Stop Arrival and Dismissal Rules

Frequently asked questions and answers to the rules of arrival and dismissal at Rockland. Remember, our goal is safety and we depend on all drivers to follow these guidelines to keep things safe and efficient for everyone.

Morning Drop-Off:

  • Students dropped off before 8:05 will be sent to the playground to play unless it is raining, or the temperature is below 10 degrees or windchill below 0 degrees.  After the first bell rings at 8:05 students will be directed to enter the school through the main office doors.  

  • Students should exit their car by themselves as soon as your vehicle is alongside the sidewalk.  Students do NOT need to wait for Mrs. Weatherly to come to their vehicle to exit.

  • In an effort to keep cars from lining up on Rockland Road, cars should pull all the way forward (up to the sidewalk that leads to the playground) in a single file line so that we can get as many vehicles in the circle drive as possible.  

  • Additionally, we need to keep the circle drop-off moving.  Your child should be ready to hop out of the car (ex. jacket on, backpack ready), and should exit on the right side of the vehicle directly onto the sidewalk.   Parents should not exit their vehicles. If your child needs your assistance or more time to get ready, feel free to park in a parking space or pull through and park on Rockland Road.

  • Students are marked tardy at 8:15 AM.


Afternoon Pick Up:

  • In compliance with the Libertyville Police department, we have created two lanes for afternoon pick up to decrease the number of cars stopped on Rockland Road.  Lane 1 is the lane closest to the sidewalk and Lane 2 is closest to the parking lot. These lanes will be striped and labeled.

  • Students MUST be accompanied by a supervisor to get to a vehicle that is waiting in Lane 2.  Please do not wave your child over to your vehicle if you are in Lane 2. Talk with your child about not running out to your vehicle without adult supervision.  

  • If you are in Lane 1 your child can let a supervisor know their ride is there and then can get in your vehicle.

  • Have your yellow name card displayed in your car - it does make the dismissal process move quickly, and it is essential if we have a substitute working the dismissal.  

  • Students should know that they are being picked up at the circle drive and exit through the main office doors (not via the playground).  Please encourage your child to look for your vehicle and then let a staff member know when they see it.

  • School is dismissed at 2:45, please be on time for pick-up.


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Car Arrival and Dismissal plan

Procedures for morning drop off and afternoon pick up.

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