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leaf Being environmental stewards, we are now posting non-profit and community agency fliers here in Rockland School's Virtual Backpack. Fliers no longer are printed and distributed. Fliers are approved on a case by case basis. Remember to check back often to stay informed.

The fliers posted in the Virtual Backpack are the responsibility of the group listed and do not equate or imply Rockland School's endorsement.
Cook Library Cook Park Library Letter to Families
A letter from Cook Park Library to Libertyville families during the national health crisis. 
Updated 9-1-2020 9:55 AM
Drama Special Gifts Theatre Holds 5K Fundraiser New Content Icon
The Special Gifts Theatre, Inc., will hold a 5K fundraiser.  
Updated 9-23-2020 2:44 PM
Business Partners Sylvan Learning
Sylvan Learning is offering assistance to area families during eSchool. 
Updated 9-18-2020 12:16 PM
District 70 Virtual Backpack Guidelines
Guidelines for the District 70 Virtual Backpack. If you have something you would like posted to the Virtual Backpack, please read this document for instructions and criteria.
Updated 9-14-2020 2:13 PM
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