 

To start the school year, there will be several Adler staff members outside welcoming students back to school and pointing them in the right direction. 

Grade Level Entry/Exit Doors: 


Entry and Exit Door


Door 11E (By 5th grade/LC)

Dorf, Wisek, Piskule, De Paz

Door 9E (stairwell by the fishtank)

Gasick, Zeinz, Turner, Koenig

Door 7E (downstairs door to 3rd grade)

Marsh, Walker

Door 6E (North side of building by 4th grade)

Adelman, Bauer

Main Entrance

Late Arrivals/Early Dismissal


Pick Up Procedures at Adler: 
Parent Transportation: Parents picking up will be asked to pick up IN THE BACK of Adler. This is a new procedure for picking up and may take some adjustment time and patience. Parents will enter at the Adler Pool stoplight and pull around back. Parents will stay in their cars and wait for their child to come to their car. As soon as their child is loaded in the car, the parent may leave and the cars waiting will pull up. Teachers will be walking their students outside and waiting in their class line until their parents' car pulls up. This will take some time at first but I am confident after a few days, we will have it down.  

D70 Transportation (bus): Students will exit the building and walk immediately to their bus located in the turn around. Busses will depart as soon as all students are out of the building. 

School Supplies and Materials/Devices: 
Students will leave all their school supplies at school each day. Each child will have a bin to keep their supplies in so that they do not have to bring them back and forth each day. Devices will go home each day so that students can do their asynchronous work and any homework they may have. They will need to charge their device each evening so that their device is fully charged when they come to school.  If the device is charged, chargers can remain at home.

Snacks and Water: 
There will be no snack time while students are at school to decrease the chance of exposure. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle each day to keep at their desks. Water fountains are closed but the bottle fillers will be available for students to refill their water bottles from home. 


eSchool Supervision Center:
We will continue to run our eSchool supervision center.  At this time the center is at capacity. Students in the eSchool center in AM will proceed directly to the gym upon arrival.  Students in the PM will proceed after their group is called on the intercom.  All students will be in the eSchool center from 10:15-12:15 for lunch, recess, and asynchronous time.   Snacks are allowed in the eSchool center only.  

Student desks and chairs, common surfaces such as door knobs, railings, etc…, and bathrooms will be disinfected between the AM and PM session.   In the event a student presents with symptoms during the day, the room will be cleared and sanitized before allowing students to return.  Students will move to an overflow classroom. 

As required by the IDPH, face coverings must be worn at all times in school buildings and on the bus, even when social distancing is maintained. This applies to all persons in a school building or on a bus (students, parents, and staff, including a bus driver). All individuals in a school building must properly wear a face-covering unless they have a medical contraindication and provide the school with written documentation to this effect, are under 2 years of age, have trouble breathing, or are unconscious, or incapacitated. District 70 will be providing all students with two (2) cloth, reusable face coverings in addition to what their parents will be providing for them. Cloth reusable masks need to be washed daily.  The mask must be snug fitting, cover both the nose and mouth, and be of at least one layer of cloth.  Neck gaiters or bandanas are not acceptable.  A mask with a breathing valve or any mesh/net masks are not acceptable.  
If a student refuses to wear a face covering or otherwise engages in conduct that compromises the safety of others, parents/guardians will be contacted immediately. Health experts have consistently recommended the use of face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and this is an expectation of returning safely to school.

Visitors, parent meetings and field trips:
Visitor access will be limited to Adler.  Whenever possible, meetings will be conducted virtually to prevent unnecessary contact. No in-person assemblies, classroom parties, or field trips will be held during Phase 4. 

Champions will be offering before and after care at Adler during in-person learning. Students in the AM session can attend the before care and students in the afternoon session can attend the after-school care. Contact Champions for more information.

Thank you,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School

Reminder about Halloween Parade

Adler's Halloween Student Parade will look a little different this year. We would love nothing more than to have our students back in the building for our annual tradition of a costume parade in our "backyard." Unfortunately, we cannot do that this year. Similar to last spring's parades, we will have our amazing Adler staff outside near the bus turnaround and families are invited to drive through, wave at their teachers and other Adler staff members. We do ask that all students and families stay in their cars at all times and also do not throw or hand out anything from their cars (candy or gifts for our staff). 

Details of the Halloween Parade: 
When: Friday, October 30th, 2020 (This is a remote planning day for staff so there is no school for students)
Time: 12:30 - 1:30 pm
Where: Behind Adler - Enter at the stoplight at the Adler Pool and drive around
Why: To show off your costumes and see your teachers

We cannot wait to see you!

Message from the Principal (10/9/2020)

Dear Adler Parents,
  I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Fall Friday. This is my absolute favorite time of year. It might be my infatuation with pumpkin spice anything! We have some exciting things in store this month so please read on in the Gazette to be informed.

  We will be having Adler Picture Day on Tuesday, November 17th. Students who are in-person will have their pictures taken while they are in the building. Students who are learning virtually will receive a schedule of when they will need to come to Adler for their school picture.

  AM/PM/Virtual and teacher assignments for all students will be available for families on Monday, October 12th at 5:00 pm. We are currently working to make class assignments and schedules based on the data provided from this week’s registration forms. We appreciate the patience and flexibly of all our families as we work out this complicated puzzle in very short amount of time.

  I hope you are all well and enjoying this amazing season. I look forward to a time when we can all be together again. Until then, stay healthy and look for the positive.

Go Gators,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School

Dates to Remember: 
Parent Teacher Conferences: October 21st and 22nd
No School: Friday, October 23rd
Remote Learning Planning Day (No School for Students): Friday, October 30th
Halloween Student Parade: Friday, October 30th 12:30 - 1:30 pm
Early Release for Students: Monday, November 16th at 1:15 pm
Picture Day: Tuesday, November 17th 

Parent Teacher Conference Reminder
Parent Teacher Conferences are October 21st and 22nd. There is no school on October 23rd. Please visit the Adler Website for more information about Parent Teacher Conferences. The window to schedule your own appointment has closed. Please email your child's teacher or any other staff member at Adler to schedule an appointment. Thank you! 
Halloween Student Parade 2020
Adler's Halloween Student Parade will look a little different this year. We would love nothing more than to have our students back in the building for our annual tradition of a costume parade in our "backyard." Unfortunately, we cannot do that this year. Similar to last spring's parades, we will have our amazing Adler staff outside near the bus turnaround and families are invited to drive through, wave at their teachers and other Adler staff members. We do ask that all students and families stay in their cars at all times and also do not throw or hand out anything from their cars (candy or gifts for our staff). 

Details of the Halloween Parade: 
When: Friday, October 30th, 2020 (This is a remote planning day for staff so there is no school for students)
Time: 12:30 - 1:30 pm
Where: Behind Adler - Enter at the stoplight at the Adler Pool and drive around
Why: To show off your costumes and see your teachers

We cannot wait to see you!
D70 Proper Mask Protocol
As we welcome staff and students back into schools this month, we wanted to post important information about how to properly wear your mask. Thank you for reviewing. 

Please follow these CDC guidelines for wearing masks properly.
Message from the Nurse

Getting an influenza vaccine is more important than ever in 2020-2021!  Be sure to schedule your family's flu shots and protect yourselves and our community from getting the flu!

Message from the Principal (9/25/2020)

Good Afternoon Gator Family,
                  Happy Friday Gators! We are five weeks into eSchool and I could not be prouder of the students, teachers and caregivers in the Adler Community. Everyone is working hard, persevering and being kind in their interactions with others. This truly models The Gator Way. This past Monday evening, the Board of Education heard from the Superintendent’s Reopening Advisory Committee and a plan was laid out for our elementary students to return to school in a hybrid model. Dr. Barbini will be emailing the community today with an update from that committee but please mark down these dates as we phase in our elementary hybrid model:

October 26th – Kindergarten and First Grade
November 2nd – Second and Third Grade
November 9th – Fourth and Fifth Grade

For families who are not comfortable sending their child(ren) back to school, a remote option will be available. Please be on the lookout for an email from Dr. Barbini with more details about the plan for returning to school.

                  Thank you to our AFA for a wonderful Gator Gallop last weekend. They ordered and received the perfect day for this annual event. We had a wonderful turnout and were able to run the event while keeping people safe by wearing masks and staying socially distant. A shout out to Stacey Thermos and Dana Allan for their hard work organizing this family event. Another shout out to all the Adler Staff who came to the AFA event to visit with their students and families. Also thank you to all the families who participated in the Culver’s Dinner Night Out this week. It was a great turnout in support of Adler Park School. Thank you to Stephanie Crivello and Amy Reichart for organizing this annual Adler event. Finally, remember that spirit wear orders are due next week (9/30/2020) so make sure to get your order in while the store is open for business.
                  Parent-Teacher Conferences are just around the corner.  Please read on in our Gazette for more information about registering and scheduling your Parent Teacher Conference. Conferences are Wednesday, October 21st and Thursday, October 22nd. Information can also be found on the Adler Park website. To access the online sign up, please visit the PTC Wizard. Thank you. The window to schedule your time will open on September 29th at 8:00 am and will close on Friday, October 9th.  After October 9th, you will need to contact your child’s teacher. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a specials teacher (PE, Music, Art, Learning Center), please email the teacher to set up a time. You can also set up a time to meet with any support staff (Interventionist, Gifted/Enrichment, Social Worker, Speech Pathologist, Special Education) by emailing them directly.
                  Adler Park continues to TWEET! If you are on Twitter, please follow us at @AdlerD70 to see some fun things going on at Adler Park!

Have a great weekend,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School

Parent Teacher Conferences - October

2020-2021 Parent/Teacher Conferences Information

PTC Wizard is the online site that we use to schedule our parent teacher conferences. If you are new to Adler, you will need to register your child(ren). If you created an account last year or used it to sign up for our kindergarten screenings, you will not need to re-register.

Fall Conferences will be held on Wednesday, October 21st  from 5:15 – 8:15 pm
and Thursday, October 22nd from 3:15 – 8:15 pm.  You will need to schedule
one 15-minute slot for each child that attends Adler Park School.

The scheduling window will be open from Tuesday, September 29th at 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Friday, October 9th.  During this time you can schedule your child’s conference. If you miss the scheduling window, you will need to contact your child’s teacher to schedule your conference.  Unless otherwise noted from the teacher, conferences are parent-only events. At this time, conferences will be conducted virtually via a Google Meet. Teachers will email parents with the Meet code at a later date.  If any of this changes, parents will be notified.

Parents with multiple children,  please consider leaving a 15-minute slot between children when scheduling to allow for conferences that run late.

Please remember: Students have early release at 1:15 pm on Thursday, October 22nd. No School on Friday, October 23rd.

Here is more information, also posted on the Adler Website for more specific directions on how to register and schedule your Parent Teacher Conference.  Thank you.

Student Council

Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council officers!  I am so proud of these students who were brave public speakers and were very kind to each other when I shared the results.

President:  Emerson Z.
Vice President:  Grace R.
Secretary:  Lily K.
Historian:  Hadi K.

Thanks to all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders who attended our assembly on Thursday to listen to the speeches.  Voting is so important and I appreciate you making the effort to make your voice heard.

Don't forget all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are welcome to run as their class representative!  More information can be found in their Learning Center Google Classroom.

Ms. Carr
Student Council Staff Sponsor

Borrowing Books from Adler's Library

Adler's library is open daily and ready for your requests!  Please see the post from the last Gazette explaining the process to borrow our library books, and don't hesitate to reach out to Ms. Carr or Mrs. Trimble with any questions.

Message from Mrs. Janossy - Orchestra

Adler Orchestra News:

5th grade small group lessons at Adler are off to a very good start. We have reviewed skills and started to explore new skills. We have come a long way since last year at this time. Playing our favorite songs is the best. Small group orchestra will be Wednesday for violins and Friday for celli and bass. Be sure to check the Google classroom for information, assignments and materials. Let’s keep the music playing at Adler! 

The 4th grade recruitment for orchestra will be delayed until later in the school year. Boooo Hooo. Information will be sent as details are decided. 

Message from the Principal (9/11/20)

Dear Adler Families –
   Happy rainy Friday! I hope you all have had a great week despite the weather. We have a lot of announcements in our Gazette this week so please read on to see all the exciting things going on at Adler Park. Below I have listed some important dates to mark on your calendar. Thank you for all you are doing to make eSchool a success for your child(ren). Our Reopening Task Force continues to meet weekly to discuss safe ways to bring children back into our buildings as soon as possible. Thank you to the Adler community for your continued support and words of encouragement. On the 19th anniversary of 9/11/01, it is a good time to reflect on what we can do when we come together as a nation, and as a community. It is also a good time to remember to thank our first responders in all sectors, as they continue to work to keep us safe. These are tough times for everyone, but we are in this together and I look forward to a day when we can say, “Remember when…” Enjoy this weekend with your families.

Go Gators,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School

Important Dates:
9/14 at 7:00 pm - AFA Meeting (virtual)
9/20 – AFA Gator Gallop (see AFA email for times)
9/21 at 7:00 pm – Board of Education Meeting (virtual)
9/25 – No School for students – Remote Learning Professional Development for teachers
9/28 – No School  

Borrowing Library Books during eSchool

I am excited to announce the start of book checkout from Adler!  Students in kindergarten and 1st grade will receive library books when they pick up materials from their teacher.

During library this week, students in grades 2-5 learned how to use our catalog to place holds to borrow books.  (Due to Labor Day, Mrs. Marsh’s class will hear this on Monday.)  Students might need some support as they are learning this skill with a new catalog so I have made a video showing the process of putting books on hold.

Please read on for the rest of the steps in the process.  Feel free to contact me or Mrs. Trimble with any questions.

We hope this is a useful service for your family!  We are flexible so if there's a way to make this easier for you, don't hesitate to reach out.

Erin Carr
Learning Center Director


How to borrow Adler library books during eSchool

  1.  Go to your grade’s Learning Center Google Classroom

Then find the section called Important Resources, and click on Destiny Discover Home.  Log in using the username and password you use for your Chromebook.  You do NOT need the part.

  1.  Find a book you want to check out

It doesn’t matter if it’s in or out.  Click on Hold.  Ignore the popup message that your hold is available.  You can place up to 25 holds.  If you change your mind as you’re placing holds, just go back to the title you don’t want anymore and click on Unhold.

  1.  Mrs. Trimble will work on finding around four books that you want to borrow from your hold list

Be patient!  The books will be due in 30 days from when they are checked out.  You will get an automated reminder just before the due date.

  1.  You will get an email when your books are ready for pick up

The books will be in Adler’s foyer in a clear plastic bag with your name on it.  Please pick them up as soon as you can after you get your email because there is limited space.  The foyer is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm every weekday.

  1.  Return the books when you are done with them or when they are due, whatever comes first

You can renew books as long as no one else has a hold on them.  Just email Mrs. Trimble and let her know.  If you want to check out new books at the same time you drop off the old ones, email Mrs. Trimble and let her know that you want new books and when you will be coming in.  Give her at least two days notice.  She will pull four new books off your list of holds, and they will be ready in the foyer when you return your other books.

Message from the Nurse


If you have a Kindergartener or are new to Adler, please turn in all necessary health forms- Physical Exam, Immunizations, Dental Exam and Eye Exam, as soon as possible. Please call the school nurse, Kathy Panov with any questions 847-362-7275 ext. 1105 or email Mrs. Panov .

Update for Orchestra from Mrs. Janossy

Adler Orchestra News 

5th grade small group lesson for Adler Orchestra will begin Wednesday, September 16. Be sure to check your Google classroom for information, assignments and materials. Let’s get the music playing at Adler! 

The 4th grade recruitment for orchestra will be delayed until later in the school year. Boooo Hooo. Information will be sent as details are decided.

An Update from Mrs. Weber, GTE Teacher at Adler

Gifted, Talented and Enrichment


We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with so many children in District 70 through enrichment and gifted services this year!   As every child is unique and special, District 70's Gifted, Talented, and Enrichment (GTE) program is designed to focus on the varying levels of needs of our students. As GTE teachers, we are able to service and enrich students at different ability levels, for divergent interest areas, and across curricular areas.  


Enrichment services for 1st through 5th grade  include mathematics and reading.  Groups are formed based on collected data. In math enrichment, we will pull out small groups of students who have demonstrated a need to extend their thinking.  The activities are aligned with our mathematics program and the Common Core Standards, and are meant to challenge children beyond grade-level expectations.  Math groups change with each unit and are responsive to student needs.  Reading enrichment sessions will also begin for students in grades 1-5 who demonstrate a need for enrichment beyond grade-level.  As flexibility is important and best practice, we look at the data throughout the year and reassess the groups.


For a complete scope of the enrichment and gifted services offered, please visit the resources on the District 70 Curriculum website. 


District 70 GTE Resource Teachers

Remote Learning Days

What are Remote Learning Planning Days? Will students attend school on those days?

Per the Illinois School Board of Education (ISBE), each school district will receive five (5) Remote Learning Planning Days for the 2020-2021 school year.  Remote Learning Planning Days are designed to provide time for schools and districts to continuously improve their practices around online instruction. Although students do not attend school during remote learning planning days, each of these days counts toward the minimum length of the school year and does not need to be made up. 


District 70 has designated the following days in 2020 as Remote Learning Planning Days and has adjusted our calendar to reflect them:

  • Aug. 19 and Aug. 20

  • Sept. 25

  • Oct. 30

  • Tentatively Nov. 12 

These are non-attendance days for all D70 students. 

View ISBE’s emergency rules for Remote Learning Planning Days at  

Message from the Principal (8/28/2020)
Dear Adler Parents,

Week One of eSchool is complete! Wow! What a week. Thank you to all our staff, parents and students who have worked so hard this week to make the best of a tough and complicated situation. I could not be more proud of the Adler community and all their efforts to learn, to stay positive and to work hard in eSchool. If your home is anything like mine, there were up and downs this week. There was laughter, there were tears, but what I saw most was resiliency. These are trying times and we are all learning to be more flexible and resilient than ever before. 

We are looking forward to Week 2 and Curriculum Night next week. Please read on to find out more details about our virtual Curriculum Night. In the coming weeks, teachers may be contacting families about additional supply pick ups to continue to keep materials and supplies in our students' hands. Please be on the look out for those emails from your child's teacher. 

I also know our fabulous AFA is working to plan events to bring our community "together" while still staying safe during this time. More information to come from them in the coming weeks. 

Thank you again for all your hard work this week. This has given new meaning to the phrase, It Takes a Village. 

Have a great weekend,
Dr. Kerri Bongle
Adler Park School
Curriculum Night 2020
Adler Park's Curriculum Night will be held on September 1st, 2020. This evening event will be held virtually this year. There will be two identical, live presentations from classroom teachers. The first presentation will start at 6:30 pm and the second presentation will start at 7:00 pm. On Tuesday, all parents will be sent a link to a Google Site (titled Curriculum Night) that will have all the links to the teachers' live presentations. This site will also have recorded welcome videos from Dr. Bongle, our AFA President, Stacey Thermos and support and specials teachers. Before or after the live teacher presentations, feel free to watch these pre-recorded welcome messages or presentations. 

During these live presentations from our classroom teachers, please refrain from asking specific questions about your child. If there is something you are hoping to have answered during the presentation, please email those questions to the classroom teacher in advance of the evening. If you have a specific question that pertains only to your child, please email the teacher separately or visit them during their office hours. 

Our specials teachers and support staff will also have links on the Curriculum Night Site so you can "stop by" and say hello or ask teachers about their programming or area of expertise. Again, this Curriculum Night Site will be emailed out to parents on Tuesday, prior to the evening event. 

Thank you and if you have questions about Curriculum Night, please email Dr. Bongle or email your child's teacher. We hope to see everyone at this important event. 
Attendance Matters
Students are all expected to be in eSchool starting at 8:15 each morning. Teachers will be taking attendance during their morning meetings. If your child needs to be reported absent, please email the classroom teacher and Mrs. Panov, or you can call the attendance line at 847-932-0054. Thank you!
Helping Your Child Cope with the Covid-19 Pandemic: Tips and Resources for Parents and Caregivers
Please review these resources from the District 70 school psychologists.

To watch the webinar, click here.
To read the information, click here.
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