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Butterfield's Veterans Day Recognition Celebration

Butterfield's Veterans Day Recognition Celebration

Updated 10-12-2018 2:40 PM
The Pillar of Caring
A Caring person is kind.  A Caring person is compassionate and shows that they care.  Caring people express gratitude and forgive others.  A Caring person readily helps someone in need. A student can model caring by being kind to others, not being selfish and showing consideration of others’ feelings.
·Care about others.  Be kind, helpful, and sharing.
·Ask about other people.  Be a good listener.
·Respect all people, property, animals, and the earth.
·Include others.  Watch to see if anyone feels lonely or left out, and include that person.
·Never hold a grudge.  Forgive others, and they will probably forgive you, too.
·Give to others.  Help other people feel good, learn and grow.
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