Full-Day Instruction: HMS & K-5 on April 12, 2021
FAQFAQ for Full-Day Learning as of 4.12.21
FAQ for full-day learning as of 4.12.21
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Elementary, HMS School Protocols for Spring 2021

The elementary school protocols for Spring 2021 when we reopen on April 12 for full-day, five days a week school. 

The Highland Middle School Reopening Handbook for spring 2020-21.
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IllinoisRevised Public Health Guidance for Schools

On March 9, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) released revised public health guidance for schools. 

The key update in this guidance is that IDPH has revised its recommendation for social distancing in schools, defining it as 3 to 6 feet when students and staff are masked, instead of 6 feet that was previously recommended. This revision aligns with how we are reopening our K-8 schools to provide five days/week, full-day instruction.   
US Dept. of Ed. Reopening COVID Handbook
Learning Renewal Resource Guide (3.31.21)
New IDPH Exclusion Decision Tree (Updated 3.15.21) 
IDPH FAQ (Updated 3.16.21)
ISBE FAQ (Updated 3.11.21) 

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Round icon with the numbers 2020 - 2021Full-Day Registration Data - HMS 3.8.21 & K-5 4.12.21

District 70 families registering for full-day in-person and full-day virtual learning as of March 16, 2021:  

  • 220 total Adler Park students: 200 registered in-person and 18 students registered in virtual learning;
  • 446 total Butterfield students: 404 registered in-person and 34 students registered in virtual learning;
  • 363 total Copeland Manor students: 336 registered in-person and 23 students registered in virtual learning;  
  • 275 total Rockland students: 226 registered in-person and 46 students in virtual.  
  • 841 total Highland Middle students: 656 registered in-person and 152 students in virtual. 
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Supt.'s Reopening Advisory Committee
NewspaperReopening Weekly Reports
April 9, 2021, Weekly Update from Board Pres. Schilling and Supt. Barbini
April 1, 2021, Weekly Update from Board Pres. Schilling and Supt. Barbini
March 12, 2021, Weekly Update from Board Pres. Schilling and Supt Barbini
March 5, 2021, Weekly Update from Board Pres. Schilling and Supt. Barbini
Feb. 26, 2021, Weekly Update from Board Pres. Schilling and Supt. Barbini
Feb. 19, 2021, Weekly Update from Board Pres. Schilling and Supt. Barbini
Feb. 12, 2021, Weekly Update from Board Pres. Schilling and Supt. Barbini
Feb. 6, 2021, Weekly Update from Board Pres. Schilling and Supt. Barbini
Oct. 26-30 Weekly Report of Committees
Oct. 19-23 Weekly Report of Committees
Oct. 12-16 Weekly Report of Committees
Oct. 5-9 Weekly Report of Committees 
Sept. 29-Oct. 2 Weekly Report of Committees
Sept. 21-25 Weekly Report of Committees
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FormSubcommittee Agendas, Minutes

Supt.'s Reopening Advisory Committee (formerly Reopening Task Force)  
Metrics Reopening Subcommittee Rolling Agendas 
Elementary School Reopening Subcommittee Agendas, Minutes
Middle School Reopening Subcommittee Agendas, Minutes
Health Protocol Agendas, Minutes

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FormShare Your Thoughts with Reopening Committee
Share ideas and thoughts about reopening with the Supt.'s Reopening Advisory Committee by emailing them to reopening@d70schools.org.  While emails will be reviewed, they will not be answered. 
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PeopleReopening Task Force Membership

Members of the Reopening Task Force

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COVID-19 Health
COVID-19 Stats

District 70 is monitoring the Illinois Department of Public Health's IDPH regional data and the Lake County Health Department’s COVID-19 Data Hub and has made the decision to open schools in a hybrid learning model using mitigations listed below.   

Incidence Rate - Lake County

Lake County Recovery Rate

12.49 per 100,000


98.3 percent


Lake Cty 7 Day Rolling Avg Of New Cases

Incidence Rate per 100,000 - 60048

                                      88 New Cases 

7 day Rolling Average of Daily New Cases 

4.85 per 100,000

                            Zip Code Incidence Rate 60048

Additional data by D70 school/building about students and staff with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, who are in isolation, and who are in quarantine can be found here. Families and staff will be informed of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis at their school or assigned building in accordance with guidance from LCHD (See Appendix A. Confirmed Case in School Letter Template). 
*Risk transmission also is based on the importance of schools having solid mitigation strategies in place (e.g., daily certifications, social distancing, proper mask utilization, enhanced cleaning, hand hygiene, and contact tracing) as a part of each school district’s continued ability to make local decisions about what instruction looks like during the pandemic. LCHD recently aligned with CDC indicators & thresholds for transmission ranges as less than 7 per 100,000 = low risk of transmission; between 7 and 14 per 100,000 = moderate risk of transmission; and higher than 14 per 100,000 = high risk of transmission.    

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MedicalHealth Guidelines
Student Health Guidelines 
Spanish version of Student Health Guidelines

Daily Self-Certification Checklist
Spanish version of Daily Self-Certification Checklist

Visitor Guidelines
Spanish version of Possible Temperature
Spanish version of Visitor Questionnaire

Temperature Screening Process

Return to School Procedures
Spanish version of Return to School Procedures

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    MedicalLake County Coronavirus Data Hub
    Lake County Coronavirus Data Hub for the latest metrics in Libertyville. 
    Updated 9-15-2020 2:22 PM
    ThermometerDaily Self-Certification Symptom Checklist During COVID-19
    Parents and staff members are to review the Daily Self-Certification Symptom Checklist every day before coming to school. If they have any one of the symptoms, the parent is to keep the child home and staff members are asked to remain at home. Please follow the health protocols regarding what to do when there is one symptom. 
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    FormReturning to School After COVID-19
    Here is the District 70 protocol for returning to school after COVID-19, Symptoms
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    D70 Hybrid Handbooks 2020-2021
    FAQ FAQ on Hybrid, Fully Virtual Learning K-8

    This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for District 70's kindergarten through eighth grade in the Hybrid learning model. 

    Due to the changing landscape of the pandemic, this FAQ will be regularly updated, so you are encouraged to frequently visit this site as the D70 Task Force and Parent Advisory Committee continue its important work in planning for the fall.  The FAQ is a developing document. 
    (Updated 1.13.21)  

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    FAQPreguntas Frecuentes del Aprendizaje Híbrido y Virtual

    Preguntas Frecuentes del Aprendizaje Híbrido y Virtual

    Updated 11-30-2020 3:06 PM
    NewCDC updated Guidelines for Schools
    The CDC has released updated guidelines for K-12 schools. 
    Updated 2-15-2021 9:04 PM
    Hybrid In-Person, Virtual Learning Breakdown

    Of the District 70 families registering for hybrid in-person and virtual learning, 78.6 percent are registered for in-person while 21.3 percent are registered for virtual. 

    The breakdown per school can be seen in the accompanying photo.

    • 223 Adler Park students registered in-person compared to 46 students registered in virtual learning;
    • 431 Butterfield students registered in-person compared to 65 students registered in virtual learning;
    • 350 Copeland students registered in-person compared to 62 students registered in virtual learning;  
    • And 280 Rockland students registered in-person compared to 53 students in virtual.  
    • For Highland Middle School's 843 students, 277 or 33 percent are fully virtual while 566 or 67 percent are participating in in-person hybrid. 
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    Parent Presentations 2 Help Children in a Pandemic
    HandprintsFostering Friendships - Making Friends During COVID-19
    Fostering Friendships - Making friends and developing social skills during COVID-19. A presentation from District 70 psychologists and social workers. 
    Updated 2-24-2021 7:31 PM
    Handprints Helping Your Child Cope with COVID-19
    Tips and resources for parents and caregivers on how to help your child cope with COVID-19. 

    Here is the recorded presentation on our YouTube channel. 
    Updated 1-29-2021 11:41 AM
    HandprintsA Psychologist's Guide to Winter Well-Being
    A psychologist's guide to winter well-being - Series. (Series starts at end of the trailer.) 
    Updated 1-29-2021 3:31 PM
    HandprintsHelping Your Child Transition to In-Person School
    Presentations on how to help your child(ren) transition back to in-person school.

    Highland: Supporting the transition to hybrid learning at HMS
    Butterfield: Butterfield Supporting the transition to hybrid learning
    Adler, Rockland, and Copeland: Supporting the transition to hybrid learning
    Updated 1-29-2021 12:15 PM
    HandprintsMental Health Tips & Tactics During COVID-19

    A hub of resources to help you take care of yourself and look out for the people you love during this challenging time - Jack.org. 

    Updated 2-1-2021 9:56 AM
    HandprintsExecutive Functioning in eSchool
    Helping your child with organizing, planning, and working effectively in eSchool. 
    Updated 2-2-2021 8:40 AM
    HandprintsHow to Implement Accommodations At Home
    Parent PD on How to Implement Accommodations at Home 
    Updated 1-29-2021 12:18 PM
    eSchool Handbook, Info Fall 2020-21
    Handbook District 70 eSchool Handbook
    Here is the District 70 eSchool Handbook for the first trimester of the 2020-21 school year. This document explains what you may want to know about eSchool.
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    LaptopHelp! I don't know how ...
    I don't know how  ...
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    FAQ OLD D70 Family FAQ on Reopening 20-21

    This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is old and no longer in service. We are continuing to share it because we may use parts of it when we are able to reopen schools safety.

    (Version #8, updated 7.28.20, 10:30 a.m.. This document is  no longer being used.) 

    Updated 7-28-2020 10:34 AM
    Letters to Families
    10-27-20 eSchool to Continue as COVID-19 in Libertyville Remain High
    D70 eSchool to continue as COVID-19 metrics remain above hybrid threshold according to the Lake County Health Department. (sent 10.27.20)
    Updated 10-27-2020 4:43 PM
    Reopening 20-21 ISBE Documents
    FormSubcommittee Agendas, Minutes
    Metrics Reopening Subcommittee Rolling Agendas
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    IllinoisIDPH Guidance on COVID-19 and Schools
    The Illinois Department of Public Health releases Exclusion Guidance for Schools on COVID-19 in August 2020. States students with any one of the listed symptoms must leave school and includes what families must do and how long the child(ren) must stay home. 

    IDPH FAQ on COVID-19 and schools. 

    The document does not replace the Part 3 Joint Transition Guidance. Rather, it seeks to support schools in knowing what to do if a student displays a COVID-19 related symptom or the school experiences a positive case. 
    Updated 8-26-2020 2:35 PM
    IllinoisISBE Releases Reopening 20-21 Plan

    The Illinois State Board of Education releases plans for returning to school in 2020-21 on July 23. 

    This document was released the day after the close of D70's parent survey #2 and lead to the administrative recommendation to the School Board to begin the school year remotely in eSchool while continuing to study and research a safe way to open schools during a public health crisis. 

    Updated 8-21-2020 7:08 PM
    Parent Surveys
    Form Results of Parent Survey #2 Reopening Schools 20-21
    Results of Parent Survey #2 on Reopening Schools for the 2020-21 school year. (Survey closed 7.22.20)
    Updated 8-26-2020 2:47 PM
    Form Results of Parent Survey #1 Reopening Schools 20-21
    Results of Parent Survey #1 for the Fall Reopening.  
    Updated 7-15-2020 4:06 PM
    School News
    HighlandGeneral eSchool Info from HMS
    For general information on the eSchool program at HMS. 
    Updated 9-10-2020 10:06 AM
    HighlandHMS eSchool Wednesday Schedule
    For more information about the HMS Wednesday eSchool schedule. 
    Updated 9-10-2020 9:12 AM
    ButterfieldButterfield Class Schedules
    Butterfield classroom schedules. 
    Updated 8-19-2020 4:16 PM