Health Resources
Medical Allergy Action Plan - Treatment Plan
Required form for any student with an allergy. Requires two signatures - one from a doctor and one from a parent. (Sept. 2015)
Posted 4-29-2008 6:22 PM
Dental Dental Form to Show Proof of Exam
Required form for dental exam for any student entering kindergarten, second, and sixth grade. (State form, Nov. 2011)(Updated Sept. 2015)
Posted 4-17-2008 1:31 PM
Eye Chart Eye Exam Waiver
Eye exam waiver form. Please contact the school nurse for further information. (State form, Nov. 2011)
Posted 6-16-2008 8:31 AM
Eye Chart Eye Form to Show Proof of Exam
Required eye exam form for any student entering kindergarten and all transfer students from out of the State of Illinois or out of the country. Completed form is due by Oct. 15 of the school year. (State form, Nov. 2011)
Posted 6-2-2008 11:19 AM
Medical Food Allergy Questionaire
Recommended form to be completed by a parent for any student with allergies. (Updated April 2016)
Posted 4-29-2008 6:15 PM
Comb Guidelines for Dealing with Head Lice
Helpful FAQ guidelines for parents dealing with head lice. Covers tips on how to correct the problem, as well as procedures for D70 schools. 
(Posted Aug. 2017) 
Posted 11-18-2016 2:52 PM
Syringe Immunization Requirements (Kindergarten - 8th)
List of required immunizations for students in kindergarten through eighth grade; information includes area clinics for discount vaccinations. (Updated April 2017)
Posted 4-29-2008 5:43 PM
Syringe Immunization Requirements For Early Childhood
List of required immunizations for Early Childhood students. (Updated Sept. 2015)
Posted 4-29-2008 5:49 PM
RX Medication Authorization Form
For a student to receive medication at school, this form must be signed by a physician and parent. It must be kept on file in the school nurse's office. (Nov. 2011)
Posted 4-29-2008 5:38 PM
Medical Supplies Overview of Health Requirements in D70
Here is a brief overview of health information and requirements needed to attend a D70 school. (Updated Sept. 2015)
Posted 9-1-2015 12:57 PM
Medical Physical Exam Form (sports exam form)
This is the "Certificate of Child Health Examination. " It is the required form for a physical fitness exam to be completed and signed by a student's doctor before entrance into kindergarten and sixth grade. This form also can serve as the Sports Exam needed for participation in HMS sports. (State form, Nov. 2015)
Posted 4-17-2008 1:33 PM
RX Self Administration of Medication
For a student to administer his/her own medication, this form is required by D70 and must be signed by a physician and parent. It must be on file in the school nurse's office. (D70 form, Nov. 2011)
Posted 4-30-2008 11:09 AM
Medical Sixth Grade Health Requirements
Attention Parents of Fifth-Graders going into Sixth Grade:
Required health examinations and immunizations to be completed before any student enters sixth grade or transfers into the school from out of the State of Illinois or the country for Highland Middle School. (Updated Feb. 2016)
Posted 2-6-2009 8:57 AM