Basketball Tournament
Basketball Tournament Pics from the intramural basketball tournaments.

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Hour of Code
Hour of Code

Adler students participating in the Hour of Code on December 8, 2016!

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Family Reading Night
Family Reading Night

Check out these photos of Family Reading Night with guest author Lori Degman!

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Fun with Physics Assembly
Fun with Physics Assembly Thanks to the AFA for this fabulous assembly!

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LHS Football Players Read!
LHS Football Players Read! LHS football players read to Adler students.

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Attendance Award Ceremony
Attendance Award Ceremony Adler came in 2nd place for small elementary schools in Lake County!

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Community Helper Day in Kindergarten!
Community Helper Day in Kindergarten! Our future firefighters, doctors, veterinarians, teachers and more celebrate community helper day.

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Meredith O'Connor Assembly
Meredith O'Connor Assembly We enjoyed an assembly by anti-bullying advocate Meredith O'Connor.

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Character Counts Window Painting
Character Counts Window Painting Painting windows in honor of Character Counts Week. Thanks, Pizzeria DeVille!

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Back to School
Back to School Welcome back to school! We're ready for another great year.

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Playground Build May 2015
Playground Build May 2015 Parents help design, raise money to buy equipment and then spend a Saturday building a new playground section at Adler Park School.

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Supt. Schumacher and the Polar Express
Supt. Schumacher and the Polar Express Supt. Dr. Guy Schumacher at Adler Park School with the Polar Express.

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STEM Week A mini grant allowed Adler Park teacher Emily Maki to create a STEM week at the school.

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Shuffle Board
Shuffle Board PE class at Adler Park, going "old style."

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